Employee Advocacy at scale

Empower your employees to amplify your brand’s social voice.

Turn Employees Into Influencers

Organizations today want to break through the noise and increase their social media reach, and while most experiment with new strategies, many already started to use one of the most powerful channels available to them – their very own employees.

Corporate Communications

Facilitate internal and external communications. Enhance your company’s culture via the informed, engaged and connected workforce.

Social Selling

Create new and expand existing channels, networks and communities of customers. Let every employee be the brand seller.

Employer Branding

Position your employees as trusted advisors in their expertise, attract and elevate professional profiles of your staff by providing them with a greater career journey.
Why Employee Advocacy
Keepface offers the advocacy tool that:
  • Integrates organic content on all major social networks.
  • Keeps control over the brand’s voice on social media.
  • Enhances internal communication.
  • Breeds loyalty and faith in employees.
  • Reports where your strategy performs best.

Tool for Employee Advocacy
Create an atmosphere in which employees feel connected to your company and their work. Let your employees participate and contribute, and gain valuable insights from their feedback and opinions.
The platform keeping everyone engaged and active.
Reach and engage every worker, align and inspire them to achieve your company’s goals through smart organic content.
Make advocacy aspirational. See who’s getting the most engagement and impressions, and reward leaders.
Equally effective with small teams and your network of thousands of advocates worldwide.
How it Works

Five easy steps to launch and manage your Employee Advocacy campaigns in the single tool.

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