Top 10 TikTok influencers to follow in 2020

It is a fact that social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram changed our lifestyle. Exceeding 1 billion users, TikTok has changed into one of the most common social networking apps all around the world. So we do not have to miss mentioning this app. And before getting to know TikTok influencers better, we should get an idea of what is TikTok.


TikTok is a social networking app, users utilize to make short musical creative videos and these videos last up to 60 seconds. It was introduced in 2017 by China-based innovator ByteDance but then it was converted into the combined app because of the reason that ByteDance acquired spending 1 billion and merged these two apps into one app named TikTok in 2018. Despite operating just for one year, it got a lot of recognition and actively used by 500 million people (Datareportal, 2019). Nowadays one of the most-used social apps is TikTok and we do not have to be surprised about the tremendous increase of TikTok users day by day.


We have created a list of top 10 TikTok influencers to follow in 2020.

20-year old Jacob Pace created a community named Flighthouse featuring entertaining content for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Spotify.

Flighthouse creates short videos about different online trending topics which are discussed by social influencers and also these influencers are playing such kinds of games in where the ones are given trivial, but interesting questions.

If you are rooting for TikTok influencers Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, you can watch the Flighthouse video in which they play “the finish TikTok lyric game”.

@flighthouse“When I fall asleep” ?? #dancecharades w/ daisykeech and addisonre♬ SUGAR – BROCKHAMPTON

If you are into Red Bull products, and, at the same time, extreme sports like snowboarding, you have to watch Red Bull’s TikToks immediately.

The famous motto which we know from commercial videos of Red Bull is “Gives you wings”. I can recommend you groovy gifted snowboarder named Zeb Powell from North Carolina. His moves on snow will give you chills and who knows maybe will encourage you to be the best snowboarder.

Ariel Rebecca Martin, professionally well-known as Baby Ariel can be an inspirational model for young TikTok creators. She is a winner of the Teen Choice award in the years of 2016 and 2017. Her name was highlighted among the most persuasive and authoritative people’s names by Time and Forbes magazines. If you like her content, we have good news for you. Baby Ariel also has a Youtube channel and in there she releases musical videos for her original songs.

One of the most creative TikTok influencers is Leticia from Brasil. She is not as famous as Baby Ariel, but her content makes us feel very surprised to even more than Baby Ariel. She transforms herself into different great singers like Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson and so on. Not only the singers but also the other famous figures such as  Albert Einstein and fictional characters like Monalisa are being resuscitated by her makeup.

@leticiafgomesQual é a sua personagem favorita de PLL? ? collab com eujulianamotta jessicacardos natlustosa lariirezende #pll #makeup♬ original sound – leticiafgomes

Sometimes you just need to watch cute and fun family moments and get chilled. His 15-years old daughter, Peyton, and 14-years old son, Caleb make Jason’s videos funnier. If Jason’s TikTok videos are not enough for you to know what is happening in his funny family, you can follow his Instagram account as well. The number of his followers is 14.8 million on TikTok and 551k on Instagram.

Peruvian-American social character Salice Rose’s content is also for getting thrilled. Salice is so passionate about dancing and spends her leisure time dancing and making funny videos. The funny videos she shares put the smile on your face. But if you subscribe to her Youtube channel and watch her videos, you will realize that she is a true inspirational model. She explains to us of her getting through a tough teen life and its affection to her emotional well-being. She is a prosperous businesswoman now. Salice gives you a lesson that if you are in trouble, it is not the end of the world. The only thing that matters is how you react to the difficulties happening in your life.

It is a shared TikTok channel created by the couple, Chris and Sharla. If you want to watch enjoyable TikTok videos with your partner, you have to pick Our Fire without hesitation. Their lifestyle and personality are as colorful as their hair. The interesting fact is that they’ve met with each other via Tinder. This proves the importance of the social networking app that you do not just know new people with new tastes, interests, and cultures, but you can also find your soulmate

Teagan and Sam Rybka are twin acrobats and dancers who took part in Australia’s Got Talent and became semi-finalists. This participation helped them gain success. The twins show their amazing acrobatic movements to the fans who follow them via TikTok.

If you love dolphins, I can recommend you this profile. You can even see leaping dolphin sign next to her name on TikTok. She shared the video about the dolphin throwing person to the air without difficulty. It was her first video. Cierra worked with different animals like sea lions, seals, and dolphins. Her passion for dolphins comes from there. The funny and interesting fact about Cierra is that she passionately wants to get Ellen’s attention. Her personal aim is to go live every day to draw her attention.

#10 Zach King

American filmmaker of Austrian, Chinese and Nicaraguan descent gained the most of his fame via magical and illusional vines. He calls his videos “digital sleight of hand”. Besides Youtube and Vine, he’s also famous on TikTok. The content of the videos Zach makes and shares make us call him a magician. He is the winner of the Hewlett-Packard commercial competition in 2010 and YouTube’s NextUp Creators contest in 2013. If you are into videos with magical and illusional effects, Zach’s videos are for you.

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