5 Ideas for Influencer Marketing Campaign in International Women’s Day (updated)

International Women’s Day is held on March 8 to raise awareness towards gender discrimination, women’s rights advocacy, empower and celebrate the achievements of women. 


This day is also a wonderful time for the advertising industry as well as an opportunity for brands to kick off creative campaigns to engage with current customers and attract new ones. 


If you haven’t designed your plan for this particular day, it’s just the right time to get serious about planning your marketing campaign to delight your customers with special offers and increase your sales.

Influencer marketing campaign ideas for International Women’s Day


There are many marketing strategies brands can implement to catch consumers’ attention on International Women’s Day which often leads to confusion and it becomes challenging to choose the best one amidst the fierce competition over attention-grabbing campaigns. 


Why should brands work with influencers for Women’s Day campaigns?


Just like any other service, advertising is also expensive on special days. As social media platforms are shaping our digital world, it’s also becoming a search engine for people to look for products. Therefore, leveraging prominent and influential social influencers easily makes its way to potential customers’ feeds and hearts. 


Influencers have enough power to direct customers’ purchase decisions that will, in turn, direct them to your site or store. Besides, with the facilitation of social media algorithms influencer campaigns can organically increase the exposure by reaching niche audiences that could be expected to convert at a high rate.


Long story short, we’ve brainstormed and gathered 6 influencer campaign ideas for pushing your sales and discount offers.

Provide gift ideas for loved ones


This day is an opportunity to delight loved ones, mothers, sisters or significant others with special gifts. As lots of people are in search of gift ideas, they often tend to visit their trusted influencers’ profiles. And as might already know, social media influencers are great at guiding their followers where they could find gift ideas. 


It doesn’t matter in what industry your brands are, FMCG, beauty or technology, sending gifts of your products and to spread them to your advocates’ profiles is the best way to increase exposure and drive sales on special days, as well as promote your sales offer.   


You might ask influencers to present any product from your brand to their loved ones and share a photo or video post showing his feelings in as authentic as possible. You can also generate branded hashtags for scaling your campaign. 

Corporate Social Responsibilities for IWD

International Women’s Day is held in different parts of the world to recognize women in the society. Thanks to social media, the attitude takes big steps for supporting women, removing barriers in education, career, raising the voice of women in decision making. Global brands, celebrities, opinion leaders stand out to fight for women’s rights, educate girls, create better working conditions, break the glass ceiling and equal pay. 


It is your chance as a company to show your dignity to women. Customers always have loyalty to brands that value them. You can run several campaigns from creating special hashtags on social media about the elimination of selective aborts, no to violence against women, equal pay, women in business, women empowerment to covering educational expenses girls living in remote villages. 


Influencers have the ability to spread brand messages authentically and emotionally. According to the research, 87% of respondents will buy a product if the brand supports the social issue they care about. Even if it is a CSR campaign, make a good search on influencers finding.


If you want to support gender inequality issues, work influencers that always care about aesthetics of contents, emphasize women rights on their profiles and accepted as respected personas in your audience. The right influencers will help to deliver your campaign message to a large audience and help to build your brand goodwill. 

One of the biggest FMCG companies, P&G launched a social campaign for unwrapping gender bias and discrimination. The project called #WeSeeEqual includes different activities with each to emphasize gender equality and bias. Some affiliate brands such as Always, Ariel, Pampers, and Pantene were mentioned in the video to support gender equality, change established attitudes, remove barriers ahead of women and open new opportunities.

Another graceful campaign was plotted by the global franchisee McDonald’s. The brand inverted its golden arch to nod to International Women’s Day. They also changed the logo M to W in social media and designed caps, T-shirts, bags, and packaging to celebrate “women everywhere”. 


Bundle packs for influencers

Among all choices, bundle packages can be the most effective way to boost your products as these packs allows companies to make people be aware of more than one product. 


Brands can collaborate with influencers, send them well-designed packages which consist of different products and special cards with positive notes celebrating their International Women’s Day. 


This is also a way to establish a long-lasting relationship with influencers for collaborating in future campaigns. But, let them know what you’re sending ahead of time to ensure they’re interested in the first place.


Then influencers may give their opinions about the products, post a picture with these packages and write an appreciation message to show their gratitude for the brand.

One of the fast ways of activating your social audience and growing your number of customers is to run giveaway campaigns. On special days everyone is busy buying gifts to their beloved ones while forgetting to praise themselves. 


For example, you can hold a contest on social media where influencers will define the rules such as commenting on the post or resharing the post. Influencers will share a photo with their favorite product from your brand and write why they like that product. Women are asked to share the products they like and their features. Winners will be gifted with their favorite products. If you are in a cosmetics, fashion or jewelry industry, it will refine your audience in social media and push sales.

Cooking by men influencers


As a food brand, you might struggle to come up with an original content idea with a saturation of touching stories around. If you want to go creative on this day, we have an exclusive idea. 


In honor of Women’s Day, influencers can cook a surprise dinner for their mother, wife, sister whoever usually prepares meals. The content will be presented with a special focus on your brand’s products which is placed among the ingredients. 

Bonus: Wolt 8 March Influencer Marketing Campaign

Wolt's Influencer Marketing Campaign

As a technology company, Wolt makes it immensely easy for us to discover and get the great food delivered. Wolt enables customers to enjoy quality food at their favorite store or restaurant without needing to leave the comfort of their home. All you need to do is pick a restaurant, build your order, and hit send.


