10 Different Niche Micro-influencers from MENA

Continuing our micro-influencer lists from different regions. Micro-influencers are an effective medium to set up in a new market and bring back your lost target audience. 

Working with micro-influencers, you can reach different audience groups with the same budget you offer to single macro-influencer. Also, micro-influencers have 22.2 times more conversion rates than celebrities or macro-influencers.

As we talked in our blog, MENA has a distinct marketing ecosystem and consumer behavior from the Western markets.  Entering into MENA as a sole agent may anticlimax your digital marketing strategy and result in loss of dollars. Mega influencers have worldwide recognition and contributions in the establishment of influencer marketing in MENA. With global trends shifting to more engaged and authentic social media users, micro-influencers are gaining power in MENA.
Although mega-influencers turned the long reigned traditional marketing into a world-known influencer market, MENA has 


  • Rising investment in influencer marketing,
  • Colorful influencer categories,
  • Influencers with different social media accounts.

So, here is nano list of a different tier of promising MENA micro-influencers to follow and work with:


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Layan is a fitness, food, and travel influencer from UAE with 30K followers. Wherever she goes from desert to beach, she shares her workout routine. Layan thinks that self-confidence comes from balanced mental and physical health, and it reflects in her content as well. Layan always instructs her followers with workout guidelines and inspires them to take a step further. Apart from fitness and nutrition brands, she also collaborated on beauty and care campaigns. 
#2 @nada.ahmed1919


Our next influencer is Egypt based actress Nada Ahmed. Her social media content includes lifestyle, entertainment, and parenting. Her Instagram profile is followed by 48K people. Nada also has a YouTube channel where she reached 504K subscribers just in a year. 


#3 @lulusaria

Can you imagine a MENA influencer list without a makeup category? No. So, the next influencer is Lulu Saria from Saudia Arabian. As a makeup artist, she posts tutorials from simple to aesthetic Arabic makeup looks. Lulu also shares her tips for skincare and beauty, including products that she uses. 


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A post shared by S A N A (@sana_mahjoub) on

Sana is Tunisian based entertainment and fashion influencer with 55K audience. Classic, chic, casual, elegant her style appeals to everyone’s taste. With art, nature, history, food, she has the best example of a real Instagram account. Her colorful profile instantly gives positive vibes the moment you look at her feed. Check her account to understand my overdo.


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A post shared by Alain Abou Jaoude (@alainaboujaoude) on

Coming to foodies, Alain is a food influencer from Lebanon amassed by 47K Instagram followers. He is a master in eating and cooking. You can find a bit of travel with photography on his Instagram account. Alain is also active on TikTok with an entertaining concept reaching 32K followers. 


#6 @tiyatrolist


Our next influencer is a stylist from Turkey with 13K followers. Gurkan creates a different range of content on lifestyle, fashion, travel, food categories. As a personal stylist, he tries every style from casual to classic. 

#7 @ahmadadelzoubi


The next micro-influencer in our list is Ahmad from Jordan. He creates lifestyle, fashion, travel, music content. Ahmad’s Instagram feed where he reached 31K audience is decorated with his covers for different Western and Arabic songs. 


#8 @mymoroccanfood 


Continuing on the food category with Moroccan influencer. Nargiz is a chef and author of her cookbook Casablanca. She successfully introduces Moroccan cuisine to the world. With her delicious meal and cookie recipes, she is amassed by 44k Instagram followers. Follow her to find your fav Moroccan food.


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Our next lifestyle influencer is a Bahrain based model, Shabnam. She posts different makeup and outfit looks by adding taste with her captions. Shabnam works with local and global food chains, clothing, accessory brands like Rolex, Rolls Roys, Verge Girl. She also shares her covers of different songs and reached 60K followers.


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A post shared by D A N I E L L A (@daniellaifrach) on

Now, let’s calm our souls down with yoga. Daniela is an Israel based yoga influencer with 42K followers. You can’t find a single post without an inspirational caption.  Her yoga poses melting into nature will make you start yoga now.  


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These were the drops in the rain. If you are thinking about finding the micro-influencers you are in the right place. With more than 20K MENA based micro-influencers, you will reach your target audience while saving your time and money at Keepface.

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