Turn Your Hobby Into a Career: Easy Steps to Start Your Career as an Influencer

Doing the work you have a passion for is not actual work, it’s a hobby. Earning your life from the hobby is one of the best things you can do with your life. If you are reading this you probably had an experience with “ the real job” and positively you are fed up with it and now time to turn your passion into a career.

First and foremost setback in this mighty process is what kind of hobby will possibly let you keep  having a quality of life when you are not working 9 to 5 business based work. Before making life changing decisions you need to have short and long term goals. Planning to monetize your passion is the most important part of the process.

There are millions of people out there who are pursuing their dreams and interests, eventually thriving them into a career. The hobby is something that you take pleasure doing in your spare time. This might be taking photos, cooking, gardening, performing, gaming, caring for animals, writing etc. the list can go on and on but the crucial point is how to spend less time working and more time enjoying your passion and earning your life.

What Does Your Heart Desire?

At this point of our blog we are going to talk about influencing. You may think, wait I was planning to do my hobby and earn money how come I need to know about influencing. The thing is the society we live in demands us to put something on the table if we want to make money . In your case it’s making people trust you.  Here is why random people rely on your personal decisions. 

You may not realize but being an influencer is quite a ruthless process. You can put all the effort but people may not be interested in, this time you either change your mind or give your everything to your audience.

Influencing is a vitally important leadership skill which you have a control over others choices, opinions and behaviours. In order to be in charge of others, you need to make them trust you. And believe it or not, the reward of your efforts will yield a profit after deepening the trust between you and the people who follow your steps. 

Find Your Niche

Once you get enough people to follow you, the number  doesn’t need to be immerse, because well-read brands are not essentially focusing on a huge audience, they are in the search of people who have an ability to encourage others and to act on their recommendations. 

If  you have a quick look on Instagram, you will see millions of fitness influencers, on Youtube gamers, travellers ruling over people’s interests. So how will you make yourself stand out from the crowd? You need to specialize your content. 

Let me give you a little personal example; there is a boy on Youtube called Milad Mirg. As a person who loves to watch food making videos I accidentally came across a video. I saw a person making subway sandwiches (seemed yummy), while sharing short stories. Now he answers the questions from the comment section while making appealing foods. Videos are either a few seconds or 1-2 minutes long. He has more than 1.21 Million subscribers. 

All I want to tell you is you don’t necessarily need to stand out to be a successful social media influencer. Just be authentic and engaging with your audience, inspire them while enjoying yourself. Only then will your niche be as plain as nose on your face.

Monetize Your Influence

After finding the best match to your interests, the thing which gives you tremendous satisfaction, another vital part arises from here which is to make money out of it. Nowadays the majority of people claim that influencing is not an actual career, yet the same mass of people want to be one of them. So when you determine about starting your career as an influencer, never let those people discourage you. Major part of the influencers getting paid for promoting brands’ products and services. Sponsorship is the great way to make a big chunk of money. 

In one of our previous blogs we explained why content is the king of influencer marketing. Thereof your content will decide your further partnership for you. The better content, the better partnership algorithm works most of the time. Your relevance as an influencer, reach and engagement rate highlights your distinguished features, but brands possibly will scroll down your social media accounts to make sure the quality of the content you created to make sure your influence is worth to pay.

No matter how detailed you have been taught, the only essential step to achievement comes from experience. Before getting solid results you might wait months or even years, patience and commitments will honour your satisfying outcome. Creating authentic, appealing content and putting consistent effort on your work will drive brands to collaborate with you undoubtedly.  One blog couldn’t be enough to explain the whole concept, so maybe we will meet the other one again.  

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Quick Look Back at the History of Influencer Marketing

If  we don’t take into consideration today’s fuss about influencer marketing strategies and take a look at the history we will see that influencer marketing has even started before the creation of social media. The definition of the “influencer” is a person with the ability to influence potential buyers of a product or service by promoting or recommending the items on social media. Clear message and easy to understand but is it? Can anybody be an influencer? 

What makes a Person an Influencer

Beautiful minds inspire others. Just think, do we like influencers just because we want to be like them?  The answer is  yes for some of us, but for the rest of us, we value the effort they put in their work. The influencers inspire us to be the best version of ourselves, do the right thing in every condition and keep pushing our boundaries.

The influencers take action deliberately. They don’t have magic sticks which make all of their dreams come true. They build their name bit by bit. No matter if we call them content creators, mentors, guides, experts or anything like that, they all serve to the same purpose. Creating the impact they were aiming for is their solemn duty.

Honesty saves everyone’s time. Indeed it does. Would you rely on someone who lies to you? Possibly there isn’t any worse thing for  an influencer to tell a lie and get caught. Because once it happens that influencer’s credibility flies out of the window and it’s unlikely to repair again. The reputation is the essence of the influencer’s ability to influence.

This is not a controversial matter, whether or not you have a great thought or actions, if you have people who think like you, in another word if they can relate with you, these people will follow you. However was this always like that? Let’s have a look at the dusty pages of history.