To carry out the successful influencer marketing campaign Wolt joined up with Keepface and created the campaign which drove quite strong engagement among social media users by reaching 1.6M total audiences. The platform that campaign took place was Instagram. Their influencer-driven campaign was implemented by 8 competent influencers. Striking post and informative stories allowed the campaign to get over 1M impressions and 73 K total engagement. Wolt’s 8 March campaign was launched on the 6th of March and ran on till the 20th of March. Check the case study to learn more.

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How to Measure The Effectiveness of Your Campaign Through Keepface Reporting Tool?

Being the capstone of influencer marketing, reporting allows you to see how effective your influencer marketing campaign is and help to build a further influencer marketing strategy. 


The success of your influencer marketing campaign depends on your initially set goals. If your primary goal is growing your social media community, then the key metric here is engagement. If your goal is brand awareness, then the key metrics you need to measure are reach and impression


After influencer discovery and dealmaking blogs, we are completing our influencer campaign guiding blogs with the Keepface reporting tool. Keepface Reporting tool provides the whole campaign report with each influencer’s performance showing engagements, views, reach and impressions, CPI, media value, and MROI. Let’s run through the in-depth report of your campaign.

View the Results Separate and In Total


First, go to your Brands section (If you have many, select the one you want to see the report of). Choose the project you want to see the report. You can either view each activity separately or see the complete project report in one place. 


Your campaigns may target different demographic groups, locations, and social media platforms. Separately viewing each campaign helps you to evaluate each campaign and see which campaign contributed the most.

Once you decide, click the Reports to see the statistics. The report is divided into different sections, each serving for a specific purpose.


In the Overview, you will see the total indicators of the project. In addition to regular metrics, the Keepface reporting tool estimates MROI on the project. This will help you to see the efficiency of your influencer marketing investment without extra calculations. 


The next time you run influencer marketing campaigns, you can set new benchmarks based on these and compare the results after all. 


Graphically View the Trend of the Campaign

Scroll down to see the overview of engagement by each day, influencer, and social media platform. This helps you to see which days your project performed well. Use the Search section to filter by Influencers and Social Media to view the performance of every influencer and social media platform.

The next graph illustrates engagement together with reach and impressions. Here, you have two view options depending on the purpose. Dynamic order allows you to see the hikes and falls of the campaign by each date. While in Cumulative, you can see how these metrics built up throughout the project.  
The last section displays influencers you invited in a lump. You can see those who applied, started, and rejected your campaign. 

Check Activities


The next section is the Activity. In Grid View, shows all the posts with the relative engagement, views for video content, media values, and the links of posts. This helps brands to compare and evaluate each content in point. Again, here you can filter by social media and influencers for the quick review. In this way, you can always check each post even if after influencer removes the post from social media.

While with the List View, you can also use Sort to view the content by their Post date, Likes, Comments, Shares, Engagement, and Media Value. This helps brands to list influencers based on their benchmark metric.

Compare the Influencer’s Performances


The third section in our Report panel shows Influencer Performance. This is a graphical illustration of the top 5 performing influencers by the engagement. This is the same with the Activity but with comparing influencer performances with each other. 


Another difference between the Activity and Influencer Performance is here you can evaluate the posts’ engagements according to their audience size. Below you can list influencers in ascending or descending orders for engagement, number of posts, audience size, and engagement rate. 


Measure Your Budget Efficiency


The last section of the reporting is Budget Efficiency. The header part shows the total budget, including influencers, platform fees, and total media value. Below you can list the best performers in order by their MROI, CPE, Engagement, Media Value. 


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6 Influencer Marketing Experts You Need To Follow

Influencers have more power over brands as a source of information for consumers. As influencer marketing aims to drive engagement, grow a community, and ultimately increase sales, you as a brand need expert advice in influencer marketing.


In this blog, we will talk about veteran influencer marketing experts. They are also familiar with other channels of marketing and communication and will help you to dive even deeper in influencer marketing. 


#1 Neal Schaffer 

Neal is a world-famous marketing professional helping both small and large companies on digital marketing, content strategies, influencer marketing, social media marketing, lead generation. In his website, Neal hosts Maximize Your Social Influence podcast along with blogs and social media services. He is also a university instructor for Social Media Marketing, Social Selling subjects in the US and Ireland. Schaffer is the author of four social media books, the last published in March 2020, The Age of Influence: The Power of Influencers to Elevate Your

#2 Sam Fiorella

Sam is a marketer, entrepreneur, adjunct lecturer for Rutger University, and mental health advocate helping young people. His blog covers influencer marketing, branding, social media, and customer experience. In his 30 years of experience, Sam helped companies in inbound marketing, lead generation sales, email marketing, and building CX. 


He is also the co-author of the book, Influencer Marketing: How to Create, Manage, and Measure Brand Influencers in Social Media. The book is about the growth of influencer marketing and its influence on sales. 


#3 Madalyn Sklar

Twitter’s angel Madalyn is a social and digital marketer with 24 years of experience. She was ranked as #1 Social Media Power Influencer in Houston. She helps brands on building community. Instead of previously mentioned experts, her tips are especially useful to grow a community for influencers on Twitter. She shares her insights for the best practices on her  #TwitterSmarter chat. Since its launch, the chat gained over 12 billion impressions. Her blogs and podcast cover tips for personal branding, content creation, community building, and optimizing Twitter. 

