Azercell’s Rebranding Campaign achieved success with influencers – Case Study

Azerbaijan`s largest mobile operator, Azercell Telecom LLC was founded in 1996. With a 48 percent share, the company has taken a significant place in Azerbaijan’s mobile market. Azercell’s network covers 80 percent of the country’s territory and 99.8 percent of the population. Presently, 4.5M subscribers use Azercell’s services.

Although Azercell is a leading company of the local mobile telecommunication sector, it has decided to appear before its customers with a renewed logo. As stated by the Azercell, “the new logo will be the symbol of its agility and innovative spirit.” 

The company’s influencer marketing strategy was to let the influencers tell their own stories through social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. 

With the help of Keepface Influencer Marketing Platform, 32 Influencers were leveraged with a various circle of interest and a good social media presence. Azercell’s partnership with influencers started on the 1st of June and lasted about a month till the 5th of July.

They shared a teaser of social media ads before the event and story posts with an invitation for the event noted the date of the event. Influencers to spread the word about the logo by inviting their audiences to an open-air concert.  Various videos, photos, and story posts created by 32 influencers from the concert received millions of views.

Here are few of influencers with different social media stats and results of their performance: 

@hllyblog – 243752 audience, 7.37 % engagement rate

@iconmekh – 21295 audience, 6 % engagement rate

@nadjiba_ – 24325 audience, 8.52 % engagement rate 

@sabiorudjeva – 12074 audience, 10.18 % engagement rate

@uzel.kerimova – 8387 audience, 3.37 % engagement rate

@aiseelll – 7801 audience, 5.03 % engagement rate

@asadovlife – 6431 audience, 13.58 % engagement rate

@nicatmanaf – 1601 audience, 63.19 % engagement rate


  • Instagram and Facebook was selected as the main platform
  • Teaser shared before the event 
  • Event posts and experience
  • TVC Video shared after the event

“Under the Digital Sky”

Azercell held an event at the Heydar Aliyev Center on June 21st with the participation of 750 people including influencers. They shared the moments of the event as a form of story posts, live videos, and photos on platforms mainly on Instagram and Facebook. 


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The company organized a concert “Under the Digital Sky” with free entrance in the park of the Heydar Aliyev Center, allowing the audience to listen to the songs performed by popular artists, like Nigar Jamal, Emin Aghalarov, Chingiz Mustafayev, Zulfiya Khanbabayeva, Elnara Khalilova, Elshad KHose.

It is worth to note that, for the first time in the country 360 degrees 3D mapping was shown throughout the event. About 300 drones created an image of old and new logos and also national flag and map of Azerbaijan and demonstrated a fascinating show.


Keeping in mind that every business is different and thus the target audience is different. The purpose of this collaboration was to gain the attention of a massive young audience and to maintain warm relations with the older generation. To achieve this goal, the next steps have been followed: identifying key influencers, evaluating engagement, building relationships and discussing initiatives and implement, and finally measuring results. From the graph below you can see the achieved results of the campaign:

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