The Blonde Bombshell was on Duty

The Blonde Bombshell, Marilyn Monroe skyrocketed the sales of Chanel №5. In April 1952, Marilyn Monroe appeared for the first time on the cover of Life Magazine, and the article mentions her answer to the question, “What do you wear to bed?” and her reply, “a few drops of Chanel №5”.

Now when we see one or another celebrity praise a perfume it’s quite normal, but Marilyn Monroe was the first celebrity who was endorsing a perfume. Chanel №5 is the most famous and best selling perfume but the popularity of the icon escalated in the twinkling of an eye. 

After that brands discovered the way to use the power of popularity and public images of the celebrities they use it unceasingly. That was easier to entice potential customers with the personalization of celebrities’ looks and their ways of living. 

A Long Way from Down to the Top

Have you heard about Nancy Green? She was one of the first African American models in history to become the face of a popular food product. She didn’t have a beautiful body to show off, we can’t call her a scholar because she was’t. Nancy was a slave, then nanny and cook finally an influencer who fight against the racial discrimination. 

In 1889 Nancy Green was hired to promote a brand called “Aunt Jemima”. The product itself was out of ordinary for its time, self-rising pancake flour with a Black woman’s face on the box  made an instant hit across the country. If we look at the 21st century’s individual’s perspective, yes the design may seem racial and stereotypical nevertheless it was innovative for the 1880s. Green made the big chunk of money while working for the brand for 33 years until her unexpected death. Moreover she became one of the most influential advocates who spoke out against poverty and equal rights.

“Because They’re Worth It”

If you go out and ask a random person who is the second person did a revolutionary act in any case for the first time, it would be doubtful that you will find the right answer. However, we know our pioneers. In 1971, when women didn’t even have a voice over the product specifically manufactured for them, L’Oréal made something groundbreaking. Those days were special for the women’s rights movement  but still advertising controlled by men and women were completely left out.

“Because I’m Worth It” said brand ambassador Joanne Dusseau for the first time and it changed the views of women forever. Some sources claim that L’Oréal came up with this tagline because they wanted to beat their competitor Clairol and encourage women to spend more money on their product. Well, it worked. Because in the 70s almost every commercial featured male actors and showed their perspectives. If you take a look at Clairol’s ads in the 1970s you will see women with a male voiceover. However in the L’Oréal advertisement we see a woman who narrates that she  bought  a premium beauty product for the first time just for herself. The tagline slightly changed over the course of history and evolved its latest form, “ Because You’re Worth It”. Yet no matter how you comprehend it the slogan has been translated into 40 languages and it gave women confidence when they didn’t use to feel they are worth it. L’Oréal didn’t just became the pioneer in feminist advertising, more importantly it influenced the women’s outlooks about themselves.

It doesn’t matter who was the first influencer or when  exactly influencing has started. What we are making of it is the thing we need to focus on and thrive. Try to be a better influential leader to relate and impact others in a deep and sincere way.

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The New Era of Online Shopping: Keepface Influencer Store

Modern days technological advances are pushing the envelope on a daily basis trying to improve and magnify our life experiences. As a matter of fact the abundance of these innovations make it hard to even keep track of them. However the information I am going to share with you will make your jaw drop. If you are an influencer or you have an intention to be, read more attentively, because the latest news from influencer marketing will bliss you out.


You may think that what is all this fuss about? It is about a groundbreaking announcement of Keepface Influencer Store. Still not excited? Wait for the thrilling news then. In Keepface Influencer Store, we turn social media influencers into entrepreneurs by creating their own online store.


Well, is there anyone who doesn’t love shopping? Maybe just a handful of people, but except those people we feel deep affection for shopping. Precisely, in the times like these. If we look at the bright-side of the situation, days when we had to visit the mall or shopping plaza and spend our whole time checking that there any brand store has got any deal or discount only just for a couple of dresses or accessories were gone with the wind.


However now we are living in the E-commerce era. Almost everything is just a click away from us. Just a little tap on our smartphones or tablets, then this thing miraculously will appear beside you. Have any clothes, accessories, cosmetics, or even household items seem appealing to you? Well we have Keepface Influencer Store for anything and everything.

Keepface is the Man Behind the Curtain

keepface influencer store


Before breaking our Influencer Store’s traits into pieces, I need to put Keepface in the picture and emphasise that the great mind behind this great Influencer Store project is Keepface


Now we need to spotlight this striking project, Influencer Store. Influencers are ordinary people, like the ones we pass everyday on the street, yet something makes them special that we can’t keep ourselves away from them. Yes, I might be talking about YOU! Influencers give inspiration, show what looks like the right decisions. This could be as small as an accessory you choose to wear or something big, like travelling the countries you have never been.


We, as a company , highly appreciate our influencers’ efforts. Maybe that’s why we lend them our hands to have online stores. Authentic content they created, the products they promoted through social media and most importantly the trust they built with their audience make them new generation entrepreneurs.

