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As I leave Iceland again (this time for 7 months) I can’t help but think how amazing my wife is. She has supported me unconditionally over the past 3 years as I have travelled around training and competing for Team USA & @usabs .
She has been an amazing mother to our daughter Ronja, an amazing business owner to our gym and our members and an amazing wife to me by taking so much more on her plate and allowing me more than enough time to train, recover and repeat. 
They say behind every good man is a good woman, but my wife is very much by my side (often times out in front) and I couldn’t chase my dreams without her. 
@bjorkodins I love you so much. I’m leaving for awhile but I will make you and baby girl so proud of the things I’m about to accomplish. ?? ❤️ ??

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Some elastic work I like to do 1-2x a week. #TrustYourDopeness # Read More

This is the proper way to perform box jumps. #TrustYourDopeness #PVO

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W O W 
I can’t express how much gratitude the men’s team and I have for everyone who has donated to help us compete this season. The energy this has brought to us is unmeasurable. 

We went into this with little to no expectations and just hope that people would help support us. Within 48 hours we were already over our goal of $70,000 and now 3 days in and we are almost to $90,000. Every donation, from $1 to $25,000 has blown us away. We now have money to use for USA 3 and the possibility of qualifying 3 sleds to the Olympics is brighter than ever. 

Thank you to everyone donated, shared and help spread the word for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This year will be the year USA goes out and represents the people! 

W O W I can’t express how much gratitude the men’s team and Read More

I have posted, edited, deleted and now reposted what has been a surprisingly difficult post put together. This isn’t an easy thing for me to do. Asking for help from others has probably been one of my greatest faults as a person. I take pride in being able to do things on my own and accomplish goals that I have set out. But this isn’t just about me. It’s about a group of men that bust their asses everyday to chase a dream. A group of men that have made numerous sacrifices to represent their country, and now want to be able to represent USA on the biggest stage at the Olympics. 

The men on this team are more than just teammates to me. They supported me when my wife and I went through our miscarriage. They were there for me when I found out on a race day that my mother had passed away. These men are like family to me. At this point it isn’t about me anymore. It isn’t whether I make it to the Olympics or not anymore. It’s about sending the best we have to represent our country and kick ass on that world stage. 

Unfortunately bobsled is one of the most expensive Olympic sports to participate in across the world. Often times athletes need to raise money and pay out of pocket just for the opportunity to compete. This year is an important year as it will dictate qualifying for the Olympics and we have a huge task to accomplish. 

Our USA 2 team is in need of extra funding to be able to compete on the World Cup this season and allow not just themselves to opportunity to qualify for the Olympics but also our USA 3 team to qualify as well. The men’s bobsled team needs to raise $70k to help fund the season. Shipping sleds from US to China, back to the US and then to Europe alone will cost tens of thousands of dollars. Plane tickets, hotels, food and equipment all cost athletes thousands of dollars as well. This isn’t an easy ask, but anything you can donate can help more of these men achieve dream of the Olympics. There is a link in my bio. 

I have posted, edited, deleted and now reposted what has been a s Read More

The band got back together. #4BangIsMyThang #LordsOfBobtown #Tr Read More

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