Top 10 Russian Micro-influencers to Follow in 2020

As one of the most effective digital marketing strategy influencer marketing is spreading to even new fields. With this on, marketers emphasize the role of micro-influencers for getting even more engagement, better brand awareness, and increased sales. 


In our previous blogs, we have given you the insights of US, Turkish, Chinese influencer markets. In this blog, we will get to know the Russian influencer market focusing on the micro-influencers you as a brand need to know and work with.

What does the Russian influencer marketing look like?


Influencer marketing is also widely spread in Russia. Different range of influencer niches such as travel, book, beauty, fashion, parents are among the popular ones. It is easy to find influencers of each audience size. And due to Lingua Franca, Russian influencers are also followed beyond Russian borders. 


In 2018, influencer marketing spending in Russia was $70 – $80 million out of $3.12 billion total digital marketing spendings. Although influencer marketing is 3-5 years behind Europe and the US, global makeup, technology, clothing, food brands are involved in Russian influencer marketing. 


Influencer marketing has mainly built on Instagram and YouTube. And influencer campaigns work best when they target young customers. 

Now, we will introduce you to 10 Russian micro-influencers from different niches. Let’s get to know the promising Russian influencers. 


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The first influencer in our list is a mom blogger Irina from Tatarstan. She mainly posts on parenting, space organizing, and indoor house design. Thanks to creating engaging content she reached 72K followers. 


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The second influencer in our list is a photograph and makeup artist Elizabeth. With her outstanding makeup talent, she has reached 41K audience. If you want to visit the world of fairy tales then go with this makeup wizard. Despite creating strong looks Elizabeth is superb active on Instagram. 


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The next influencer in the extreme makeup category is Liza Klubnika. With her incredible makeup skills, she brings her colorful soul into the face. From smokey eyes to concept makeups Liza creates different types of looks on her Instagram page. Her looks are also appreciated by global makeup brands like Urban Decay, Maybelline, YSL. 


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Let’s get a chick with a stylist. Lena is a professional stylist and owner of her clothing brand. Saint Petersburg based micro-influencer is followed by 77K people. Lena’s style is a combination of cozy and delicate dresses. 


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Now it is time to travel the world. Alexey Djyrukhyn is a businessman, marathon runner, and avid traveler. From East to West he passed 55 countries and every inch of Russia. Plus to his 28K Instagram account, he also writes blog posts about his travel adventures. 


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Continuing with the fashion influencers. Maria is a Moscow based micro-influencer with 53K followers. She perfectly combines modern fashion with classic elegance. Maria personates neutral outfits with dainty accessories, that’s what makes her style different. Pictured perfect angles on fitted backgrounds complete Maria’s aesthetics. 


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Moscow based influencer Michael Shemelev is the next influencer in our list. He is a traveler and landscape photographer with 24K followers. While he travels he captures the beauty of nature in different parts of the world. See the harmony of colors through his camera. 


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The next influencer category in lifestyle. Ilya’s content covers fitness, food, travel, skin-care. He always serves his audience with in-depth described tips for a happy and energetic life.


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Marina’s Instagram is a great medium for food lovers. She claims you can prepare her recipes with only the products that are already in your fridge. Marina’s profile is dedicated to a wide range of cuisines. Add spice to your meals with her profile. 

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Let’s finish the story in a sophisticated way. The last Russian micro-influencer on our list is book lover Alina. She massed 32K audience. Alina shares tips with her audience over emotional intelligence, problem-solving, self-esteem, perception mistakes, avoiding procrastination, ways to set new goals, simply everything you need to find yourself. 
They are only a few of Russian micro-influencers. To find out more use Keepface’s influencer discovery to unlock influencers from every category.

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