How does the Keepface Influencer Store work?

Keepface Influencer Store is just like any other store, but with more specific features. We have  already created the  Influencer Store for influencers and all you have to do is add your favorite clothes, shoes, household items, anything you gave a try, loved and endorsed.


 Here influencers need to urge their audience to take a look at the store with appealing and engaging content. These contents may be photo, video or story, doesn’t matter, anything you like. However when customers go to the store and purchase the items which the influencer promoted then this committed influencer got paid. 


Moreover my story part of the project is explicitly compelling, because here influencers may add their own pictures. So the audience can see the real product on the gorgeous influencers not on the zero size, super skinny model.


How does the Keepface Influencer Store work.



The Things You will Get From the Project


Let’s have a look at the things that you will get if you become the part of the Keepface Influencer Store:

  • Stable and increasing income;
  • Long-term cooperation with the top local and international brands;
  • Less time spent for negotiations;
  • Fully monetizing the audience;
  • Free e-commerce shop




Although the Keepface Influencer Store was newly established but it managed to create a common ground for influencers to engage with consumers and build authentic, emotional connections that are critical for business. With various astonishing  products, Influencer Store put itself in for being one of the top online platforms for clothes, bags, shoes, watches, jewellery, electronics, and  more with amazing deals from top brands.


Keepface’s monetization mechanism with high ROI will open the new income doors to your face. So more money you get, more products you promote and later on you will find yourself in the middle of a pleasant infinite loop. Keepface Influencer Store’s convenient features hundreds of well-known brands and millions of eye catching brands are on the tips of your fingers. 


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How to Make Your Brand Stand out in International Women’s Day

Although this year’s circumstances are quite different from previous years, we still celebrate the International Women’s Day with the same passion and compassion. Because 8 March is not just a day we can pass by and try to make up later, it is the day of raising awareness, fighting fiercely and knocking down all the setbacks  for women’s equality.  The marking of  economical, cultural and socio-political accomplishments of women all over the world is embodied in International Women’s Day. 


Since this empowering day comes along a couple of perplexing questions may  cross your minds. Does your brand need to get involved in International Women’s Day celebrations? If the answer is yes, what will make your brand stand out among oceans of other brands and their catchy campaigns? 


In this blog we will try to help you not only boost your brand sales but also raise awareness towards women’s empowerment movement. Moreover, if you are short on ideas about what kind of campaign you suppose to have, you may check our “ 5 Ideas for Influencer Marketing Campaign on International Women’s Day”  blog and have the down pat about this special day. So, roll up your sleeve  and let’s get started.


Girls Can do anything Boys Can do and More

Girls Can do anything Boys Can do and More
Anne Shirley  said these words long ago and it made us think again that who can raise  awareness of the inequalities women face today, more than women who achieved everything by themselves. Women who are working towards gender equality in every aspect of their lives non-stop will shine the light on your brand amidst the unendurable digital crowd.


Collaborating with women influencers who can inspire with their personal stories and relate these stories to your brand won’t be missed out by their followers. People love personal stories especially social media users, that is why having more engagement among consumers will be the matter of time and loyalty of women influencers audience will become evident.



#ChooseToChallenge is the International Women’s Day campaign theme for 2021. “To change the world we need to challenge the world” they say. Smashing the patriarchy and burning it all down is not an easy process, because you are what you do.


In order to connect people from every demographic on International Women’s day you don’t need to be a global brand. Creative range of IWD hashtags and location tags will increase engagement insanely.


In fact unique and eccentric hashtags may be the best way to spread your brand’s message all over the world. While creating these hashtags you also can  encourage the influencers you work with to submit their pictures on the IWD site to show your brand’s solidarity and unity. Raise your hand high to show you’re in and that you commit to choose to challenge and call out inequality.


Special Content Strategy for Special Day

In one of our previous blogs we try to help you about how to make your content king, or let’s say queen. One way or another we should understand that particular dates deserve special and more attractive content, no doubt this could be one of the  greatest strategies to celebrate International Women’s Day.


Launching a social media campaign with micro and nano influencers will help you out while sharing your products and services with a bigger  audience. However you may also use this opportunity to raise social awareness, because it shouldn’t be all about boosting your sales.


Time to Raise Together

Time to Raise Together
In the modern world’s dog-eat-dog perception small businesses don’t survive. Especially women-owned businesses suffer more than others. Therefore you should use this occasion to lend a hand to the women who broke the mold. You can send these women-owned-businesses certain products and services they can make use of them or simply send an office gift. Don’t forget we rise by  lifting others.


We can’t ignore the fact that consumers are likely to choose the brands which weigh in on the modern world’s issues over other brands. If you show your interest in changing the world into an equal and better place for the people from every genders, race and nationality your brand visibility and presence will be superior, inevitably .

