How to write a Perfect Influencer Brief?

When brands ready to roll with their influencer marketing campaign, a perfect influencer brief will give the influencers several guidelines and touchstones. It is a core element for the clients to reach a wider audience via influencers. Influencer marketing is just about creating strong bonds with individuals who can share your brands with their followers.  The best way to build prolonged, cost-effective relationships is by setting and managing expectations. 


The visionary influencer brief is the key to any successful marketing campaign. It prevents further communication gaps and highlights the purchaser’s perception and makes sure everyone, both clients and influencers, speak the same language.


Can you imagine a world without communication? Certainly, not. It applies to market campaigns too. When brands don’t communicate what they’re looking for, influencers are completely clueless. The reason they are not able to handle this situation is that they don’t know what’s expected. As a result of it, campaigns are behind schedule just because everyone is dazed and obscurity will go on and on.


So what is the solution? An influencer campaign brief.

Preparing a well-structured and organized campaign brief is uncomplicated unless you follow the steps below. Write an excellent influencer brief, catch influencers’ attention, direct your campaign to the accomplishment.

What Is an Influencer Campaign Brief?


An influencer marketing brief is a document, but not an ordinary one. That kind of document is sent to the influencers which clients want to collaborate with. The client’s purposes, timetables, expectations, deliverables, guidelines, and key performance indicators (KPIs) for cooperation are pointing up in the brief. It may also include legal clauses on disclosure and content usage rights.

It’s the comprehensible outline of your brief is a great way to transmit your request from influencers.

The influencer campaign brief ensures that your influencer and brand’s goals function properly.

Why should you create an influencer marketing brief?

We somehow explained what is this influencer brief, nonetheless, why do we need it?

Let’s take an example, imagine you are planning to create a long-dated influencer marketing arrangement and run not one but even more campaigns, at that time creating an influencer brief is vital. For the record, talented influencers get requests of cooperation from brands almost every day.


A perfect brief can be the tool to make them believe you are the one they should work with. The Influencer Brief creates a common ground for both clients and influencers to elaborate softer cooperation processes. It makes influencers understand what are your objectives and how they should share suitable content to the audience which you want to reach.

How to Write a Perfect Influencer Brief?

Clearly there are some steps you should follow in order to prepare an excellent brief. Here they are.


Step 1. Campaign Essentials

In this part, you should introduce your brand and product to potential influencers. You should tell them who you are, what is your motive in this campaign, what you want to achieve and how. Explain your company’s activities with two or three sentences. If you add your logo it could give you a boost too. Provide influencers with excessive information, what were the past campaigns your company implemented. So influencers would know how your product or service is used and how they could promote them to their audience.


Step 2. Campaign Overview

Two or three sentences will be enough to describe to the influencers what you want to accomplish via launching this campaign (brand awareness, consideration, engagement, etc.).

Influencers have to know your expectations to succeed. Which channels you want the content to be shared, how many posts you want to create, branded hashtags, links, etc. What you want to include in their captions or bios. Duration of the campaign and your target audience. Will you provide an additional budget for promotion purposes. Decided deadlines for the campaign, and how are you going to calculate the report’s results. Provide payment information. Which social media accounts you want your brand to be tagged in their post and last but not least the goals and key performance indicators of your campaign.


Step 3. Campaign Deliverables

First of all, give further instructions for the influencers, and ask them to pass their address, phone number or to order the product from your website. Second of all, provide guidelines for the content that you prefer. You can emphasize some points as well. Such as, what should influencers highlight in their photo or what should they write in their captions and so on.


Despite the fact that you should give freedom to the influencers as much as they need, still, their content should fall into line with your brand. Setting guidelines for content theme and style could be a good idea because it allows influencers to use their creativity and ensure that what is passed to the audience is aligned with your brand. Key messages you want to include whether they should use tags & hashtags.


Collaboration with influencers is not just about promotion, it’s also about finding somebody who could share your visions into the wider audition. You should trust them and see them as new partners, you could also get some content ideas from the influencers themselves.

Step 4. Campaign do’s

This step is quite crucial and in the course of preparing influencers briefing you should include the campaign messages in the post captions, content for review should submit on the date indicated, logo or product have to position to brand guidelines, sponsored hashtag and brand tags should include in your post.


Step 5. Campaign don’ts

Your pictures, as well as posts, shouldn’t contain alcohol or drugs within them, don’t falsify or misinterpret information about brands and never compare one brand to another. Don’t include another sponsored post into yours.


Having a perfect influencer brief is the first stage in any successful campaign. It outlines constructions with clear objectives and will give you clear direction and understanding of your own expectations. You will achieve greater achievements in influencer marketing that you imagine.

To let you understand what an influencer brief looks like we’ve attached an Influencer Brief Example for you here.



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