#4 Shane Barker

Shane is an influencer marketing specialist and entrepreneur runs his own Shane Barker Consulting group. He worked as a marketing and sales director for digital and traditional businesses, consulting for Fortune 500 companies. As an influencer marketer, he touches several trendy topics, including content marketing, sales funnels, website conversions, SEO optimization in his blog, and podcasts


#5 Kim Garst

Kim is a world-known digital marketer and ranked one of the Top 10 Women Social Power Influencer by Forbes. She worked for giants like IBM, Microsoft, Mastercard, became an international best-selling author, and she is also among the most retweeted marketers in the world. Gal has a wide range of marketing experience in content, social media, social selling, and currently added social media and brand influencer to her portfolio. Her educative blogs cover well-written for brands and individuals to build community in different social media platforms.

#6 Lilach Bullock

The founder of tech and marketing startups, Lilach is an SEO strategist, content marketer, and copywriter. She is also a digital and tech influencer ranked as one of the Top 20 Social Media Influencers by Forbes, Social Media Influencer of Europe, Amazon #1 bestseller on sales&marketing, and entrepreneurship categories. Lilach is also featured in leading business magazines such as Forbes, Content Marketing Institute, Telegraph, Guardian, and Social Media Examiner.  


As influencer marketing is rolling out to every field business, expert opinion becomes vital for both influencers and brands. Listening to world-class experts will help you to be a goal-oriented and results-driven in your influencer marketing plan. Based on reliable market insights, you can manage content strategy and set KPI, and optimize sales funnels in the end.

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UGC as the Next Generation of Influencer Marketing

B2B or B2C your consumers are your best brand advocates. User-Generated Content is simply known as photo, video, text, audio content that is voluntarily shared by the brand fans on social media. 


UGC is considered to be the most authentic form of influencer marketing. It is a true inspiration for content creators and potential consumers to buy the product. 90% of buyers say their purchase is influenced by the UGC. 

How is UGC Reshaping Influencer Marketing?


Do you remember the cornerstone of influencer marketing? Inspiration is still the name of the game. With their authentic content, users act as the source of information and brand advocates for your brand.


With UGC, you can see your real and potential customers in detail and bring them to your social media. It also helps to reach larger audiences via a straightforward strategy. The difference between traditional influencer marketing and UGC based marketing is here the countless number of people can promote your brand without extra spendings. 


Why Do You Need to Leverage UGC?


UGC gives a lead to substantial benefits that you might need to take additional steps in other marketing channels. UGC helps to:


Increase organic traffic to your website. According to the study, 87% of search engines find UGC as the second most reliable element of a purchase decision. People take time to search for goods they want to buy, and they are willing to buy things that are used and appreciated by other users.


Build trust and community. Sure all of us seen Instagram posts with Apple and its product names. Initially being active on Facebook and Twitter as a brand, Apple’s arrival on Instagram took a while. For certain, it is worth it. Instead of replicating the same content, Apple encouraged its users to post a video, photo, or any content with their phones with Apple hashtag. 

The result? Highest customer loyalty in smartphone and tablet production, 90% of brand retention among iPhone users.


Bu gönderiyi Instagram’da gör


apple (@apple)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi ()

Boost engagement. On Instagram, National Geographic has the most massive followers as a brand. 

National Geographic displays the beauty of nature and diversity of cultures through photographers’ eyes around the world. With a large scale, UGC content the brand reaches 3.4 million daily engagements


Bu gönderiyi Instagram’da gör


National Geographic (@natgeo)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi ()

Together with Keepface Hawaya, the dating app collaborated with social media influencers from Indonesia and Malaysia. Influencers created a video story post about the Hawaya app. The brand further shared those videos on their social media channels.


Increase EMV and SEO value. Another estimable example is Glossier’s. The beauty brand incorporates UGC in almost all of the product lines. Glossier sends samples to influencers before product launches. The reason behind the success of Glossier is treating each customer as an influencer, says Brand’s CEO Emily Weiss.


Also, social media platforms like Facebook favors personalized content over brand page content. 


Forms of UGC 


The most common ways on social media are using hashtags and brand mentions in posts. Brands usually encourage branded or product-specific hashtags for boosting engagement with the audience. Brand mentions are used to share consumer feedback over certain products. 


Customer reviews and product ratings are the other type of user-generated content on websites. This creates trust and opinion before purchasing any product. 


How Can You Leverage UGC as Your Next Digital Marketing Channel?


Start with Influencer Marketing


Even UGC is changing the way brands reach with their audience; they still need influencers to spark the campaign. If you are in a tight budget and plan to use UGC, probably fewer people follow your brand’s social media accounts. Working with influencers that are followed by your potential buyers will trigger your engagements and brand awareness. 


Be Active on Social Media


When we say be active, we mean posting frequently on your social media accounts, answering questions users ask you, responding to the events that align with your brand, and keeping track of your metrics such as reach, impressions to see the progress you are making. Ask your followers how they would incorporate your specific product into their life. 


You can use automated tools to manage your social media, but it is essential to add a human touch to your page. In this way, you can increase your followers which will lead to driving positive engagement.


Reward Your Favorites


You can hold contests or giveaways on your page or collaborate with influencers asking followers to post their pictures with your brand. Because content creators are not paid for this, giving some incentives will raise their interest. In this way, users will be more spirited to post to be gifted at the end.