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The Art of Content Marketing

You’ve probably heard that “content is king”. Content is insights! Expressed in myriad forms and styles, it is information that makes readers feel, think and change their lives. Brian Dean, Neil Patel, Gary Vee, and many others have long been singing the praises of the almighty content for years. Content marketing is an art of initiating communication with prospects without actually selling them any product, but introducing or reminding consumers about your brand. So you can see, content marketing strategy stands in the “awareness” stage of the sales funnel.


There’re so many exciting statistics about content marketing like content marketing campaigns cost less than 62% less than traditional marketing, but generates 3x as many leads. According to CMI, 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing to reach customers and 60% of B2C marketers are committed to content marketing. Feeling excited already? Then keep reading to see more benefits. 


There’s no better long-term strategy than content marketing. Unlike social media ads or press releases, content can drive traffic, awareness or leads for years. Content that is designed to bring the audience to us can be in various different formats like written articles, infographics, video tutorials, social media posts and many more. Regardless of type, quality content should answer a specific question or solution for a problem that your potential customers might be searching for.


Long story short, when done right content marketing is the best strategy to grow your brand’s awareness and engagement. 


The content marketing strategy consists of two main steps: 


  1. Producing engaging content that readers would want to read.
  2. Distributing that content so that it can be found on organic search.

Both of these steps are important to run successful content marketing, but you don’t have to do everything manually. The science of automation, like in any part of our life, helps us save time which as you know is also money. Today I’m going to blend the art content marketing with the science of automation for you.


Ways to Automate Content Marketing

The latest advances in AI technology such as Natural Language Generation (NLG) allows us to automate routing content automation tasks. Machine and deep learning techniques can be used in searching, analyzing and learning from articles that are related to the given keyword to generate an optimized and unique content. Of course, it would make the content generation process a lot easier, but it might also not be the best idea as the automated content often lacks depth, insight, and more importantly creativity. 


You can still automate some part of work at different stages in the content marketing pipeline: Content creation, curation, and distribution. 


Despite advanced big data technologies and AI, automation of the content creation process is still in its infancy but we can still automate some parts of the process – visual, audio and text can be created automatically by AI algorithms. 


There’re companies that offer NLG services that can solve problems like creating reports from given data or preparing text research. Automated Insights Wordsmith is a SaaS platform that turns the document into text. Narrative Science’s Quill provides similar content generation but as a managed service. 


Google’s Deepmind can generate meaningful images from your sentences. Google’s other tool, Duplex is an AI system reads texts verbally, even adds human-like pauses and fillers to its speech.



Content curation is easier than content creation. It’s a time-saving tactic that enables the use of quality content from other creators to sustain your audience’s attention. It’s a place where automated tools really shine. The concept is basically about finding the perfect content and indicating it to your audience on social media in a way that adds value. 


First thing you need to know that this content doesn’t have to be yours, actually it has to belong to someone else you praise. The range goes from the prominent expert advice from a relevant thought leader, to an exceptional blog post from a website you are interested in. All you have to do is  to select only the best content that deserves to be seen by your social media followers, and then voilà, you fulfilled your role as a content creator.



By the assist of content distribution your social media followers can easily look through numerous channels and media formats that you distributed for them. You may think that this term is a bit vogue for me because we see it frequently from various aspects. So content distribution is the process where brands or individuals spread their contents to larger audiences. These audiences could be targeted and the content publicaze in multiple media formats through various channels.


Content distribution channels can be categorized into three groups : Owned media , Earned media and Paid media


Owned Distribution


Owned media is something that no third party has a control over. You are the one and only ruler of the content you are going to promote.  Your website, blog, videos, social media posts, etc. can include owned media examples.


Earned Distribution


Earned media is a bit different than owned media. Here you need third parties to involve the sharing process of content for you. These people can be social media influencers or other social media users who repost or retweet content constantly. Product reviews, social media mentions, tweets, shares, reposts, non-sponsored blog posts etc. can be the exact case for earned media.


Paid Distribution

Obviously the name gives itself away. In paid media you pay third party channels to assist you to reach your target audiences. There is a conundrum, well if third parties are also involved here then what is the difference between earned media and paid media? While earned distribution counts on organic reach, paid distribution is evidently paid for with ad dollars. For illustration; social media advertising, content discovery tools, Sponsored content on third-party publications or promoted posts on Facebook, etc.


If we look into the content distribution statistics, phonemonel results will make your jaws drop, I promise.



I think now you have enough reason to believe that with all the opportunities presented to you in a golden plate, you can spread your brand’s value wider than you imagined. There is no room for mere excuses for letting your holdings fade away.  Distribute your content and enjoy the process.

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What is Retargeting, and Is It Really Hard to Keep Your Existing Customers?

If we go back and look into our search history we all would see that we have checked out one or two websites which want to sell something to us. Certainly, given the situation and modern world’s accessibility, buying something online is far from being a fictional concept. 


