All you need is Love. But launching a successful influencer campaign on Valentine’s day doesn’t hurt.

After Christmas and New Year celebrations fizzled out, some may think that the holiday season has wrapped up, yet  Valentine’s Day is the next noteworthy holiday marketers can leverage to attract social media users, engage an existing audience, increase ROI and boost their sales.

Before breaking the process into pieces, digital and social media marketers should bear in mind that Valentine’s Day campaigns don’t have to be particularly targeted at couples. Valentine’s Day widen its wings beyond just about romantic relationships, it’s about showing that you care , and you need that day to use as an excuse to give gifts to your family, friends and someone you profoundly care for. As stated by the National Retail Federation people who are celebrating the holiday said they plan to spend an average $196.31, up 21 percent over last year’s previous record of $161.96. Spending is expected to total $27.4 billion, up 32 percent from last year’s record $20.7 billion. Ponder that!

Spread the Love

Facebook is the worthy pacesetter for launching a successful influencer marketing campaign. However, ignoring the significance of the other social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit etc. can cause you so much trouble even long before starting your campaign. This should be noted that being present and offering opportunities which your target audience will appreciate is the key to success. You will be the champion if you regularly interact and build relationships with existing customers while targeting prospective ones .

However, you may think that is it easy to engage with your customers through social media platforms? Well, when it comes to social media you don’t need to go off the deep end. All you have to do is share engrossing and diverse content as continually as possible.  Publishing appealing photo and video contents have tremendous benefits. They make your target audience remember you more effortlessly, because if they have a visual memory about a thing it will make them forget you more at a leisurely pace.

Let Them Know What You Do

Encouraging your customers into dialogue with you which will eventually boost your conversions and sales is one of the most essential ways to engage your customers. Certainly you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of call-to-actions. Moreover, don’t forget that you are talking to your customers on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

  • Give your significant other something really special this year. Buy now and get 50% off.
  • You love her/him every day, but make Feb 14 a special one.
  • Your love deserves more than 30% off, order now!

Calls to action created to get an instant reaction from the target audience, and their sole purpose is to convert possible prospects into real customers and clients. If you use them accurately you will easily get new leads and prospects that will take your business to the next step.

Be Original

Whether you are a customer or brand you undoubtedly spend a lot of money in the name of love.  At least you should know that over the last year, there was a $1.6 billion increase in spending during Valentine’s Day. From the tiny box of jewelry and mesmerizing pieces clothing to dinner in a fancy and an attractively arranged bunch of flowers, people are throwing out the fortune for their significant others. Maybe that’s why Valentine’s day is a chance for brands to showcase and to persuade a customer to buy more of a product with romantic packaging. After all, we all want to feel cared and loved by the people we hold dear.

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5 Benefits Influencer Marketing Can Offer to Your Business

Today’s marketing landscape is highly varied and full of options. Companies and businesses are straining to keep up with trends and figure out what marketing investments actually move the needle. Sometimes they succeed, but many times they waste precious time, energy, and resources. 

There’s a better way: the rise of influencer marketing has made available a highly profitable marketing strategy that, when done right, can significantly change the way your business finds and connects with its audience.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing” refers to enlisting influencers, individuals who have curated a social media following within a particular niche or interest commonality, to market your brand or product(s).

The Benefits of Working with Influencers to Market Your Business

Including influencer marketing in your business’s marketing mix can be a lucrative strategy for optimizing your marketing efforts. Influencer marketing has been shown to create several strong advantages for companies that do it well:

  • Influencer marketing boasts a strong return on investment. Studies and figures estimate that influencer marketing can yield a return of $5 or more for every dollar spent. This figure also has the potential to be increased substantially because unlike other forms of marketing, influencers often accept compensation in the form of product discounts, samples, and reciprocal promotion outside of monetary compensation.
  • Influencer marketing can yield higher quality leads and customers than other marketing channels. This is thanks to the deep, cultivated relationships influencers develop with their audiences that make consumers more likely to readily accept and engage with brands or products influencers recommend. This can lower customer acquisition cost, shorten onboarding time and resources, or increase revenue per customer when using influencer marketing to source leads.
  • Influencer marketing garners significantly higher social media engagement than in-house social media content. Social media engagement makes up a significant portion of average consumers’ time and influence, especially in younger audiences. Because influencers are experts in social media engagement, using influencer marketing can help your business thrive in this playing field much more quickly and efficiently than trying to develop your social media marketing game in-house.
  • Influencer marketing can help you broadcast data-driven stories. Using data to tell a story or share a compelling message is vital to many marketing efforts. Doing this well requires creativity, narrative mastery, and aesthetic appeal. Influencers work in these currencies already, and rely on their talent for storytelling and creating compelling content to be successful. This makes influencers a huge asset when crafting a campaign – especially one that relies on data or using data points to convey a message.
  • Influencer marketing can keep your company in front of trends. Engaging in influencer marketing requires engaging with the trends influencing your markets. Influencers can provide a huge asset for your company or business because they expose you to the heart of emerging trends. Engaging influencers to market your brand gets your company closer to the epicenter of your market and can also provide critical insight into what trends may emerge in the near future.

