Mother Influencers and campaigns in Turkey

The term “mother influencer” has become pretty popular over the last decade. Millennial moms represent 20% of mothers in Turkey and 80% of new mothers. And in our web-focused world, it’s no surprise that 87% of these moms also shop online to buy baby products, including clothes, toys, and diapers.


Influencer marketing works extremely well for family and baby brands because mothers already have a huge presence online and make much of their purchasing decisions based on what they see on the internet. So don’t miss out on this opportunity to make your brand known and drive more sales because “Women spend the most money”.

Mother influencers have built full-time careers in sharing personal experiences, photos, and advice on how they survive the many struggles of parenting. And many of these influencers don’t just talk about their kids, they also get candid about issues like infertility, anxiety, etc.




3 Steps to become a mother influencer





#1 Choose your channel




No matter what kind of business you have, start with a blog or page, which is comfortable for you. Once you find your niche, stick to it, be creative, and whatever you do, be “real.” People are drawn to authenticity and are looking for others to which they can relate.


Your blog may chronicle your life, your love of family, fashion, food, and many more. And your social media channels amplify the blog. Ask yourself what your strongest points are: is it photography, staging, videography or your writing chops? And build upon that.


#2 Make it personal



It may sound crazy, but your identity and personal story should be part of your business strategy. You want to have a consistent message. For example, if you are a mom who specializes in children’s behavior, don’t review sunglasses. It doesn’t work.


Follow your specialty, but organically blend it with other aspects of your life. If you’re a mom who sells essential oils, your own success will be determined by your experiences with the products. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and don’t be afraid to share.


#3 Create your own style


Treat every image you post as if it’s a piece of art. Is it aesthetically pleasing to the eye? Some social media influencers focus more on the perfect photo, shot with an expensive camera, while others use their iPhone, and do just fine. Whichever route you take, create your own style, and follow it.

Here are three campaign examples that involved Turkish mother influencers.








“Yuzumle Mutluyum” Association was established by parents of a girl named Elif who was born with a rarely seen Treacher Collings Syndrome. Soon her parents found that the only problem is not her physical anomalies but the attitudes and behaviors of society towards these people because of the appeal of their facial area. 


They decided to establish this society to increase awareness of society and solidarity among individuals and families with the same syndrome. To achieve its goal the association started a campaign with hashtag #yuzumlemutluyum (I’m happy with my face).



With the initiative of B-Good Healthcare products brand, they started a challenge by drawing a butterfly or sticking plaster to face and share photos on social media on the same day on the 23rd of May.


@bohomother a mom of 3 boys with 165K followers joined to this challenge by calling social media users and celebrities to join them in converting the attention of society to support people facing the same difficulties.










Molfix Turkey is a baby diaper brand that produces super-soft and light baby diapers. But the brand wanted to reach beyond the physical features of its product when it came to its influencer marketing strategies.

Because mother influencers are known for their ability to tell small yet meaningful stories, Molfix wanted to leverage their talents to deepen its connection with its target audiences. To do so, Molfix created its #molfixilegöbüşlerrahat campaign.



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Banyodan sonra ayağını yiyen bir kuzucuk ?? @fikrimuhim @molfix #molfixi̇legöbüşlerrahat #molfixkülotbez

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Instead of asking influencers to just endorse Molfix’s products, the brand asked them to join the hashtag-based community and share those little, everyday stories that tap into real experiences of parents everywhere.

Above, a mother influencer writes about her feelings on her kid’s bath experience. Other parents commented on similar sentiments, creating a great dialogue of parenting stories.









P&G Turkey, CarrefourSA, and the Turkish Maritime Research Foundation launched a new campaign to draw attention to waste plastic in the seas and ensure that the sensitive approach of consumers towards the products they use.

Within the scope of the campaign, which will be used for the use of “Recycled Beach Plastic Fairy Bottles”, P&G installed “reverse vending machines” at 611 CarrefourSA stores in 53 provinces where the consumers will take the free Fairy bottles and receive discount coupons, thus contributing to the recycling.



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Herkese merhaba ??‍♀ Bir anne olarak dünyamızın geleceğini çok önemsiyorum çünkü çocuğumun geleceğini önemsiyorum. Yıllardır biz insanlar elimize ne geçiyorsa etrafa savurup durduk. Havayı, doğayı, denizleri kirlettik. Kullandığımız plastikler geleceğimizden çalıp durdu. . Bugün Fairy’nin davetiyle katıldığım basın toplantısında, öğrendim ki @pgturkiye , @carrefoursa ve @turkdenizarastirmalarivakfi el ele vermiş, #DeniziŞansaBırakma diyerek %100 geri dönüştürülebilir bir ürün ortaya çıkarmışlar. . Sahil Plastiğinden Üretilmiş Şişe Fairy’i gönülden tebrik ve teşekkür ediyorum. Geleceğimiz için hepimizin adım atmaya devam etmesi gerektiğini ve çocuklarımızı/ çevremizi bu konu da bilinçlendirmemiz gerektiğini düşünüyorum. (Ekranı sola kaydırın)

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P&G worked with a mother influencer @byburcinkaya to showcase the process as a tutorial for the consumers. As a mother, she expressed her concern about the future of her daughter. She called followers to be more aware of the environment that we were wasting with plastics over the years.



“It’s time to take steps for our future and we should raise awareness of our children and society on this issue.” She also thanked @pgturkiye, @carrefoursa, and @turkdenizarastirmalarivakfi by tagging in her post and used hashtag #denizişansabırakma as a support to the campaign.



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