Beyond doubt we need to give credit to so-called websites because they work so hard to attract people to their pages with the group of platforms and  marketing activities. However the majority of the time the result never changes. Sadly, in accordance with the latest numbers, less than 4% of the site visitors actually purchase the products and the rest of them are leaving the page without purchasing any product and there is a high possibility that they won’t hear from them again. 


As I mentioned before only a small percentage of page visitors convert, yet wouldn’t it be nice to see these people on your website again and maybe they could convert the second time. So here is the thing you need to know that grabbing the attention of customers  who left your website without buying anything, or requesting a demo or even completing a registration is surprisingly easy. When I say easy, I don’t mean casting a spell or anything like that, as you might agree it is not a piece of cake to find a reliable fortune-teller, all you need is retargeting. You may ask what on earth is this retargeting. So wait in wings to know all about it.


First Things First, Retargeting

What-is-Retargeting-influencer marketing
If we go by the customary definition, retargeting is a strategic way to remind consumers of their inceptive interest and bring them back to these websites to complete their purchase. Let’s be honest when we say that it could creep most of us out. However when we give it a chance and have a deep look we could say that it’s already part of our life. 


To see the big picture, let’s take one person, Daniel, as our customer who checked your product on your website, possibly from his PC. He browses not only one but several products but unfortunately adds nothing into his “shopping trolley”. Then leaving your website without any purchase from his chart and giving not even one notice, now he is long gone, he might or might not visit your website again, even chance. However, a few days later, when he was roaming on the internet from one page to another, he saw an advertisement for his product, the product he checked a couple days ago but didn’t purchase, along with some other correlated stuff. He is a bit confused yet riveted, so now all he needs to do is to go back to the same website and purchase the product he hasn’t beforehand. See, easy-peasy.


We can analyze the situation from different angles. Have you noticed that when a customer is about to leave the store, one salesperson approaches you and starts a conversation with you to find more about your needs. After a productive chit-chat this salesperson knows what you are looking for and he\she can persuade you to make a purchase. Same thing happens with retargeting, so that is why we also could call it remarketing. 


Retargeting gives online sellers an opportunity to engage with consumers and learn more about their needs and so they can make a personalized sales pitch.


How to Turn Potential Customers into Happy Customers?

At the moment retargeting is one of the leading topics in the marketing industry and a huge chunk of marketers are allocating big portions of their budgets to it. Just so you know it is not a baseless claim, retargeting might be the most affluent tactic and nearly 70% of the potential customers who have been seen retargeted advertisement more presumably will convert. 


You may have experienced that when you look into a new site most of the time in the bottom of the page we see a question regarding the cookie usage of the website. And bingo, these cookie-driven tactics have been used for retargeting. So marketers can track visitors who have visited the website but left without buying anything, they watch us with eagle eyes.


I guess you have so many questions in your mind and one of them would be which platforms you can retarget people. First Google display ads, they sell themselves with “Choose Keywords and Pay for Clicks To Send Users to Your Website” line and astoundingly it really works. Then here comes Facebook and Twitter ads. These ads are particularly eye catching and appealing, so visitors could enjoy more and show an interest in your company or your products. Moreover this may be the best technique to boost your brand awareness.


After all that information, it’s necessary to mention that retargeting is not an issue or violation of privacy. When some people come across this product ad they have two ways to deal with it. Initially they can simply ignore it, or click it. The other part of these people would actually be happy to be reminded of something they may have forgotten about. To be targeted with relevant ads would make them genuinely glad.


The Importance and Benefits of Retargeting

Although the fact that retargeting sounds like starting over the targeting process it is completely different. How possibly you can start targeting every single new customer who visited your website without buying anything. Retargeting is the complete opposite though. Here you will get anew visitors who are more likely to convert, rather than  fighting to draw the attention of customers who are first-time visitors to your website and there is a huge possibility that they won’t convert.


After getting the basic information about retargeting, perceiving the benefits won’t be the hardest task for anyone.


  • Clearly you will generate more sales
  • You will increase brand awareness
  • It will maximize your customers lifetime value
  • You will retain your existing customers
  • Conversion rate  will be increased
  • Making your brand recognizable will be comprehensible
  • Improvement in cost effectiveness will be inevitable
  • Retargeting will increase your ROI
  • The level of engagement will thrive
  • Reaching interested prospect will be a piece of cake


If you see how retargeting actually influences customers you’ll wonder why you have not put your efforts into it. Retargeting will prosper your business for sure.

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Content Marketing Can Never Be So Easy Without A Rephrase Tool

Content is an integral aspect of a website. Quality content that is fresh and offers valuable knowledge that users want is something that any online marketer is actively seeking. Creating your original material will consume a lot of effort. Hiring someone to compose original content for you can be pricey. It’s not practical for many content providers to compose on their budgets.  

As a solution to brand new material, older posts may be reorganized and rewritten so that they seem to be a completely different document. The quickest way to edit older documents is to use automated paraphrasing tools to do the task. This short article will tell you about some of the best paraphrasing tools out there.  


