What is Retargeting, and Is It Really Hard to Keep Your Existing Customers?

If we go back and look into our search history we all would see that we have checked out one or two websites which want to sell something to us. Certainly, given the situation and modern world’s accessibility, buying something online is far from being a fictional concept. 


Beyond doubt we need to give credit to so-called websites because they work so hard to attract people to their pages with the group of platforms and  marketing activities. However the majority of the time the result never changes. Sadly, in accordance with the latest numbers, less than 4% of the site visitors actually purchase the products and the rest of them are leaving the page without purchasing any product and there is a high possibility that they won’t hear from them again. 


As I mentioned before only a small percentage of page visitors convert, yet wouldn’t it be nice to see these people on your website again and maybe they could convert the second time. So here is the thing you need to know that grabbing the attention of customers  who left your website without buying anything, or requesting a demo or even completing a registration is surprisingly easy. When I say easy, I don’t mean casting a spell or anything like that, as you might agree it is not a piece of cake to find a reliable fortune-teller, all you need is retargeting. You may ask what on earth is this retargeting. So wait in wings to know all about it.


First Things First, Retargeting

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If we go by the customary definition, retargeting is a strategic way to remind consumers of their inceptive interest and bring them back to these websites to complete their purchase. Let’s be honest when we say that it could creep most of us out. However when we give it a chance and have a deep look we could say that it’s already part of our life. 


To see the big picture, let’s take one person, Daniel, as our customer who checked your product on your website, possibly from his PC. He browses not only one but several products but unfortunately adds nothing into his “shopping trolley”. Then leaving your website without any purchase from his chart and giving not even one notice, now he is long gone, he might or might not visit your website again, even chance. However, a few days later, when he was roaming on the internet from one page to another, he saw an advertisement for his product, the product he checked a couple days ago but didn’t purchase, along with some other correlated stuff. He is a bit confused yet riveted, so now all he needs to do is to go back to the same website and purchase the product he hasn’t beforehand. See, easy-peasy.


We can analyze the situation from different angles. Have you noticed that when a customer is about to leave the store, one salesperson approaches you and starts a conversation with you to find more about your needs. After a productive chit-chat this salesperson knows what you are looking for and he\she can persuade you to make a purchase. Same thing happens with retargeting, so that is why we also could call it remarketing. 


Retargeting gives online sellers an opportunity to engage with consumers and learn more about their needs and so they can make a personalized sales pitch.


How to Turn Potential Customers into Happy Customers?

At the moment retargeting is one of the leading topics in the marketing industry and a huge chunk of marketers are allocating big portions of their budgets to it. Just so you know it is not a baseless claim, retargeting might be the most affluent tactic and nearly 70% of the potential customers who have been seen retargeted advertisement more presumably will convert. 


You may have experienced that when you look into a new site most of the time in the bottom of the page we see a question regarding the cookie usage of the website. And bingo, these cookie-driven tactics have been used for retargeting. So marketers can track visitors who have visited the website but left without buying anything, they watch us with eagle eyes.


I guess you have so many questions in your mind and one of them would be which platforms you can retarget people. First Google display ads, they sell themselves with “Choose Keywords and Pay for Clicks To Send Users to Your Website” line and astoundingly it really works. Then here comes Facebook and Twitter ads. These ads are particularly eye catching and appealing, so visitors could enjoy more and show an interest in your company or your products. Moreover this may be the best technique to boost your brand awareness.


After all that information, it’s necessary to mention that retargeting is not an issue or violation of privacy. When some people come across this product ad they have two ways to deal with it. Initially they can simply ignore it, or click it. The other part of these people would actually be happy to be reminded of something they may have forgotten about. To be targeted with relevant ads would make them genuinely glad.


The Importance and Benefits of Retargeting

Although the fact that retargeting sounds like starting over the targeting process it is completely different. How possibly you can start targeting every single new customer who visited your website without buying anything. Retargeting is the complete opposite though. Here you will get anew visitors who are more likely to convert, rather than  fighting to draw the attention of customers who are first-time visitors to your website and there is a huge possibility that they won’t convert.


After getting the basic information about retargeting, perceiving the benefits won’t be the hardest task for anyone.


  • Clearly you will generate more sales
  • You will increase brand awareness
  • It will maximize your customers lifetime value
  • You will retain your existing customers
  • Conversion rate  will be increased
  • Making your brand recognizable will be comprehensible
  • Improvement in cost effectiveness will be inevitable
  • Retargeting will increase your ROI
  • The level of engagement will thrive
  • Reaching interested prospect will be a piece of cake


If you see how retargeting actually influences customers you’ll wonder why you have not put your efforts into it. Retargeting will prosper your business for sure.

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