How to Make Your Brand Stand out in International Women’s Day

Although this year’s circumstances are quite different from previous years, we still celebrate the International Women’s Day with the same passion and compassion. Because 8 March is not just a day we can pass by and try to make up later, it is the day of raising awareness, fighting fiercely and knocking down all the setbacks  for women’s equality.  The marking of  economical, cultural and socio-political accomplishments of women all over the world is embodied in International Women’s Day. 


Since this empowering day comes along a couple of perplexing questions may  cross your minds. Does your brand need to get involved in International Women’s Day celebrations? If the answer is yes, what will make your brand stand out among oceans of other brands and their catchy campaigns? 


In this blog we will try to help you not only boost your brand sales but also raise awareness towards women’s empowerment movement. Moreover, if you are short on ideas about what kind of campaign you suppose to have, you may check our “ 5 Ideas for Influencer Marketing Campaign on International Women’s Day”  blog and have the down pat about this special day. So, roll up your sleeve  and let’s get started. 


Girls Can do anything Boys Can do and More

Girls Can do anything Boys Can do and More
Anne Shirley  said these words long ago and it made us think again that who can raise  awareness of the inequalities women face today, more than women who achieved everything by themselves. Women who are working towards gender equality in every aspect of their lives non-stop will shine the light on your brand amidst the unendurable digital crowd.


Collaborating with women influencers who can inspire with their personal stories and relate these stories to your brand won’t be missed out by their followers. People love personal stories especially social media users, that is why having more engagement among consumers will be the matter of time and loyalty of women influencers audience will become evident.



#ChooseToChallenge is the International Women’s Day campaign theme for 2021. “To change the world we need to challenge the world” they say. Smashing the patriarchy and burning it all down is not an easy process, because you are what you do.


In order to connect people from every demographic on International Women’s day you don’t need to be a global brand. Creative range of IWD hashtags and location tags will increase engagement insanely.


In fact unique and eccentric hashtags may be the best way to spread your brand’s message all over the world. While creating these hashtags you also can  encourage the influencers you work with to submit their pictures on the IWD site to show your brand’s solidarity and unity. Raise your hand high to show you’re in and that you commit to choose to challenge and call out inequality.


Special Content Strategy for Special Day

In one of our previous blogs we try to help you about how to make your content king, or let’s say queen. One way or another we should understand that particular dates deserve special and more attractive content, no doubt this could be one of the  greatest strategies to celebrate International Women’s Day.


Launching a social media campaign with micro and nano influencers will help you out while sharing your products and services with a bigger  audience. However you may also use this opportunity to raise social awareness, because it shouldn’t be all about boosting your sales.


Time to Raise Together

Time to Raise Together
In the modern world’s dog-eat-dog perception small businesses don’t survive. Especially women-owned businesses suffer more than others. Therefore you should use this occasion to lend a hand to the women who broke the mold. You can send these women-owned-businesses certain products and services they can make use of them or simply send an office gift. Don’t forget we rise by  lifting others.


We can’t ignore the fact that consumers are likely to choose the brands which weigh in on the modern world’s issues over other brands. If you show your interest in changing the world into an equal and better place for the people from every genders, race and nationality your brand visibility and presence will be superior, inevitably .

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