Top 5 Home & Garden Influencers You Should Get Inspired from!

When it comes to home and garden related topics, you’ll find plenty of inspiration from influencers across social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram. These influencers are posting, blogging and recording everything from their holiday decorating ideas to planting a small garden in their backyard. In this blog we have gathered 5 home and gardening influencers that you should definitely know about and get inspired from!

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Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson has the traits of a stylist, founder, author and everything more that a creative personality can hold. Her informative and interesting daily posts are grabbing home decoration lovers attention right away! In 2010, Emily started her blog as a journal for her own home projects and a way to share affordable ideas anyone could use. In the years that have followed, she’s become a home and garden design star. She appeared on “HGTV Design Star” and won, hosted her own style show and wrote a book that landed on the New York Times Best Seller list. Her hard work is appreciated by her 907k instagram followers and their 0.68% engagement rate.

Timothy Hammond

If you think it’s impossible to plan a garden in the city, Timothy Hammond, aka the Big City Gardener, will prove you wrong. Based in Houston, Texas, Timothy’s got about 68k Instagram followers, 1.18% of engagement rate on his posts, and his numbers are on the rise. Hammond is all about gardening in containers and small spaces in his urban yard. Besides his fascinating garden views, Timothy also shares about recipes that he makes from freshly chopped organic garden products, music and book recommendations, and everything else you need to know about turning any outdoor space into a productive garden.

Myquillyn Smith

If you’ve never heard of Myquillyn Smith, you may know her better by her nickname “The Nester.” She runs a popular home design blog called The Nesting Place, which she started in 2007. Her motto is “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful,” and she proves us that by sharing her beautiful, useful and practical ideas on her Instagram account. Myquillyn’s feed is full of daily posts which give tips on home decoration ideas to her 195k followers. We see the high interest in her posts from 1.29% of engagement rate on the Instagram account she is running. SheMyquillyn’s also written a best-selling book and has been featured in magazines like Better Homes and Gardens. 

Will Taylor

Will Taylor is another enthusiastic interior designer who manages the Instagram page with 327k followers called Bright Bazaar. New York-based Will Taylor began blogging in 2009, and he hasn’t looked back. Today, he shares his love of color, New York City, travel, style and home design with his social media followers and fans of his blog. Taylor’s personality is as colorful as his taste in design. In other words, don’t expect photo after photo of furniture in muted tones and walls painted drab grays and whites. You can, however, expect a huge outreach, thanks to his Instagram followers who appreciate his posts with 2.46% of engagement rate.

Becki Owens

Becki Owens is a professional interior designer and life blogger who has 1.2 millions of followers who regularly check out what this influencer is doing to gain inspiration for their own homes. With her elegant and minimalistic taste in interior decorations, she grabs the attention of almost anyone with a good taste. Becki found her passion for interior design at a young age by watching her dad mix colors in his paint store and remodel homes. She began by designing model homes and has since created a popular blog and a strong Instagram following. Her feed is filled with projects at varying stages, from rough-framed houses to gorgeous interiors which bring her the 1.5% of Instagram engagement rate.

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List of 7 Female Beauty Influencers on Instagram

Instagram beauty influencers are shaking up the industry with wide-ranging representation, bold looks, and out-of-the-box style that challenges mainstream, conventional beauty. The highly visual realms of fashion and beauty have seen an unprecedented sea of change in the digital age. With the rise of YouTube and Instagram, influencer marketing is making waves on social media, and brands are benefitting big time. You can find new fashion icons by scrolling through your phone and learn complicated makeup tips with the tap of your finger on a relevant content.

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As we’re talking about influencers and influencer marketing, let’s take a look at some of the top beauty influencers and bloggers you need to keep an eye on. For this list, we’ve selected 7 beauties of Instagram with the wide range of audiences, language and engagement rates.


Nikkie is a Dutch beauty influencer and makeup artist, known for her hair and makeup tutorials. She’s big on Instagram with roughly 14 million followers and 2.84% engagement rate in her account. Her makeup tutorials focus on looks that truly transform a person’s face – from high fashion, contoured and chic, to out of this world looks. She always posts tutorials for her looks on her account mentioning the products and brands she uses. She has worked with brands such as FacialTox, Maybelline, and Marc Jacobs Beauty.

