Powerful Influencer Analytics

A fast, user-friendly way to discover influencer statistics, performance insights to make sure you are focusing on the right people.

AI-Powered Intelligent Influencer Analytics

This AI-powered tool arms you with valuable data related to industry influencers, audience demographics, the share of voice, campaign performance, as well as real/fake followers.


Influencer Profile


Performance Data


Audience Analysis


Special Insights

Different metrics and insights to give you a thorough understanding of who your audience is

Influencer Analytics
Influencer Profile Analysis
  • Influencer Categories
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Location (country, state, city)
  • Demographics (gender, age)
  • Influencer Score and Ranking

Influencer Performance Data
  • Historical Engagement Rate, Likes, Comments, etc.
  • Top Performing Posts
  • Estimated Reach and Impressions
  • Posting Frequency and Followers Growth
  • Brand Affinity, Mentions
  • Branded Posts Performance
Audience Analysis
  • Audience Authenticity
  • Audience Type
  • Demographic Analysis (gender, age)
  • Geographical Analysis
  • Languages (audience, comments), Ethnicity
  • Audience Interests
  • Audience Reachability
Audience Type

Special Insights
  • Influencer Media Value
  • Estimated Posts and Stories Price
  • Sentiment Analysis of Comments
  • Similar Influencers by Content
  • Similar Influencers by Audience
  • Fake Followers Detection
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