The Rise of Influencer Entrepreneurs and Their Impact on Brands

The increasing number of social media influencers is leading to the emergence of influencers entrepreneurs. Representing different industries, entrepreneurs use social media to boost their business and online presence. Startup founders small business owners use social media to raise brand awareness, grow their customer base, add market value to their brands and personal brands, as well.


Instead of using celebrities, or niche related influencers, young entrepreneurs choose to promote their products via their own social media accounts. They act like influencers in the business world. These influencers do not need to create content as usual influencers. Contents they share are generally about business news, updates of their works, entrepreneurs the future of hot topics of business and many more. These people often participate in main events, take the stage in major forums, sometimes, promote and support the other industry brands. You can come across with success and fail stories of the intrepreneur influencers on their profiles, their public speeches. 


Let’s look at a few of influencer entrepreneurs that are well-known for their promoting their business.

Neil Patel


Global marketing expert and entrepreneur Neil Patel. He is the founder of marketing platforms Crazy Egg, Kissmetrics, Hello Bar, Neil Patel Digital which serve as fast decision making, project management, website analytics, SEO, and social media tools for businesses. He also ranked as a top entrepreneur by the Wall Street Journal, Top 10 Marketer by Forbes, Top 100 Entrepreneur under 35 by Obama, and New York bestselling author. Neil uses his social media accounts to share his experience and knowledge about the essentials of digital marketing and to boost his businesses, as well. 

Saygin Yalchin


German entrepreneur of Turkish descent Saygin Yalchin is the founder of He is referred to as the online business guru of the Middle East region. His YouTube channel and Instagram account is the balance of entrepreneur and real social media influencer. Saygin uses social media in a smart way which he shares his daily life, entertainments, travels while not avoiding his work life, events he attends, charity works, etc. In one of his interviews, Saygin mentioned that people do not follow brands, they follow people that lead those brands. To him, people shape the face of companies. Business people have to focus on influencer marketing rather than traditional PR campaigns. Social platforms like Instagram is applicable for fast-growing and YouTube is better for real audience and more engagement.

Mari Smith


Also known as “Queen of Facebook” is Forbes #4 Social Media Influencer, deliver social media and thought-leadership consulting, training on using Facebook as a marketing technique.  She usually makes video tutorials about Facebook updates, optimizing Facebook for small business and Messenger for Business. Mari involved with Facebook from its beta test times. She recommends small business organic traction before paid ads, prioritizing audience engagement.  

Mark Zuckerberg


Facebook’s founder and CEO often Mark Zuckerberg is always on stages about informing the latest updates of Facebook, changing algorithms. What makes him cool on social media is that he also points out the moral benefits of Facebook, its role in society. Apart from sharing news about Facebook, Zuckerberg often attends different events about his path to success and gives advises to young entrepreneurs.

Satya Nadella


Satya Nadella has been working for Microsoft for more than twenty years in different positions. He was the first person who saw the acquisition of Nokia, LinkedIn, Web site. His LinkedIn profile allows us to call him the human face of Microsoft on social media. Together with Microsoft news, he discusses different topics including the new application areas of technologies, the impact of Microsoft partnerships such as their recent with a strategic alliance with KPMG on cloud technology, AI, SAP on cloud technology, Humana. Also, Satya pays special attention to empowering women entrepreneurs and creative innovators in parts of the world.

Impact on brands

Influencer marketing starts with brand storytelling. It is important to set values that your brand lays, its goals, and convey them to the relevant audience. Either by business influencers or directly by their founder’s brands need to be spoken online and offline.

Influencer entrepreneurs are the best fit for the B2B environment. Feedback of impressive people in the corporate world means larger-scale sales in comparison to the B2C. A clever way of promoting your brand in influencer marketing is by using your customers as an influencer. Leveraging your existing customers can generate more conversion and sales. A different range of customers also opens doors to a variety of markets.

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