5 Coaching Influencers Boost Your Business

Do you know what has never been cooler then it is now? Let me enlighten you: Leading an active and healthy lifestyle. Possibly you want to convert to a healthier lifestyle in the last months of 2020 and in the unknown and full of hopes 2021. We are not aiming to uplift your hopes about the future. You know, no one knows if this year could get even worse. However, if you have a perfect body, mind and health you could be way fulfilled. The most effective way to fulfill your goals is to find the right coaching influencer who will shine on your path.

You can eat super yummy and life filled foods, be aware of herbal treatment, have your special workout routine, etc. Don’t let me even start with smoothies which will brighten your soul and life. When we just check our Instagram feed there are tons of stunning male and female content creators who are living the best version of their life. At first we all think “ Nah they are just models” or “ I can workout too but I don’t have time for it”. Yeah, we all have been there, but you know what we are just deceiving ourselves with these mere excuses. Do you know that daily mindfulness could make a huge difference in your life? I didn’t but after starting to follow some coaching influencers I realized the only limit that I have was myself. 

As technology evolves almost every industry niche has an established list of influencers. These influencers play a critical role in brand discovery, social media RIO, driving commercials, etc. Most importantly they found people who could actually help us to get the best version of our life too. Don’t you want to look magnificent and keep living the life you want?

However, where to start to find the right coaching influencers for your influencer marketing campaign. Only the right influencers can reach their target audience, build trust, and drive engagement impressively. Our answer to this question is pretty simple – from Keepface! Keepface focuses on finding the right influencer for your brand with any niche and audience you want. With the access of over 350K influencers & content creators, you can find the perfect match for your business. Reaching to the most relevant influencers, communicating with them, and managing campaigns using real-time analytics are a piece of cake.

The list of coaching influencers that I am going to share with you has changed dozens of people’s lives by giving instructions, tips and tricks to their followers. You can find them all in Keepface database if you want any further collaboration but in order to make things easier for you, I’ll add Instagram profile of each one of them. Let’s get started then.

Berkan Karabulut

As a Personal trainer and vlogger Berkan shares workouts, motivation and helpful tips on developing a positive mindset around working out. He is so fond of his work that he started his own business called Fit 2 Move Tr. Berkan has some of the best abs on Instagram. Anyone would think he’s a slave to the gym, but he’s actually refreshingly down to earth and normal, loves his food and encourages his followers to take time off and rest when they need it. He has 1.3M loyal followers and his engagement rate is 29.7%, amazing, right?

Sascha Barboza

Sascha Barboza believes the main mistake women make with regard to exercising is focusing on aesthetics, rather than health. She uses her platform to encourage women to empower themselves through fitness. Almost everyday she shares her workout routine and healthy recipes with her followers. Additionally Sascha is not only a fitness-nutrition coach but also an author of a bestseller book and a mother of two. She has 4M followers, and her engagement rate is 2.98%.

Jeff Seid

Good is a fat-loss coach who posts about what he learned on his own to help his followers make healthy changes, develop more balanced lifestyles, and lose weight sustainably and build a perfect athletic body. Jeff  posts his workouts with plenty of videos to demonstrate the correct techniques.In his new home workout series, he prepared a program that followers can get maximum results via using minimum equipment. He has 4M followers, and his engagement rate is 3.92%.

Lucia Frettes

If you don’t know her, you have missed the chance to meet one of the most determined, brave women on Instagram. Still not late, though. Despite the fact that she had some serious injuries the beautiful smile in her face never faded away.  She inspires his followers not only with workout videos but also with his daily choices. Moreover the body positivity and casualty she has  shared in her  posts and contents make everybody think that Lucia certainly one of us,  no wonder her engagement rate is so high, 20.29 %.

Hadi Laabi

Hadi Laabi is not only one of the most knowledgeable trainers in the fitness industry, but he’s also one of the kindest and most encouraging. He takes the time to reply to all his followers’ questions, regularly reminds people that if you’re still trying you can’t mess up. Hadi is a fast-growing Instagram training influencer with a passion for fitness and lifestyle. He has 163.3K followers, and his engagement rate is 3.48%.

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