The 360° Influencer Marketing Tool

Run influencer marketing campaigns in one go.
Don’t waste time on Insta-stalking.

Boost ROI via Automation

Set up and knock down measurable, scalable influencer marketing campaigns with all tools within your reach.

Save time on manual processes up to 60%.

Do more in less time through one automated platform.

360° Tools


Search influencers through advanced filters. Analyze their key metrics to find the best fitting influencers for your campaign goals.
360° Tools


Get an in-depth analysis of influencers' social profiles, performance data, and audience. Forecast your results during campaign planning.
360° Tools


Plan your campaign content strategy in minutes. Define your flow, content types, budget and quickly write and send your brief.
360° Tools


Easily get in touch with influencers and offer them a collaboration. Negotiate on current and future campaigns.
360° Tools


Track and report your campaign performance in real-time whether it's a post, an influencer, or an overall campaign.
360° Tools


Quickly monitor the performance of the campaign in real-time, evaluate the results, and optimize on the go.
Discover the most relevant influencers
Get access to our database of 400K+ influencers worldwide with a legion of fans.

Filter influencers by category, country, engagement rate, followers, gender, budget as well as analyzed audience data on major social platforms.

Check their recent content with one click.

Save the most relevant ones to your own Lists. 

Run your campaign in minutes

Reach out and communicate with influencers fast via a built-in communication framework. Negotiate on your terms. If you have distinctive products, you can offer barter. Influencers love to try and share their experiences.

Manage all your campaigns’ progress through one dashboard:
Send your briefs individually and at scale
Moderate created content
Track deliverables to meet the deadlines
Measure performance by each influencer and content
Archive old campaigns to access whenever you need

Unlimited search
Discover influencers by any category in seconds. Receive in-depth insights into influencer’s follower base - demographics, interests, and other brand partnerships.
Unique lists
Create and update influencer lists. Monitor projected campaign results using our dynamic campaign dashboard.
Campaign tracking
Stay on top of your Influencer campaign. Control campaign progress by using our in-built campaign tracking tool.
Campaign design
Stay on top of your Influencer campaign. Control campaign progress by using our in-built campaign tracking tool.
Reporting and optimization
Monitoring your campaign performance and learning from the data is the foundation of a solid influencer marketing strategy. 

  • Stay on top of your influencer campaigns. 
  • See all the performance metrics at-a-glance via data visualization. 
  • Dive into individual post data, check which influencer is doing best.
  • Optimize your campaigns by investing in winners. 
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