6 Ways to Use Influencer Marketing During the Quarantine

COVID-19 leaves marks on almost every industry. With the continuation of the quarantine, the world is getting more digitally connected. And marketers harmonizing with the new normal
Consumers do not expect brands to stop advertising, instead, they appreciate brands that avoid hard-selling, value their needs, and spread positivity. It is important to talk to the customers especially in this crazy time. 


As many brands are tightening marketing budgets for the coronavirus, influencers also feel the burden of it. But this does not mean influencers getting out of the market. Yet, with the unprecedented increase in the number of social media users, influencers see a 20% to 50% increase in the content views. 

Some brands create content on their own to engage with the followers. Why not make organic partnerships and show that you care about your community. With  influencer marketing, you add a human touch to your campaign. Influencers help to deliver your message in an authentic way and that is what we need these days. 


The brand and influencer relations are shifting to value creation. The influencer campaigns are becoming subtle and tailored to the quarantine conditions. Especially In times when homemade content is becoming popular. 

If you are an influencer marketer or plan to leverage influencer marketing during the quarantine, here are the ways to seize this opportunity, we will help you how. 

#1 Go with the flow – Live-streaming


Before starting your influencer marketing campaign always search where your audience spends their time now. As we mentioned before content creators on gaming, fitness, food see the highest hike. And streamline is getting even more popular with the jump in the number of live video content. This is where you should look at to reach your audience. 


Let’s consider the following case: as a consulting company, you partner with travel influencers and talk about how to tackle anxiety due to loss of jobs, financial insecurity during the quarantine.

#2 Micro-influencers are great mediums

With highly engaged content micro-influencers are still on top of influencer marketing. Considering that people are not going to make luxury purchases during and after the quarantine, micro-influencers are now even more approachable. It also gives impetus to low budget brands to work with the micro-influencers. You can dive into micro-influencer marketing here.

#3 Turn to TikTok 


In many of our blogs, we stressed TikTok as the future of influencer marketing. Now, quarantine is proving it, again. 


The global downloads for TikTok accounted for 12% between March 16-22. With one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, TikTok has over 500 million monthly users, 42% of those under the age of 25. 


Already many companies started leveraging TikTok including Apple. Plus to being active on Instagram and Twitter, Apple has recently created its official account on TikTok. Though Apple has been hosting ads in TikTok, it is not exactly known for which purposes the brand will use TikTok. 

It is important to keep marketing campaigns while not promoting the product features but how to do it during a time. The good case is beauty brand e.l.f Cosmetics that has been already engaged in TikTok since December 2019. The brand launched a campaign called #EyesLipsFace. Over 2 million videos had been created for the campaign’s song. Now e.l.f Cosmetics relaunching #EyesLipsFace hashtag. This time the brand took social responsibility with influencer marketing. During the campaign, influencers washed their hands while not touching their faces. 

#4 Go for ready influencer packages 


If you are under the limited budgets pre-built influencer campaign packages will work well for you. Pre-built packages are simply all negotiated and ready campaigns that will save you time and additional cost. You do not need to spend time on influencer search, agreeing on price or paperwork.


Influencers are agreed to post ready content. In this way, more audiences will be aware of your campaign without extra spendings. Check out ready-to-start influencer campaign packages here to see how it works in detail. 

#5 How about LinkedIn influencer marketing?


This is where you get most of your leads. 91% of marketers choose LinkedIn to create professional content. To boost offers effectively, you need to optimize your LinkedIn account, create eye-catching content which all takes time. Industry thought leaders have already built the community you need. 


LinkedIn influencers directly talk to your customers and are known for their authentic content. These people are actively sharing their experiences over different types of services during the quarantine. When they mention a product, it directly affects audience purchase decisions. 


Start your LinkedIn influencer marketing without further due. 

#6 Tackle COVID-19 with Facebook groups

Social media groups are a great way to reach your dedicated customers. With social media usage on the rise, the engagement in Facebook groups also increased. 


Do not just think about your brand group but also a different range of groups in your industry. Usually, members of these groups are not allowed to directly promote products or share links. Hence, influencers can play as your agent and raise discussions around the features of the products, share their experience, and many more. 

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