Huda Beauty is sharing their favorite makeup videos which are accepted as the best promotion for pro makeup artists. 


Show Reviews and Customer Photos on Your Website


To expand UGC from social media, you can display reviews and ratings next to the product features on your website. In this way, you let your users tell how it works.


Next to product reviews, you can also show your customers pictures. 


Drawback of UGC


Maybe the only difficulty you may encounter is managing the post users share. You may come across with hate posts, negative comments, or content that contains political, social arguments which can negatively influence your brand image. Lots of brands put UGC back on their digital marketing plan. But, there is a solution to any problem. By having well-planned social media management, you will overcome any mess you may face. 


Empower UGC Now!

Starting from B2C user-generated content is overflowing to the B2B market as well. As it is the most authentic form of influencer marketing, we can expect that brands will continue to leverage UGC in their digital marketing. At Keepface With 301K influencer base, you will find the most matching influencer to your campaign.

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10 Different Niche Micro-influencers from MENA

Continuing our micro-influencer lists from different regions. Micro-influencers are an effective medium to set up in a new market and bring back your lost target audience. 

Working with micro-influencers, you can reach different audience groups with the same budget you offer to single macro-influencer. Also, micro-influencers have 22.2 times more conversion rates than celebrities or macro-influencers.

As we talked in our blog, MENA has a distinct marketing ecosystem and consumer behavior from the Western markets.  Entering into MENA as a sole agent may anticlimax your digital marketing strategy and result in loss of dollars. Mega influencers have worldwide recognition and contributions in the establishment of influencer marketing in MENA. With global trends shifting to more engaged and authentic social media users, micro-influencers are gaining power in MENA.
Although mega-influencers turned the long reigned traditional marketing into a world-known influencer market, MENA has 


  • Rising investment in influencer marketing,
  • Colorful influencer categories,
  • Influencers with different social media accounts.

So, here is nano list of a different tier of promising MENA micro-influencers to follow and work with:


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Layan (@layanfitnesss) on

Layan is a fitness, food, and travel influencer from UAE with 30K followers. Wherever she goes from desert to beach, she shares her workout routine. Layan thinks that self-confidence comes from balanced mental and physical health, and it reflects in her content as well. Layan always instructs her followers with workout guidelines and inspires them to take a step further. Apart from fitness and nutrition brands, she also collaborated on beauty and care campaigns. 
#2 @nada.ahmed1919


Our next influencer is Egypt based actress Nada Ahmed. Her social media content includes lifestyle, entertainment, and parenting. Her Instagram profile is followed by 48K people. Nada also has a YouTube channel where she reached 504K subscribers just in a year. 


#3 @lulusaria

Can you imagine a MENA influencer list without a makeup category? No. So, the next influencer is Lulu Saria from Saudia Arabian. As a makeup artist, she posts tutorials from simple to aesthetic Arabic makeup looks. Lulu also shares her tips for skincare and beauty, including products that she uses. 


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A post shared by S A N A (@sana_mahjoub) on

Sana is Tunisian based entertainment and fashion influencer with 55K audience. Classic, chic, casual, elegant her style appeals to everyone’s taste. With art, nature, history, food, she has the best example of a real Instagram account. Her colorful profile instantly gives positive vibes the moment you look at her feed. Check her account to understand my overdo.


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A post shared by Alain Abou Jaoude (@alainaboujaoude) on

Coming to foodies, Alain is a food influencer from Lebanon amassed by 47K Instagram followers. He is a master in eating and cooking. You can find a bit of travel with photography on his Instagram account. Alain is also active on TikTok with an entertaining concept reaching 32K followers. 


#6 @tiyatrolist


Our next influencer is a stylist from Turkey with 13K followers. Gurkan creates a different range of content on lifestyle, fashion, travel, food categories. As a personal stylist, he tries every style from casual to classic. 

#7 @ahmadadelzoubi


The next micro-influencer in our list is Ahmad from Jordan. He creates lifestyle, fashion, travel, music content. Ahmad’s Instagram feed where he reached 31K audience is decorated with his covers for different Western and Arabic songs. 


#8 @mymoroccanfood 


Continuing on the food category with Moroccan influencer. Nargiz is a chef and author of her cookbook Casablanca. She successfully introduces Moroccan cuisine to the world. With her delicious meal and cookie recipes, she is amassed by 44k Instagram followers. Follow her to find your fav Moroccan food.


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A post shared by Shabi ?? (@shabnam_rakim) on

Our next lifestyle influencer is a Bahrain based model, Shabnam. She posts different makeup and outfit looks by adding taste with her captions. Shabnam works with local and global food chains, clothing, accessory brands like Rolex, Rolls Roys, Verge Girl. She also shares her covers of different songs and reached 60K followers.


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A post shared by D A N I E L L A (@daniellaifrach) on

Now, let’s calm our souls down with yoga. Daniela is an Israel based yoga influencer with 42K followers. You can’t find a single post without an inspirational caption.  Her yoga poses melting into nature will make you start yoga now.  


Find It Useful?


These were the drops in the rain. If you are thinking about finding the micro-influencers you are in the right place. With more than 20K MENA based micro-influencers, you will reach your target audience while saving your time and money at Keepface.

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How to Make a Deal with Influencers through Keepface?

As influencer marketing is one of the fast-growing digital marketing strategies, building solid and positive relations with influencers is vital. For this, influencer outreach stays one of the biggest challenges of influencer marketing.