Taylor Hill 

It has already been quite a few years since a 22 year old Taylor Hill shined as a Victoria’s Secret model for the first time. She is not only a remarkable pretty face with a perfect body to envy but also a fashion diva who knows everything about the latest beauty and fashion trends. We can not only see it during the special occasions she attends but also on her Instagram account where she shares a lot of photos together with the things from her life. Combining 15 millions of audience and 2.06% engagement rate, her Instagram account is good enough to be considered as one of the valuable beauty influencers of Instagram.


Alex Rivière is a 26 years old beauty influencer with French origins. Her 745.2k followers on Instagram are exposed to the stylish combinations of her outfits every day and they reward these posts with a 1.94% of engagement rate. Alex is one of the respected influencers on the beauty industry; even brands like Dior and BVLGARI work with her in order to promote their products. Her degrees in Business Administration, Fashion Marketing and Fashion Design are one of the main reasons why she has successfully managed to be among the best of her colleagues. Besides working with prominent companies, she also has her own clothing brand.

Danla Bilic

Danla Bilic is one of the most controversial beauty influencers in Turkey. Starting from her funny makeup tutorial videos to her weight losing journey she is the most known and discussed person among people. But thanks to those discussions, Danla now has a 5.8 million audience on Instagram along with 9.77% of engagement rate. In the first period of her fame, she was promoting different brands, but after a few months she started her own makeup and clothing brand as well. You can enjoy her funny, at the same time informative makeup tutorials both on her youtube and instagram accounts in which she also talks on various topics with guest celebrities.

Cansu Akın 

With one of the most followed Turkish beauty influencers on Instagram with 648k audience and 3% of engagement rate – we introduce Cansu Akın. On her Instagram account Cansu shares the content about her daily makeup, fashion and skin care routines with her followers. The main characteristic that differentiates her from other beauty influencers is her unique fashion style. Cansu’s followers get inspired from her daily outfits and also follow the latest fashion trends through her feed.

Hailey Eylül Sani

Formerly known as Berrypinklips, Hailey Eylül Sani is a routine, makeup, haul video, and vlog content creator and well known among both US and Turkey influencers. She loves to be unique and think of different ideas one wouldn’t usually find in the typical beauty guru video. Her creative content on Instagram already gained her 783k followers with 11.61% of engagement rate. Hailey is among the minority of Turkish influencers who are based in the US and doing great jobs there by cooperating with famous brands, one of them being Marc Jacobs. She has also tried herself in the field of acting by acting in a web series and an advertisement.

Valeria Lipovetsky

Valeria Lipovetsky is “everything in one” influencer of the Russian Instagram platform with 1.3 million audience and 3.32% engagement rate. She is a registered nutritionist, fashion model, mom of two, wife, blogger and many more! Her Instagram account is full of videos of her original and trendy outfits; in one video you can see her trying on elegant dresses, in the other styling a puffer jacket in five different ways. This talent comes from her modelling experience which she started as a 15-year-old teenager. Now, Valeria shares her past experiences and knowledge about modelling, style and beauty on her blog. Being a mom of 2 little boys, Valeria also enjoys sharing her most beautiful moments with her family.

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5 SuperHeroes of Cinema Influencers on Instagram

Cinema influencers are becoming increasingly important in the cultural industry. People base their opinions about series and films on famous cinema influencers’ promotions in social media. This means influencers have a major impact on the success of the cinema industry and influencer marketing has therefore become an essential part of promoting related products. In this blog we will introduce 5 superhero cinema influencers which are also the superheroes of influencer marketing with their high followers and engagement rates.

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Here we create a list of top celebrity cinema influencers. You can also find other cinema influencers with any audience and engagement rate in the Keepface database if you want any further collaboration.

Henry Cavill 

Man of steel and attraction – at least it is the first thing that comes into our mind when we talk about the British actor. Not to be surprised that Henry is one of the “World’s Top 10 Most Handsome Men in 2020”, and always remembered by his iconic role – Superman. Also, his 14 million followers and 10.65% engagement rate on instagram makes him a valuable member of the cinema influencers’ community. If we can describe his profile in 3 words they would definitely be dogs, motorcycles and humor. Lately, thanks to the lockdown, he discovered that he can be a good cook, and shared his masterpieces with his followers as well.

