PANTAMO JEANS: 4th wave campaign

Established within the structure of Shekerogulları Group in 1988, Pantamo Jeans started production with the principle of "producing the best in the best way and serving it to the customer". Pantamo Jeans, which has never made a concession from this principle so far, has succeeded to be one of the most distinguished brands in the sector by combining its different style with its quality.

By differentiating the diversity in its product range and with its manner of not making any concession from its quality, this brand has started to grow and has expanded its aims for the future in accordance with this growth. Going on its rise with silent and certain steps, Pantamo Jeans exports 90% of its production to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, Netherlands and Middle East countries.


Pantamo Jeans teamed up with Keepface to manage an influencer-driven campaign with 6 fashion and lifestyle female bloggers. Influencers created appealing photo contents and shared informative videos on their stories to provide their audiences with detailed information about Pantamo Jeans’ cozy products.



The campaign was aimed to increase awareness of the Pantamo Jeans products through the influencer marketing campaign.


Generate strong engagement among loyal customers and encourage them to give Pantamo Jeans a try.


To achieve the goal of raising awareness and the sales of  Pantamo Jeans products the influencer published an informative post. The 4th wave campaign carried through the February and resulted with success.









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