Running successful influencer relations requires the art of negotiation and a well-planned technique. You have to maximize efficiency in terms of time and cost spend on influencer outreach. The goal is to make a win-win deal for both influencers and brands. 


In this blog, we will walk you through the dealmaking process at the Keepface platform step-by-step.  

Bulk Announcement of the Campaign via Influencer Emails


In the influencer discovery blog, we have explained the process of creating a project, adding influencers, and creating a list of influencers for your further campaigns. Once you hit the Start Campaign button, the selected influencers get email notifications


Brands are also notified when influencers Start, Apply or Reject the campaign. So, even if you forget to check the influencers you can still follow the whole process. 

Start to Connect with Influencers via Bulk Messaging


Once the selected influencers Apply the campaign you can start a conversation via bulk messaging. Just click the Message icon in the right corner.

In the opening window, you can either select each influencer or click the Select all button to start a conversation. 


Want to send varying offers to particular influencers? Picking certain influencers instead of selecting all can help you be more descriptive on your priorities and expectations. Because the campaign content, influencer deliverables can change on the influencer category, audience size, and the budget. 


The Filter button, In the right corner, allows you to see the status of influencers who Applied, Started, and Rejected in one sight.

Now that you decide whom to write, it is time to talk. Click the Add icon to set your Budget offer.
The Budget offer panel includes the Content Count and the relative Price you offer to the influencers. You can further change the offer based on the influencer budget. Hit the Send button to finish your proposal. 


You can also write the details of your campaign, your expectation, and even add an attachment you want the influencers to see.


Individual Communication & Detailed Briefing at Scale 


Because the one-size-fits-all logic does not work on influencer marketing, individual dealmaking will help to approach each influencer. Individual Communication allows you to control your voice tone and expectations from influencer to influencer. 


You can discuss the content price, how the influencer plans to do the campaign, ask your questions. You need to clearly explain your campaign goals, content requirements, and influencer deliverables up to the hilt. And this is what Individual Dealmaking is for.


 Content Creation Moderation and Approving


By linking to the shared posts you can moderate and approve influencer posts, their captions. On the Content Dashboard, you can preview the content price, content count, and directly link from here once influencers posts campaign’s content on social media.


Content moderation helps you keep track of influencer content and see if it lines up with your campaign priorities.


Time to Make a Deal


Keepface dealmaking tool allows you to manage the whole campaign in one spot while keeping track of communication and each of influencer content. This will help you to measure the results once the campaign finishes. So, stay tuned for the upcoming reporting through Keepface blog 🙂

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Which Brands Did Not Sleep During The Lockdown?

Coronavirus pushed the whole world into the back. Brands with years of experience were struggling to find the working strategy during the lockdown. But still, we have agile brands that managed to reach customers with the help of influencer marketing.


Let’s see who nailed the biggest global challenge with the right content and creativity. 

#1 Pepsi Virtual Suhour 


Ramadan is the time of gathering, spending time with family and friends. But due to the pandemic people are confined to their homes and isolate themselves. With increasing social media consumption during Ramadan, the search for food video content also rises. According to the report, 86% of Facebook users in MENA celebrate Ramadan. 


What Pepsi reminded us is social distancing does not mean social isolation. Working with Saudi Arabia key influencer Tareq Al Harbi, Pepsi launched the live series of the Virtual Sohour campaign. 


Each week the influencer hosted a Virtual Sohour in a live stream with another popular influencer picked by his audience. Virtual Sohour campaign’s main goal was to generate strong engagement with its main target group, Millenials and Gen Z.


With a combination of technology and traditions, Pepsi brought people together when they were apart. 


Pepsi was brave enough to take the risk to launch unedited, unfiltered live streaming content on a hard time. But results say it is worth risking. The Virtual Sohour campaign reached a 21M audience while driving a 5.3% engagement rate

#2 Activia Gut Health Campaign


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A post shared by Talilla ? Live Workouts ? (@talillahenchoz) on

Activia is among the brands that worked even more productively during the lockdown. In one of their releases, the brand mentioned since 2015 Google searches for “gut health” is increasing by 400%, meaning people understand the importance of a healthy digestive system for the overall health system.


During the lockdown, Activia re-launched their Gut Health initiative campaign to promote its products which contain calcium, probiotics, and natural ingredients that are essential for healthy digestive enzymes. The Gut Health campaign is designed for boosting awareness of the relationship between gut health and overall health. The influencer campaign mainly targets younger people and Gen Z to share the basics required for gut health. 


Influencers created content about informing their audience about the importance of gut health and a range of Activia products that support a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

#3 Alo Move’s Sweat & Tone Campaign


Lockdown changes the way brands communicate with the audience. But it also creates new opportunities to reach new customers with value and creativity. Fitness brand Alo Moves launched an influencer campaign for the #stayhome with the right message. 


The brand collaborated with fitness influencer Calli Gullickson on #sweat&tone seven-day workout series. This helped to increase customer engagement with influencer followers and also raised traffic to Alo Moves’ and the parent company Alo Yoga’s website. 

#4 Puma’s Virtual Ambassador


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A post shared by M △ Y △ (@mayaaa.gram) on

Starting from February 2020 Puma adopted a completely new digital marketing strategy by engaging in virtual reality.  Puma scaled its influencer marketing by introducing its own Virtual Influencer in Southeast Asia. By running influencer partnerships with 2.5 million engagement before Puma is familiar with the role of influencers in marketing. 


