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When I first stayed with the Italian, I had body acne. 

I got my first-ever leg wax before I flew to Florence. 
I wanted to feel fierce. Attractive. 
I figured the wax would help. 

Then, a week later,
My legs broke out like never before. 
Dozens of red bumps popped up 
Where my baby hairs once stood. 

I worried that he’d notice. 
And, if I’m honest, that he’d judge. 

But when he touched my skin, 
There and for the first time,
It was with love. 

And without saying a word 
He reminded me
That us humans, in all our ways, 
Are so incredible. 

That anyone who picks apart our body,
Shouldn’t be a part of our story. 

That shapes change and fluctuate, 
But worth does not. 

And that love, real love, 
Goes far beyond just skin deep. 

So today, I hope I can help remind you of the same.

Whether you’re struggling with body acne,
Or self love, 
Or simply sizing up in that pair of jeans. 

You, my dear, are so worthy. 
You are a universe in skin. 
A galaxy in flesh. 

Perfectly imperfect through it all. 

#selflove #bodyacne #bodyconfidence #bodyacceptance

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GIVEAWAY - I wish someone had told me years ago that, in order to have a great sez life with others, I need to have a great one with myself.

I’ve partnered with @bellesaco again to help.

We’re giving away free toys or gift cards to everyone who signs up. Just click the link in my bio, enter your email, check your inbox, and there you go. Plus Bellesa is a female-owned, female-operated, female-positive intimacy company — all stuff I support.

Now hear me out: 

One of the key elements in physical intimacy is communication. 
In a dream situation
You say you like this. 
They say they like that. 
And together, you both have a great time. 

For years, 
I couldn’t play that game. 
I didn’t really know what I liked. 

I just knew whatever they were doing, 
That wasn’t it. 

Now, in marriage, things are different. 
I feel safe enough in him and in myself to start asking questions, exploring, taking charge of my intimate life.

And it’s amazing. 

So today, let this be your little reminder
To spend some time with you, FOR you.

Here’s to squashing shame around self love. 
Here’s to exploration.

Here’s to spending some solid time 
Getting to know us. 


#coIIab #bellesaco #bellesa #giveaway 

PS - This image was edited in picsart. I added wall art, the dust, and some golden hour light. It felt pretty ❤️

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