You’ll find a range of word changer resources to paraphrase online material. Some of them seem to be free to use, while some are subject to certain costs. The type of paraphrase tool that you make will depend on your particular requirements and the sum of money that you can spend if you’re going to use a paid article rewriter. If you are searching for the perfect paraphrasing tool, you can check out the ones mentioned below. 


This is a free online paraphrasing tool that lets you rewrite the text into versions that satisfy the reading criteria. The text box will take up to 1500 words in a single shot and rearrange and paraphrase online easily. The various versions that the tool can offer will be the initial step for creative thinking within your organization.  The beauty of article rewriter by rewriteguru is that it comes with information that genuinely makes sense for both users and search engines. You can easily copy and paste, without worrying about getting it processed, as with certain other tools. There is no need to fill a security captcha any time you upload data on this online word changer. There is also no advertising, which renders it the most awesome word change tool possible. 


This paraphrasing tool is web-based, so you don’t need to use the room by uploading something to your device. This word changer tool’s synonymous directory is fairly stable and can allow the right times to use synonyms. Apart from its index, it also helps you upload a list of synonyms from a separate tool and add the collection to your collection.  

This platform also lets you align the material with regular checks such as Copy scape and Plagiarism. The only aspect you have to note is that you should have a decent understanding of English on your hand so that you really can filter out the rare instances of an idiotic text. 


The production of this free article rewriter tool has two layers. The fundamental distinction with other applications is that it often uses a human aspect to produce its performance. Originally, a person is writing many copies of the article to be revised. When completed, all of these documents are then mixed to provide the full edition of the report.  

This intricate mechanism’s benefit is becoming the human aspect that guarantees that the final product is truly readable. This online paraphrase tool will give you more readability. Still, it comes at a cost due to the extremely lengthy process you spend obtaining the finished product. 


This is a similar free method, except it does battle with the need to insert captcha code, so you can easily copy and paste the content you want to rewrite. The method guarantees that simpler words substitute all difficult and complicated terms or sentences in your content. This method is famous for educators struggling to get their learners to use a vocabulary that is easier to understand. 

They upload a bit of complex document into the Rewordify paraphrasing tool method and then show the rewritten performance utilizing their projectors so that the pupil can see and recognize the difference. This online paraphrase tool provides the opportunity to determine how the findings are to be presented. 


The most excellent aspect of this tool is its built-in thesaurus, which is regularly expanded by users. You can either modify the document individually or allow the program to rewrite it dynamically for you. You should try out this tool’s digital demo alternative and see why it has become so famous. But if you want to access the full capabilities, you need to pay for a premium upgrade.  

This involves the possibility of automatically uploading a rewritten document to a blog, comparing two copies of the article, finding out the most famous or most widely used synonyms for specific terms, etc. 


The paraphrasing tool you want will depend largely on what you want to do and how you will be using the rewritten material. Although there is no online paraphrase method that generates high content prepared to publish, many of them significantly minimize the amount of human involvement that goes into rewriting posts.

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Top Influencer Marketing Trends for 2021

Although the fact 2020 wasn’t the best year we will remember joyfully, but clearly it taught us some things. Other than devastating oven-ready cunning plans and desolating our “normal” lives. However it taught us patience, self-restraint, and the importance of having high social activity. You may think, what does that have to do with anything? Well my friends, I am saying so after learning the newest influencer marketing trends for 2021 we all will mind what we are going to plan to do and actually do. Above all, the future is unpredictable.


Now, forget about 2020, we are over and done with it. Let’s focus on our brand new year, 2021. First thing you need to know is that influencer marketing is going to be bigger than ever, it’ll become a $15 billion dollar industry by the next year, and as we already see it’s continuing to grow into being a hot topic on social media. #sponsored posts are swarming our feed in a speed of light. I wouldn’t say I’m complaining about the situation, yet it’s what it’s. So, enough about chit chat, let’s get to work and find out what 2021 is cooking for us.


The More Variety, The Better Society

As Andres Tapia once said “ Diversity is the mix. Inclusion is making the mix work”. Hopefully 2021 will be the year that influencer marketing will be more focused on diversity and inclusion.


Unfortunately, we all have witnessed that Black influencers faced inequality and discrimination over the course of 2020’s social activism.  From symbolic effort to unfair pay, several brands hold responsible for their biased actions. 


Owing to the fact that representation can shift predetermined opinions, it is very vital in Influencer marketing as well as other creative industries. Just to create a better society, brands also need to do fulfil their duties and add building diversity and inclusion on campaigns to their new year resolutions.


Who will Run the World? TikTok.

TikTok was officially launched in 2016 and after four years it surpassed over 2 billion mobile downloads worldwide, I dare to say that app became an inseparable part of millions of young people’s lives. When a brand decides to start a campaign the first thing they need to do is to focus on the people who will influence your target customers. When you intend to work on a more youthful demographic, stop beating around the bush, give it a second thought to work with TikTok influencers.