Together with Maya and Asian stars, Puma launched the RiderUnlocked campaign video on YouTube. However, Maya’s content extends from brand ambassador posts to sharing life-hacks for a productive and positive day. 


Puma’s also tapped into AR by turning each Instagram user into PUMAN. A combination of UGC and influencer marketing leads to AR face filters. Puma worked with influencers such as footballers, actors, KPOP dancers to share stories with AR filters and call their fans to share stories with PUMAN filters and #RiderUnlocked hashtag to get discounts on PUMA products. 

#5 Oreo Stay Home Stay Playful

After the setting of global lockdown, Oreo was looking for an ad that accomplishes the brand image and will bring joy to people to go through the hard times. Oreo renewed last year’s Stay Playful campaign to #StayhomeStayplayful tagline. The campaign calls people to entertain and be active during the stay home. 


As part of this campaign, Oreo launched the #CoockieWithACause challenge on TikTok. The challenge features UGC videos of people holding Oreo cookies and moving it to their mouths. 


Oreo’s initiative was to donate $1 for every video with #CoockieWithACause hashtag to SaveChildren nonprofit organization. 

#6 Hawaya Awareness Campaign


Hawaya is an online dating app designed for Muslim singles. Due to the pandemic, Hawaya has seen a jump in the number of messages and overall app usage. 


To sustain the app’s success and encourage people to connect during the social distance, the matchmaking app launched an influencer marketing campaign in Indonesia and Malaysia. The goal was to increase awareness of Hawaya mainly among female users and increase app installs. 


Together with the Keepface Influencer Marketing Platform, 52 diverse tier of social media influencers were picked to work on the campaign. Influencers created IG stories to inform their followers about the app and call them to download the app. The value-driven approach of Hawaya makes the app appeal to conservative societies. 


Hawaya Awareness Campaign generated 323,013 and 436,256 Impressions in Indonesia and Malaysia respectively. The app is currently expanding its influencer marketing to Turkey, Germany, Saudi Arabia. 

Take a Step In the New Era  


Now consumers are more careful when it comes to the influencers to follow and engage with. Influencers stay as brands’ spokespersons and deliver their messages in a human way. Investing in an influencer platform will help to find the best brand advocates for your marketing campaign. Keepface automated platform offers distinct products to smooth your influencer marketing in every step. 

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Key facts you should know about an influencer marketing in MENA

With its different culture, marketing ecosystem, and size of the market, the Middle East, and North Africa (MENA) have a huge potential that you cannot place this region behind your influencer marketing strategy. Consumer spending in the UAE alone is expected to exceed $261B by 2021 offering a huge opportunity for overseas expansion.


Moreover, the region experiences digital transformation with the increase in the internet, mobile, and social media usage in recent years. Statistically, 9 out of 10 Arabs use at least one social media platform daily. 

This sudden increase in social media users then led to the emergence of influencers with a relatively larger audience. After the surge in the number of influencers, the advertising industry has started to zoom in on influencer marketing. The Middle East leads the GCC market with the highest demand from top paid influencers and brands. 


But first, let’s get to know the region better and later we’ll give you tips on how to start your own influencer campaign starting from today!

#1 Influencers make a real-world impact

For millennials, influencers are the preferred choice when it comes to discovering new products. According to the study, 47% of women between 18-24 ages say online platforms are the main sources of information on brands and products. And 73% of respondents said they’ve purchased a product after an influencer mention, which is a strong number to show the social power of influencers. 


For global brands, mega influencers are stars to expand into the region. Fashion, beauty sectors introduced worldwide known mega influencers such as Huda Kattan and Maya Ahmad. Along with launching her own brand, Huda Kattan also collaborates with leading beauty and fashion brands. 

Dubai based beauty influencer Maya did numerous partnerships with famous makeup brands including MAC Cosmetics, Dior, Kiko, and Givenchy.



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The popular influencers effectively convert global brand promotion into the local context. 

For its haircare brand Elvive, Loreal started long-term influencer collaboration with Dubai based lifestyle influencer Narins Beaty. She explains the features of Elvive products which allow growing long and healthy hair while using heat tools. She is very popular in MENA and always shown with beautiful and her long healthy hair and growing popularity among Gen Z makes her the best choice for Loreal’s #dreamlong campaign.

#2 Cultural diversity

Almost half of the marketers that work in MENA use influencer marketing and 94% find it successful for their brands’ marketing. However, influencer marketing in MENA differs from the Western market. Your influencer marketing campaign should be specially designed to the region’s culture and tastes otherwise you will end up with low KPI. 


Content that allows the influencer creativity and freedom always wins in influencer marketing in MENA. According to the Mc&Kinsey report, the market is characterized by less loyal consumers who are always in search of affordable and substitute products. In this context, influencer marketing is a great way for global brands to enter the MENA market.

#3 Influencers are replacing TV commercials

Social media is viewed as trustworthy and it has overtaken TV as a source of information. 

Marketing strategies that are cleverly designed to the market features are winning in influencer marketing too. Uber has an outstanding new-comer example of influencer marketing in MENA. 



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Uber effectively ran the influencer marketing campaign by tailoring its brand objectives to Saudi Arabia’s socio-economic system. The goals were to grow the brand’s social media communication and build credibility. Together with the government’s support for the modernization of socio-culture, Uber’s campaign touched several hot topics such as women empowerment, entertainment, and employment. The long-term partnership with big size influencers drew high ROI and positive engagement towards Uber. 

