6 Types of Influencers are Effective in Pandemic

How would you engage with your community in the middle of crises? Almost every industry is affected by the global pandemic. There is a certain category of influencers who will help you to reach your customers and bring your sales up during the crisis. 


With all the cuts in ad spend, the global pandemic turns influencer marketing into a more meaningful form of digital marketing. Influencer marketing is adjusting itself to changes requiring more improvement based content. Followed by the spike in consumer demand for social media content, influencers massively increase their posts. Live streaming gets more popular as it generates more social interaction. They also try new content styles and new platforms. 


Let’s see some influencers categories who are shining during the crises and will help your brand to reflect it.

#1 Foodies are busy at the kitchen


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Raise your hands if you have cooked something you have never done before the quarantine. We all did. And the biggest inspiration for us was food influencers who are busy with sharing posts about trying something new. 

Also, affected by the closure of restaurants, now people have more time to try homemade recipes. Live streaming is the most popular and rising content type among food influences to educate and enjoy time with their followers. 

Besides, this is a godsent time for food brands to communicate with their consumers and nail their influencer campaigns. There are so many creative ways brands can work with food influencers during the lockdown crisis.

#2 Lockdown is going well for fitness bunnies

There is not a better time to stay healthy and physically active than ever. While the demand for a home workout is increasing digital fitness industry has boomed. Today, fitness videos are one of the most viewed videos on YouTube. Home exercise videos have increased by more than 200 percent in the UK. 


Since gym studios were forced to close fitness influencers make home exercise tutorials. They encourage social interaction among followers and help to reduce stress and anxiety during the quarantine. 

#3 Home has the best background 

Although there is no place to try fashion trends of 2020, fashion influencers do not stop creating content with work-from-home outfits. The quarantine also forces fashion gurus to create more creative and purposeful content at home.  They offer a healthy distraction in this nervous situation for those who want to work on their personal styles. Video content is also popular among fashion influencers as they prepare videos while taking ongoing social media challenges.


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#4 Tech wizards are upgrading influencer marketing

Tech influencers are taking advantage of crises by actively posting about the latest digital news and innovations. Influencers often share their user experience and recommendations. Usually, these people are industry bloggers, experts who are a genuine source of information and tent to have authenticity and engagements. This is also an opportunity for people to add new skills while getting digitally connected. 

With the rapid digital transformation, the role of tech influencers is becoming more important as consumers value third party advice before making purchase decisions. Considering that many brands continue to digitalize their operations the role of tech wizards will be vital for B2C and B2B business as well.


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#5 Lifestyle influencers reshape their content strategies

Lifestyle influencers are tailoring their content to “home edition”. The range of lifestyle content is increasing with lifehacks to combat the crisis, to #workfromhome, house cleaning, the lists of books, must-watch movies, and of course Netflix recommendations. In addition, influencers try and advise different time management tools and apps to manage time at home efficiently. 


Along with influencers, many brands increase their social media posts and adjust timings to drive more engagement. A good example was done by P&G’s brand Always. The brand let popular social media influencers take over their Instagram stories for a day and post IGTV videos on the brand’s page. Such activities contribute to better brand-influencers also brand-audience relations.

#6 Hustlers beat crises

Entrepreneurs are another rising influencers category during crises. By posting about their taken steps and future expectations of the business these people are getting more social interaction. Profound knowledge and solid backgrounds allow them to be accepted as a valid source of information. From marketing perspectives, entrepreneurs have more significance in B2B business being the right players for endorsing related products.

Last but not least


These are influencer groups who pivoted their content and expected to be in favor of brands in crisis. Influencer marketing has never been this important to connect your audience and spread your message. To find more influencers go to Keepface’s Influencer Discovery and get access to one of the largest influencer database. Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to find the right influencers for your brand in seconds. 

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