The importance of user-generated content is far beyond noticeable. Moreover, it’s no secret that customers tend to trust user-generated content more than brand-sponsored posts. Just so you know, UGC is a TikTok marketing trend that brands shouldn’t ignore. Even Donald Trump lost a battle with it, therefore if anyone claims TikTok is going to lead Influencer Marketing, we wouldn’t be surprised at all.


Ultimate Secret of Art: Being Natural

No way!, you may think, but no, it’s really happening. Authenticity on social media is going to have its fluorescence turn in the incoming year. We all want to show flawless and perfect parts of ourselves on social media, yet revolution is around the corner.


Many influencers already start to share their post with #nofilter or #inthemoment taglines and most probably it is going to be huge trend in 2021. Although Instagram could be the platform which pays attention  to the visual attractiveness, if influencers want to stand out with their aesthetic posts they need to  pinpoint engaging captions more than ever.


The Rise of Micro Influencers

If you are interested in Influencer marketing you have already heard about them. The amount of these influencers’ followers is not as big as macro influencers or celebrities. More specifically, if you have less than 10,000 followers you will fall into the micro influencers category. In the past brands didn’t pay enough attention to them, but currently the situation is changing.


It’s the known fact that micro influencers are more affordable to work with and most of the time it is no trouble to find a micro influencer with a niche audience. So it is expected that renowned brands will open their eyes and start to collaborate with micro influencers who come with fewer demands and don’t make any fuss like bigger names.

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Influencer Marketing for Political Space: Top 5 Socio-Political Influencers

There are some particular topics that you need to be careful who you are listening to, society and political matters are on the first rank . If those people call themselves as socio-political influencers they need to have specific characteristics as well. Then let’s begin to tear these people’s traits down. 

Allow me to start this part with a question. Have you seen anybody too timid, yet widely influential. Quite impossible. That’s why socio-political influencers have to be able to share their views with many people and not be shy about expressing an idea. Simply to be an influencer you need to be part of a number of networks, it applies to socio-political influencers too, nevertheless being well-informed and having expertise on the matter far more important. To carry your reputation decently you need to be not just another person who barely knows about politics. You should be the one who is a source of expertise on a subject after that your view will be seen as credible. Last but not least, having a high level of activism is strongly required. Socio-political influencers are much more likely to be involved in more traditional, formal approaches to influencing social and political issues such as being involved in local or other groups, writing to politicians etc.

Burning our heads in the sand won’t change the fact that the consumer landscape is swapping day by day. Over the past five years, brands have chosen to collaborate with social media influencers and they created a $5-10 billion dollar industry. It is not a joke that 49% of consumers’ purchases depend on influencer recommendation. 70% of teens trust influencers more than traditional celebrities, while 86% of women use social media for purchasing advice. Influencers’ effect on consumers doesn’t restrain purchasing advice that also leads us to influencers for purchasing recommendations could also sway their vote.  

Another critical question arises from here, where to start to find the right socio-political influencers for your influencer marketing campaign. Only the right influencers can reach their target audience, build trust, and drive engagement impressively. Our answer to this question is pretty simple – from Keepface! As an influencer marketing software, Keepface focuses on finding the right influencer for your brand with any niche and audience you want. With the access of over 350K influencers & content creators, you can find the perfect match for your business. Reaching to the most relevant influencers, communicating with them, and managing campaigns using real-time analytics are a piece of cake.

In this blog we compiled a list of five socio-political influencers throughout the world and operating in the Society and Politics space you can find and hire.

Greta Thunberg

At the age of 15 Greta won a climate change essay competition and everything started after that. Three months later she started protesting in front of the Swedish parliament to make them meet the carbon emissions target. She held a sign that read “School Strike for Climate” and began regularly missing lessons to go on strike on Fridays, urging students around the world to join her.More than 20,000 students around the world had joined her in countries including Australia, the UK, Belgium, the US and Japan. She joined strikes around Europe, choosing to travel by train to limit her impact on the environment.

Her protests went viral on social media and as support for her cause grew, other strikes started around the world, spreading with the hashtag #FridaysForFuture. The impact she has made on the global stage in such a short time made everybody wonder about her influence on social media (specifically Twitter) and how it has changed over the past year.

A world-renowned activist and a powerful influencer on climate change, Greta has  10.5M followers on Instagram and her engagement rate is 2.91%. Furthermore she has 4.4 m followers on twitter.

Francis Baraan

Francis Martin Beltran Baraan is a Filipino human rights activist, a political commentator & blogger,a social media personality, an entrepreneur, hotelier, and a resource speaker on press freedom & fake news. He is popular for his vocal criticism & fierce posts on Facebook and Twitter against President Rodrigo Duterte, his administration, his family, and his drug policies. Being a human rights advocate and pro-democracy social media activist, Francis Baraan’s posts on social media are usually critical of President Duterte and his administration. His tweets are also critical of American President Donald Trump, who then blocked Francis Baraan on Twitter. Moreover, he fiercely shared on one of the latest Twitter posts the public figures who are holding governmental positions blocked him. He has 13k followers on Instagram and 104.7k on Twitter. 