#4 Micro-influencers are more persuasive than celebrities 

Micro-influencers especially are on the rise and gaining more online power. They have dominance in terms of the level of trust and therefore having more brand partnerships. Not surprisingly, influencer marketing is experiencing a shift from macro-influencers to micro-influencers as they generate more engagement and authentic content. 

Besides, working with micro-influencers enables brands to reach multiple audiences with less spending. They are more relatable to their audience, therefore have more influence over them. Unlike celebrities, they introduce themselves as they are. As a result, YouTube stars became more popular than TV stars.

How to rock influencer marketing in MENA?

Local and global brands have done noteworthy collaborations with mega influencers especially on the beauty industry. Although influencer marketing is going crazy in the region, it requires different approaches. Here are a few of our tips:

Leverage Credibility of Micros

Despite its growing size, influencer marketing in MENA is an infant industry with lots of niches and influencers to be discovered. Credibility is a key component of micro-influencer marketing. 

As marketing experts suggest micro-influencers are the future of influencer marketing. Even now, they have more engagement rates and profitability. MENA is not an exception. With a high level of engagement and authenticity, micro-influencers have the potential to increase awareness and bring new consumers. They are especially relevant for small budgets.

Target Gen Z

Gen Z population of the MENA region is rapidly growing and going to dominate social media platforms as well. Social media usage by Gen Z’s leads to the emergence of nano-influencers and the rise of micro-influencers. 


One of the prominent influencer campaigns were run by Egypt’s Commercial International Bank. Considering that banking is not among the interests of Gen Z, that was pretty risky to take. So, to make it engaging for the youngsters the bank added popular dabbing fashion into the action. The campaign was calling young people to make changes in the New Year. The campaign ended with high engagements, almost all of the socially engaged users were asking about bank services.

Work with Experts

Even if you have done successful influencer partnerships before, the MENA market has a distinct nature and legal requirements to consider before diving into partnering. 


The biggest issue brands face in influencer marketing is not having a clear view on how to find the relevant influencers and negotiate with them. BPG Cohn & Wolfe Influencers Survey revealed that 55% of brands’ biggest challenge was finding relevant influencers, and followed by 41% negotiating terms and conditions.


If you plan to enter the region you will need an expert consultancy to run an efficient campaign and to reach your target audience smoothly. Keepface gave assistance to many brands over the years, helping them to find the best fit influencers and to manage all the process from negotiating with influencers to reporting the success. 

Choose the Right Social Media Platform

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube have millions of active daily users in the MENA region. 


YouTube is a destination for tech and gaming influencers, while fashion, beauty, food, lifestyle influencers choose Instagram. About 30K Middle East-based YouTubers have more than 10K followers. Video content is the highly preferred choice by lifestyle, entertainment, gaming influencer niches while photo content is popular among fashion and interior concepts. 


With comprising 10% of the world’s Instagram users, influencers in MENA are mainly focused on Instagram. Social media users in the region are a vivid consumer of stories and videos. 

And, of course, there is TikTok. From celebrities to TikTok evolving influencers the TikTok sees a huge surge in usage since 2019. Most influencers in terms of follower count are coming from UAE and Saudi Arabia mainly on comedy, acting, and fashion content. TikTok itself launched #CreateForGood and #TikTokCares campaigns with MENA influencers to educate people on tolerance and safety manners.


@salmansfamilyThree things to avoid at the beach ? ##tiktokcares ##pourtoi ##foryou ##couplegoals @isleym.b♬ son original – salmansfamily

Despite its differences with the rest of the world, the MENA region has a vibrant influencer marketing ecosystem. The population is hyper-connected and their personal experiences are more important than brands’ popularity. Therefore conducting authentic influencer marketing is challenging but rewarding. Here at Keepface, we’ve helped brands around the world by finding the right influences, creating and managing high ROI campaigns, and advising to build the right influencer marketing strategy. 

If you’re looking to amplify your brand’s voice through influencers feel free to contact us.

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6 Types of Influencers are Effective in Pandemic

How would you engage with your community in the middle of crises? Almost every industry is affected by the global pandemic. There is a certain category of influencers who will help you to reach your customers and bring your sales up during the crisis. 


With all the cuts in ad spend, the global pandemic turns influencer marketing into a more meaningful form of digital marketing. Influencer marketing is adjusting itself to changes requiring more improvement based content. Followed by the spike in consumer demand for social media content, influencers massively increase their posts. Live streaming gets more popular as it generates more social interaction. They also try new content styles and new platforms. 


Let’s see some influencers categories who are shining during the crises and will help your brand to reflect it.

#1 Foodies are busy at the kitchen


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Raise your hands if you have cooked something you have never done before the quarantine. We all did. And the biggest inspiration for us was food influencers who are busy with sharing posts about trying something new. 

Also, affected by the closure of restaurants, now people have more time to try homemade recipes. Live streaming is the most popular and rising content type among food influences to educate and enjoy time with their followers. 

Besides, this is a godsent time for food brands to communicate with their consumers and nail their influencer campaigns. There are so many creative ways brands can work with food influencers during the lockdown crisis.

#2 Lockdown is going well for fitness bunnies

There is not a better time to stay healthy and physically active than ever. While the demand for a home workout is increasing digital fitness industry has boomed. Today, fitness videos are one of the most viewed videos on YouTube. Home exercise videos have increased by more than 200 percent in the UK. 


