How to Make a Deal with Influencers through Keepface?

As influencer marketing is one of the fast-growing digital marketing strategies, building solid and positive relations with influencers is vital. For this, influencer outreach stays one of the biggest challenges of influencer marketing.


Running successful influencer relations requires the art of negotiation and a well-planned technique. You have to maximize efficiency in terms of time and cost spend on influencer outreach. The goal is to make a win-win deal for both influencers and brands. 


In this blog, we will walk you through the dealmaking process at the Keepface platform step-by-step.  

Bulk Announcement of the Campaign via Influencer Emails


In the influencer discovery blog, we have explained the process of creating a project, adding influencers, and creating a list of influencers for your further campaigns. Once you hit the Start Campaign button, the selected influencers get email notifications


Brands are also notified when influencers Start, Apply or Reject the campaign. So, even if you forget to check the influencers you can still follow the whole process. 

Start to Connect with Influencers via Bulk Messaging


Once the selected influencers Apply the campaign you can start a conversation via bulk messaging. Just click the Message icon in the right corner.

In the opening window, you can either select each influencer or click the Select all button to start a conversation. 


Want to send varying offers to particular influencers? Picking certain influencers instead of selecting all can help you be more descriptive on your priorities and expectations. Because the campaign content, influencer deliverables can change on the influencer category, audience size, and the budget. 


The Filter button, In the right corner, allows you to see the status of influencers who Applied, Started, and Rejected in one sight.

Now that you decide whom to write, it is time to talk. Click the Add icon to set your Budget offer.
The Budget offer panel includes the Content Count and the relative Price you offer to the influencers. You can further change the offer based on the influencer budget. Hit the Send button to finish your proposal. 


You can also write the details of your campaign, your expectation, and even add an attachment you want the influencers to see.


Individual Communication & Detailed Briefing at Scale 


Because the one-size-fits-all logic does not work on influencer marketing, individual dealmaking will help to approach each influencer. Individual Communication allows you to control your voice tone and expectations from influencer to influencer. 


You can discuss the content price, how the influencer plans to do the campaign, ask your questions. You need to clearly explain your campaign goals, content requirements, and influencer deliverables up to the hilt. And this is what Individual Dealmaking is for.


 Content Creation Moderation and Approving


By linking to the shared posts you can moderate and approve influencer posts, their captions. On the Content Dashboard, you can preview the content price, content count, and directly link from here once influencers posts campaign’s content on social media.


Content moderation helps you keep track of influencer content and see if it lines up with your campaign priorities.


Time to Make a Deal


Keepface dealmaking tool allows you to manage the whole campaign in one spot while keeping track of communication and each of influencer content. This will help you to measure the results once the campaign finishes. So, stay tuned for the upcoming reporting through Keepface blog 🙂

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