Get the List of 300 Yoga & Fitness Micro-influencers in the US

The most trustworthy influencers by audience, engagement rate and exact category.

Get the list of 300 Yoga & Fitness micro-influencers in the US
  • Influencers with 5K – 100K followers
  • All 100% hand-picked and human-verified accounts
  • A full list with audiences, engagement metrics, gender, contact details, Instagram usernames & links
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The list includes 300 fitness, yoga, and healthy lifestyle Instagram micro-influencers in the United States, each with around 5K – 100K followers and Instagram accounts, engagement rates, engagement, category, gender, exact number of followers and contact details to run targeted influencer campaigns with zero waste of time and effort. 

Fitness Yoga List
This ready-made lists will save you hundreds of hours

We’ve analyzed a vast number of accounts & built a data-driven list of Yoga & Fitness influencers on Instagram. All are selected according to their engagement metrics and content quality. Without hesitation, we assure you that all the accounts are 100% human-verified and categorized accordingly. So, keeping your desired results for your campaign on the horizon, you can save your time & be assured of the return of your investments!

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