Tom Holland

Coming from your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! Or should we change it to Tom Holland? Another British actor who fits his superhero role just perfectly. Even though he is not the first one we see as Spiderman on the screen, he is very much loved by the fans. Which is the reason why his instagram account has almost 38 million followers and 11.79% engagement rate. Being a huge dog fan, most of Tom’s posts are with his dog Tess. Tom also has an additional instagram account called “The Brother’s Trust” which he runs with his 3 little brothers. He is also known for his close father-son relationship with RDJ both on and off the screen.


Robert Downey Jr. is an American actor known for his roles in a wide variety of films from ‘Sherlock Holmes’ to ‘Chaplin’. But the main character which people recall along with his name is Iron Man in the Marvel’s Avengers series. The main reason for that is even RDJ himself is a huge Iron Man fan. With 47 millions of audience and 4.29% of engagement rate on instagram, RDJ shares about movie releases, his daily life and of course mostly about Iron Man. He is also well known for sharing memes and funny content which are related to his new movie releases or old ones.

Chris Hemsworth

Thor Odinson of the Avengers. Yes, it’s Chris Hemsworth – The Worthy. Besides being worthy to lift Thor’s hammer, Chris is also worthy of being a valuable cinema influencer with 45 millions of audience and 4.37% engagement rate on Instagram. Like many other superhero influencers, Chris is also known for his humorous posts about his sport routines, movie preparations and quality time with his 3 little kids. Australian actor loves surfing and sharing his experience with his followers as well.

Brie Larson

Relatively new to the cinema screen, Brie Larson acts as Captain Marvel in Avengers series. When she has time left over from saving the world, she plays electro guitar and shares the performance with her 6 millions of audience on Instagram. This is not a hobby though, Larson is a professional musician and even had a record deal at the beginning of her career. Her followers reward her performance and quality content with a 6.52% of engagement rate. Fun fact about Brie Larson is that her stage name is actually inspired by the American Girl Doll Kristen Larson.

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5 Must Follow Entertainment Influencers on YouTube

The entertainment industry is one of the many which is adapting to the needs of millennials because of the change in viewing habits. Millennials are no longer tuning into live TV because they have access to lots of interesting content on different online platforms. Considering the case, entertainment influencers are being welcomed much more frequently into this industry. On this blog we introduce 5 of the “must follow” entertainment influencers.

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Tyler Oakley

Tyler Oakley is not only just a top entertainment influencer, but also an activist and advocate for the LGBTQ community. He rose to fame thanks to his YouTube channel and has 7.1 million followers on his account. He also published a book, binge, which is a collection of humorous essays. At the height of his fame he collaborated with well known public figures such as Hillary Clinton and Ellen DeGeneres. Lately he started to launch a video series in which he talks about his fitness routine.

Orkun Ishitmak

Orkun Ishitmak is a Turkish youtuber and social media influencer who creates entertaining and funny content for his audience. He shares his content with approximately 7.3 million of audience along with a 2.26% engagement rate. He is widely known for his youtube series where he goes to various most expensive or cheap restaurants or hotels, tries, compares and rates their food and services. He also collaborates with various celebrities on his youtube channel, and tried himself in the field of acting with the film named “Game” released in 2018.

Lele Pons

Lele Pons is all over social media, with 42 million plus Instagram followers contributing to her 3.09% engagement rate , a healthy subscriber base on YouTube and a following on Twitter. The top entertainment influencer is also a comedian known for creating and posting funny sketch videos. Today, she stars in The Secret Life of Lele Pons, a YouTube Original docu series providing a look at her personal life. She also hosts her own Spotify-exclusive podcast titled “Best Kept Secrets with Lele Pons”.

Jenna Marbles

Jenna Marbles, rose to YouTube fame when one of her videos went viral in 2010, How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking.  In the very first week of its release, the video got over 5 million views and Jenna became a recognizable icon. Today, you’re likely to find videos on her channel where her dog helps her pick lipstick, or her partner leads her on a lesson on makeup. Her instagram is followed by 6.1 million people and their engagement rate is 7.69 % on average. Fun fact about Jenna: she’s actually the very first social media star to have a wax figure displayed at Madame Tussauds Museum in New York City.

Liza Koshy

Liza Koshy’s captivating YouTube channel has built a very loyal following of almost 18 million subscribers and 3.8% engagement rate in total. There is no doubt that this content Queen is one of the most recognizable faces on the internet. Koshy’s videos are humorous, relatable, and enjoyable to binge-watch. And her efforts have paid off tremendously, she has won four Streamy Awards, four Teen Choice Awards, and a Kids’ Choice Award. 

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