Hugh Grant

2020 will be quite an unforgettable year from various aspects certainly . For all we know getting Brexit done will be one of them. Yet for better or for worse one figure we know since our childhood in a completely different sphera stepped up into the political stage. The actor Hugh Grant, who has become a fixture on the campaign trail, explained that he has no party affiliation. “As a father of five children, I want to save the country from catastrophe,” he said. When the  election was called, in late October, Grant had been lively on social media—he’s a mite over half a million Twitter followers—tweeting about the National Health Service and describing Johnson as a “weak little Narcissus.” Even on the 1st of February when Brexit got done, Grant couldn’t help to express his view on  the matter. He has 602k active followers on Twitter.

Mark Wallace 

British journalist, newspaper columnist and political activist Mark Wallace is Chief Executive of the website ConservativeHome. Wallace has stated that his particular interest is in “the way political machines are evolving in the age of low party memberships and digital innovation”. In October 2017, he was placed at Number 89 in “The Top 100 Most Influential People on the Right” by political commentator Iain Dale. In September 2019, he was placed at Number 58 in “The Top 100 Most Influential Conservatives of 2019”, again by Dale. Wallace has  56.7k followes on Twitter.

Mariam Said

Senior Anchor, tv producer, host of #trending Mariam Said is MENA brand ambassador too. Television show host and personality widely recognized for her work on MBC Channel 4’s Entertainment Tonight. She was featured on the cover of a 2017 issue of Gate Magazine. Mariam has 4.4M followers on Instagram and her engagement rate is 1.53%. She has 250.9K followers on Twitter.

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Top 5 Wedding Influencers Every Bride-to-be Should Follow

Wedding influencers on Instagram are becoming increasingly famous as well as important. They are setting new standards for the industry and letting people know how to plan better for their bid day. Additionally, if you’re already engaged then it’s the best time to start following the wedding influencers in order to take inspiration. Not only do they provide amazing ideas but they also teach useful tips and tricks to prepare for your wedding in the best possible way.

From jaw-dropping cakes around you to floor-to-ceiling decoration, you can find wedding inspiration using Instagram. That’s why for your convenience, we have rounded up the hottest and professional wedding influencers that you must start following today. Following their stories is undoubtedly a fun activity but keep in mind that it can also be a great source of help. It will allow you to get a clear idea to turn your dream day into reality. So, get yourself ready to double-tap.

Who are the top 5 wedding influencers every bride-to-be should follow?

Here are some of the best wedding influencers that you want to follow in 2020/2021. You can also find other wedding influencers with any audience and engagement rate in the Keepface database if you want any further collaboration.


Lottie is a wedding influencer, content creator, strategic storyteller, and social media manager from Somerset. If you want to know the successful marriage stories and events to get inspiration from that you should definitely follow her. She writes in a number of wedding magazines. She covers everything from inspirational blog posts to advice-based features. Her Instagram profile is home to weddings and beauty.

Nikki Watkins

If you want to have amazing ideas for your wedding photoshoot then following Nikki Watkins on Instagram is a must. She is a wedding photographer based in Bedfordshire with a considerable following. She captures the romantic, relaxed, and soft images of couples. The photos showcase innovative styling, themes, and the best ways to decorate your wedding venue. If you want to have an unforgettable wedding photo shoot, then start following her on Instagram right away.

Samantha Clarke

Samantha Clarke was a lawyer by profession but she chose her passion to become a wedding influencer. She is also an amazing wedding photographer and shares her photos on Instagram. If you want killer ideas for both your bridal and wedding photography, her gallery of both fine art and candid wedding photography can inspire you for your wedding. She provides her followers with ideas from florals decoration to gowns.

Rue De Seine

It’s an Instagram account managed by multiple people but because of its exceptional ideas for bridals, it has made its way to our list of the best top 5 wedding influencers every bride-to-be should follow. You can follow this page specifically to get innovative ideas for your bridal. Moreover, you can also search from their latest collection drops, bridal style inspo, and real bridal stories to make your appearance stand out on your big day.

Elizabeth Austin-Davis

Last but not least is Elizabeth Austin Davis who is an award-winning wedding photographer and wedding stylist. She describes herself as a free-flowing with a blended mixture of documentary and editorial expert. Following her on Instagram will allow you to get an incredible sense of photography style to have that will suit your personality at your wedding. You can scroll through her gallery that contains both artistic and traditional romantic, soft, and relaxed shots.

After checking all of these influencers you must be wondering what is the easiest and the most efficient way to get married. Especially for the UAE (and GCC) residents. You should check out this little cute startup called Easy Wedding Seychelles. Its’ team will help you with your wedding as it’s the most efficient and fastest way to get married.

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