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Sometimes things go wrong. People leave. Hearts break. Stuff that you didn’t want to happen, happens. Experiences that are out of your control hit you like a wall, and there’s nothing you can do other than accept this phase of life. In those moments, it’s hard to believe that life will be okay again. Because how can it be when everything is going wrong. But things have to get better, don’t they? Bad stuff happens in order for us to appreciate the good, and often things fall apart so that the pieces can join together in a new way – the way that they were supposed to.

Sometimes things go wrong because the patterns that existed were too toxic for us to continue. And because we refuse to step out of our comfort zone and accept what’s meant for us – the natural laws, higher reality, god; they make that change for us. Sometimes things go wrong because there’s no other way for them to go and challenges are essential for growth. And sometimes things go wrong because we’re trying so hard to push pieces that don’t fit together, in order for life to make sense. But those pieces need to fall apart. We need to fall apart. Life needs to fall apart – so that it can come together the way it was meant to.


Sometimes things go wrong. People leave. Hearts break. Stuff that Read More

The truth is, we never really forget people. We might forget the minute detail of our conversations, the banter that we shared on social media or what their dog’s name was – but we never truly forget them. We don’t forget what made them smile, or the name of the book that made them come alive. We don’t forget the song that they’d sing at the top of their lungs in the car or their favourite flavour of gelato from that place in the city. We don’t forget the tears we shed together or the deep night-time conversations we shared. We don’t forget every time they lent us their shoulder to cry on or the arguments we tossed back and forth. We don’t forget the adventures or the laughter or the smiles. We don’t forget the hurt they caused and what pushed us away either. We don’t forget the tears, the learning and the growth. The truth is, we never really forget people. We just get extremely good at pretending that they never happened.


The truth is, we never really forget people. We might forget the Read More

I talk a lot about time healing wounds and things getting easier the further away that horrible event that affected you is. But this doesn’t mean that – to begin with – things won’t be hard. Because they will. There’s an expression that goes something like ‘all bad/good things come in threes’ and while this may not be completely true in life – it does help explain those periods in our lives when things are going wrong everywhere.
Maybe your love life is damaged or in currently in restoration, but then something really upsetting happens at work too, and along with this – you and your friend fall out. You also had an argument with your mum/dad the other day and now, guess what, you’re feeling a little under the weather too. Moments like this in our lives bring us down devastatingly. We think that how could things get any worse than they already are? How could our love life, personal relationships, career/ education and dreams all screw up at the same time? It sucks. It really does.

But sometimes life needs to fall apart. Everything needs to fall apart. You need to fall apart so that you can come together again. We focus so much on things messing up in our lives that we fail to think about why they’re getting like this? There’s clearly something wrong in the current pattern of our life, the dynamics of our relationships and what we’re trying to do at work/school/our business that just isn’t working. It’s not going right because something is going wrong.

So, rather than focussing too much on feeling bad that things aren’t working out for your – start considering all the reasons why these events are happening to begin with and what needs to change for these things not to happen again.

Sometimes things need to get worse before they get better because the lesson that’s in front of you hasn’t become evident to you yet and when it does – things will change for the better.


I talk a lot about time healing wounds and things getting easier Read More