Why Women Dominate Influencer Marketing?

The influencer marketing industry is fascinating for a few reasons including its creative nature and the way that the scene is continually changing with new applications, tools, and influencers to follow. However, one of the most interesting parts of the web-based media marketing today is that it is totally dominated by women. Indeed, with regards to social media influencers, nobody does it as well  or as big as female influencers, and there are no signs that this pattern will back off. What is also interesting is that women dominate the overall influencer marketing as well as small territorial business sectors. In other words, influencer marketing is one of few industries in the world where women continuously outperform men. There are many influencers with a fraction of the followers who are making really good money.

But how come women are dominating the influencer marketing?



1. Social media audiences love personal stories.


Social media audiences love personal stories


Women are more likely to post personal information and communicate with family , friends and other like-minded people on social media than men. Unsurprisingly, they are the bulk of Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest and Instagram users. There are several factors that go into being a good influencer, but honesty is at the forefront. Via storytelling, will you communicate with your audience and can they interact with your content because it resonates with them?

High-quality images and videos are a very close second, but they won’t get you very far without the personal connection. Authenticity plays an important part in life and in influencer marketing too. Women are more likely to tell personal stories and place their honesty in words and contents. It is a way through storytelling to establish power, which provides a foundation of confidence and reliability.

Audiences are most likely to interact with information that resonates with them, and at the center of that is credibility. It makes women more authentic and relatable to their audience by generating personal content and being accessible and truthful.


In general, audiences do not want to feel like they are being lied to, and most can see straight through any exaggeration or fake passion. Women tend to have more feelings and truthful thoughts, which can go a long way towards creating a trusted relationship between influencer and viewer. In essence, it genuinely lets women influencers retain their reputation, allowing them to create a loyal following.


The Right Timing



Many people think of influencers as just stunning faces who take pretty photos, but they do not know that influencer marketing is a multi-billion – dollar enterprise and that the club of Social Media Millionaires is real. It is well-documented that there is less support for traditional marketing women than men and that figure is much lower for minority women. However, you can get started with a camera, a few editing programs and things you already own in influencer marketing.

Granted, to build a reputation always requires time , commitment, and a little luck, to stand out from the other influencers out there, and to build a following and loyal followers, but that’s not impossible. The future shows that influencer marketing will continue to grow as women maintain their roles as key influencers and brand leaders. Further growth that brings fresh and varied voices and stories into account will lead to further growth in influencer marketing and eventually assist everyone in the business to succeed.



3. Social proof is at the heart of influencer marketing


Research indicates that before making a buy, 86 percent of women consult social media, and who are they looking for? Their favorite influencer who has the same skin tone, body shape, aged child or taste.

The promotion of influencers has grown, and there are now hundreds of metrics, but it still basically comes down to creators using goods, providing sincere and truthful reviews, and receiving input from their audiences. There are thousands, if not millions, of women coping with the same problems you face, even if you are special.

Women are searching online to find social media information that addresses their questions, whether it’s small (is this lipstick still on at the end of the day?) or big (how do I cope with postpartum depression?). By giving your reviews on products, and essentially co-signing items you post on your feed, you are giving your audience insight into your likes and dislikes.

It has been found that when thinking about related subjects, men and women use language differently. Women prefer to share specific activities, whereas more common public events are addressed by men. It is important to create a bond with your audience, and your audience needs to know you, your challenges, milestones and what you are up to on a daily basis.

Engagement ratings are a top target for assessing ROI when marketers are trying to affiliate or work with an influencer.


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