Tips for Getting Started

If your business or company is interested in employing influencer marketing, here are a few tips for how to move forward:

Look at Existing Influencer Campaigns in Your Vertical or Industry 

Take a look at what your competitors are doing. Look at best practice for similar verticals. Gain an understanding of what’s already being done and how your company might either emulate or improve on current trends.

Identify the Market or Market Segments You’d Like to Reach 

Influencer marketing can be hugely varied but tends to center on particular demographics more strongly than others. It’s important to define the possible ages, geographic locations, gender(s), interests, and other identifying features of markets you’d like to reach. Make sure the influencers you might engage have active audiences that match the needs of your business.

Gather and Then Refine a List of Potential Influencers 

Do your research and prospect a wish list of promising influencers whose content, storytelling, and personality might fit well with your brand, before making contact. This will help you craft your pitch and have a better idea of what your business needs are so that you and any influencers you speak with can more quickly gauge a good fit.

Create a Clear Project and Proposal 

Working with influencers should be navigated intelligently and strategically just like any other type of marketing. Thinking through your objectives, assets, timeline, strategy, and deliverables will make the experience much easier and more profitable for everyone involved when you decide to engage an influencer to help you with your marketing.

Test First 

Not sure if influencer marketing is a good fit? Unlike some more traditional forms of advertising, influencer marketing can be tested and tweaked using modest resources and can provide a low-threshold alternative to other marketing channels that make it easily accessible for a range of business types.

Whatever your business’s size, needs, or industry, influencer marketing could prove a highly lucrative marketing strategy and create significant gains and growth if done right. Now is the time to explore what difference influencer marketing might make for you.

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Pharmaceutical Company Implemented Solutions based on AI and ML Technologies

For a long time, I have been engaged in search engine optimization of websites, which in turn helps websites to rise in search engine results. Such actions should contribute to the growth of business in general by increasing the organic users on the site, but unfortunately in practice, this is not always the case and business may not grow, or even work at a loss.

I know cases when unscrupulous SEO companies simply deceive their clients, for example, they promise a guarantee of getting into the top keywords, promise to increase traffic by N percent, I have also met cases of guarantees of receiving leads, so-called lead generation, but they all ended up failing and clients lost their money. In the future, I will write an article about what you should pay attention to when working with an SEO company or inbound link building service, so as not to get into trouble, but in this article I want to touch something else, about this below.

During my work, I have repeatedly encountered clients complaining about the lack of profit. Often this is due to the fact that the emphasis is placed on the wrong choice of keywords, in other words, keywords simply can not convert sales. For example, a client believes that certain keywords are important for him, but in fact, they do not convert into profit, or initially, the semantic core was created with errors.

Artificial Intelligence Examples, Use Cases based on AI and ML Technologies

Artificial Intelligence

Today, I would like to share the outcomes of my cooperation with a pharmaceutical company located in the United States. The business is focused on extending their research according to the needs of patients, as well as improving their products depending on the feedback from their clients. They contacted me to help them work on ways of communicating with their clients and potential customers.

Real Example of AI in Pharmaceutical Project

After a long discussion, filling out a briefing, deep penetration into this niche, discussing the goals and capabilities of the client, we divided the whole process of cooperation into several stages: analysis, development and implementation. Since the task was not trivial, I wanted to give the same solution, something crazy and at the same time effective.

Our research has shown that clients who want to report side effects of a particular drug or defects of the product, mostly communicate through the phone – approximately 70% of all contact attempts. This type of communication is especially problematic for the company as each case has to be treated individually and requires a lot of time from the support team. 

Customers on the other hand, were not always satisfied with the information they were getting from the support team as the problems are unique. That resulted in low customer satisfaction which in the long term can strongly affect the sales.

Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions

Technological solutions in the form of a robot

Exactly at that moment I came up with the crazy idea (so it seemed to me at that moment), to use modern technologies for lead generation, namely artificial intelligence solutions. Solutions based on artificial intelligence and machine learning allow companies to better understand their customers, offer more relevant products, as well as get accurate and reliable information from their company data.

Nowadays, when everything is virtual, the implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies into the pharmaceutical industry is a big step forward in business development. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, pharmaceutical companies successfully join the global market and create an incredible boom in a short period of time. 

Addepto was chosen as a partner and AI Consulting Company. It was associated with many aspects, first of all, the financial component, as for the implementation of my crazy ideas has limited budget, and after a brief meeting with Edvin (founder of Addepto), it was clear that these guys will make all my dreams come true for not all the money in the world. For that, a special thanks to them and my recommendation!

