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Here’s the place where brands and influencers get together and create social media projects.
Work with favorite brands and would you like to be the part of their social media campaigns?
Moreover, what if you earn money with this partnership?
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How it works?

1. Registration

Register at Keepface platform and link your social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook,...). More over if you are a blogger, add a link to your blog. Then from the settings panel, fill out every question applicable to you. This help you to get relevant campaigns in your feed.

2. Choose your favorite brand or campaign

Participate in your favorite brands' campaigns by sending the media (photo, text,...) you will share on your social accounts. We recommend you to participate only in campagins which match your style and audience.

3. Share

Share the verified media by brands to your audience network in social media accounts or blog.

4. Impact

Check statistics about engagement and view rates of your posts in your social media accounts. Answer your followers questions and help to reach to a wider audience.

5. Get paid

Receive rewards and money you earned by joining campaigns and transfer it to your own bank account

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