Since gym studios were forced to close fitness influencers make home exercise tutorials. They encourage social interaction among followers and help to reduce stress and anxiety during the quarantine. 

#3 Home has the best background 

Although there is no place to try fashion trends of 2020, fashion influencers do not stop creating content with work-from-home outfits. The quarantine also forces fashion gurus to create more creative and purposeful content at home.  They offer a healthy distraction in this nervous situation for those who want to work on their personal styles. Video content is also popular among fashion influencers as they prepare videos while taking ongoing social media challenges.


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#4 Tech wizards are upgrading influencer marketing

Tech influencers are taking advantage of crises by actively posting about the latest digital news and innovations. Influencers often share their user experience and recommendations. Usually, these people are industry bloggers, experts who are a genuine source of information and tent to have authenticity and engagements. This is also an opportunity for people to add new skills while getting digitally connected. 

With the rapid digital transformation, the role of tech influencers is becoming more important as consumers value third party advice before making purchase decisions. Considering that many brands continue to digitalize their operations the role of tech wizards will be vital for B2C and B2B business as well.


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#5 Lifestyle influencers reshape their content strategies

Lifestyle influencers are tailoring their content to “home edition”. The range of lifestyle content is increasing with lifehacks to combat the crisis, to #workfromhome, house cleaning, the lists of books, must-watch movies, and of course Netflix recommendations. In addition, influencers try and advise different time management tools and apps to manage time at home efficiently. 


Along with influencers, many brands increase their social media posts and adjust timings to drive more engagement. A good example was done by P&G’s brand Always. The brand let popular social media influencers take over their Instagram stories for a day and post IGTV videos on the brand’s page. Such activities contribute to better brand-influencers also brand-audience relations.

#6 Hustlers beat crises

Entrepreneurs are another rising influencers category during crises. By posting about their taken steps and future expectations of the business these people are getting more social interaction. Profound knowledge and solid backgrounds allow them to be accepted as a valid source of information. From marketing perspectives, entrepreneurs have more significance in B2B business being the right players for endorsing related products.

Last but not least


These are influencer groups who pivoted their content and expected to be in favor of brands in crisis. Influencer marketing has never been this important to connect your audience and spread your message. To find more influencers go to Keepface’s Influencer Discovery and get access to one of the largest influencer database. Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to find the right influencers for your brand in seconds. 

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How to Find Right Influencers via Keepface’s Influencer Discovery

With more and more brands investing in influencer marketing, influencer discovery becomes more complicated and diversified. The growing market generates new influencer categories and new audiences over time. And brands should stay up-to-date to nail the most effective influencer marketing campaigns.


In 2020, 51% of marketers say influencer-created content is more effective than brand-created content. So, finding the right influencers is half of a successful influencer marketing strategy. The more influencer resonates with your brand, the more successful your campaign will be. But finding the fittest influencer is not as easy as it sounds. 

If you’ve already defined your campaign goals, the next step is to dive into influencer discovery. It’s in your best interest to find and reach out to relevant influencers in the shortest time. Today we’ll guide you through how to streamline influencer discovery and outreach via Keepface’s Influencer Discovery. 

Let’s get started!

Search and find influencers

After logging in to your account jump in Discovery it’s just in the left corner. 


Click Discovery and you will be directed to Search bar automatically. Below the bar, you can see the latest registered influencers.

Use Filter to get concentrated results for your campaign. Filter button is designed to find out the most relevant influencers by their category, audience size, engagement, social platforms, price range, country, and gender. And with the Upgraded Plan, you can even go further by filtering influencers’ audience search on language, location, gender, interests category, and age groups. 


Click Show Results next to Filter to get the results according to your filter. 


Influencer names come with filtered results. In a few seconds, you will find your best fit influencers on the database. There are two view options, List and Grid view. You can choose how you want to see your results. 


Overview of each influencer’s profile

Click View details to quickly see the overview of influencer profiles. You will be able to see the latest and most engaging posts of influencers, as well as their category, global and country ranking score, total audience, and media value. So you get an in-depth view of influencers without leaving the platform.


Dive into their Audience Analyze to see whether that influencers’ audience matches with your target audience. By looking at the latest posts you will have an overview of their styles and engagement of the recent posts beforehand. These are all necessary stats that will help you to decide whether the influencer is relevant to your brand or not. 


Add influencers to your lists for later use 

On the right side of the section, you see Add to list. Lists are a great way to save your filtered results so you will save time while campaign planning. 


You can either add influencers to the list you created before or Create a new list. Influencer lists help you in your future campaigns where you just choose the list and submit the campaign.

Say, you need a list of “Fashion micro-influencers”. Adjust filters accordingly and select influencers who you think are the right fit by clicking the box in front of each name.  Click Add to List (red button below Search Bar), choose the List and all the selected influencers will be added to that list. Or you can add influencers individually, just clicking Add to List (blue button next to Influencer Profile) and selecting the list. 

Your list is ready

You can reach your lists anytime by clicking Lists on the drop-down menu under the Influencer Box (see on the screenshot).


Note that the number of lists depends on your Subscription Plan, so with a free plan, you can create only one influencer list. 

Creating lists before starting your campaign will save you a huge time, so when you create a campaign you’ll only need to add your brief, content types and add your list of influencers with a few clicks. That easy!

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