Real-Time AI Voice Analytics

Voice analytics AI through a regular laptop

And so, the first thing that needed to be done was to improve customer service, increasing employee efficiency and customer satisfaction. To solve the previously mentioned problems with phone service, it was necessary to have something universal and flexible, such as CRM that would cover our requirements and solve our problems, as well as be open-source and scalable at any time. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find such a product in the market, the main problem was that we couldn’t make changes to fit our requirements. If you know such products, I would be glad to meet them in the comments.

The CRM we created could record conversations, had an autoresponder function outside of business hours, also had an analytics system, all the data was displayed on a compact and graphical dashboard so that the company owner (my client) always had important information about the number of calls, the percentage of clients served, and so on.

But there was also one feature that allowed for customer service, and real-time voice analytics at the same time. Our CRM with ML could measure pauses in the conversation in real-time, how many times an agent interrupted a customer, the tone of voice of both customer and agent, and whether the voice was dynamic and interesting or repetitive and boring.

It then provides real-time feedback to the agent so he has an idea of how the customer is feeling during the conversation. In addition, the AI provides recommendations on how to communicate with customers, which leads to stunning business results. The system provides step-by-step instructions to agents in real-time, thereby increasing employee efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Then we went even further, in less than a month we collected so much data that we were able to cluster customers who called, into different groups. That helped us improve customer satisfaction as well as make the job easier for the customer support team.

Predictive Dialing

Predictive Dialer programs select a phone number and dial it for a call center agent, reducing the time it takes to manually dial phone numbers every day. Predictive Dialer predicts how long it will take an agent to answer a call and its availability using algorithms and mathematical formulas.

Virtual AI Assistant

AI Chatbot is a powerful technology tool that is built to communicate with consumers and solve their problems using artificial intelligence solutions.

AI-powered chatbots deliver faster and more personalized customer service. AI virtual agents can understand and access customer data. Therefore, by understanding the needs of consumers, chatbots help consumers to make quick and easy Internet transactions. 

Customer Segmentation for Better Personalization

Customer personalization through segmentation

With the help of unsupervised learning algorithms, companies could divide customers into different groups that can be targeted. The algorithms take into account all available functions and create a wide variety of clusters.

The customer segmentation model allows companies to effectively allocate marketing resources and maximize opportunities for cross-selling and additional sales. Moreover, customer segmentation affects the improvement of customer service, increased loyalty and customer retention.

So, summing up, we continue to work on the project, in general we have been working on it for 12 months, after 10 months the cost of implementing these developments have been fully repaid. For ethical reasons I can not talk about the cost of the project and its profit.

In addition, I have collected a small selection of examples, which in my opinion are worthy of attention. And I would like to implement in my projects something similar

Real-life examples of AI and ML: 1-800-Flowers

1-800-Flowers, in partnership with the IBM Watson AI system, has created an AI customer service bot that receives orders through its website and mobile application. This chatbot accepts customer orders more intuitively than the traditional online ordering form by using Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Natural Language Generation (NLG).

Sensory Fitness

To handle phone calls to the support service, the brand Sensory Fitness developed Sasha, an AI voice assistant. The AI voice assistant uses natural language understanding (NLU) and natural language generation (NLG) technology for dynamic conversations. In addition, the voice assistant Sasha has built-in text – to-speech technology (TTS), which talks to callers aloud. This solution allows the company to save $ 30,000 a year.

The North Face

The North Face, a major e-commerce retailer, is a great example of a company adopting AI to better understand its consumer’s requirements. Using the IBM Watson AI solution, they help online buyers in finding their perfect jacket. Through AI voice input, the company asks customers questions such as “Where and when will you wear the jacket?” While other IBM software analyzes hundreds of items to identify perfect matches based on real-time feedback and own research, including the weather in the area.

Statistics – AI in Pharmaceutical Industry

Available dashboards for quick analysis
  • According to recent research conducted by USM, about 50% of global healthcare companies plan to implement AI strategies and broadly adopt the technology by 2025.
  • OpenText surveyed 125 pharmaceutical executives to determine how familiar each respondent is with AI technologies within their industry. The survey results revealed that an interest in AI increased to 85% in 2020.


  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning have a huge impact on the pharmaceutical industry.
  • AI-powered and machine learning solutions allow companies to better understand their customers, offer more relevant products and get reliable insights from their company data.
  • Nowadays, customers have a simpler, faster, more personalized and more convenient way to communicate with companies than ever before.

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crop man typing on laptop

How to Choose an Affordable SEO Package for Your Startup

Imagine coming to the office every day and opening your laptop to find hundreds of emails from prospects who are hungry to do business with your startup.

While this can be a dream for many startups, the reality is that millions of searches happen every day on Google and if you can get a fraction of those users to reach your website through Search Engine Optimization, you could end up with more customers than you really need.

How to Choose an Affordable SEO Package

macbook pro on brown wooden table

SEO Packages can range from as low as AED 500 per month to as high as AED 18,000 per month. The range is so wide that most startups make the mistake of going with the cheapest offers. Google has some of the smartest engineers in the world working on their search algorithm and if the startup believes that an agency charging AED 500 per month can get their site on the front page of Google for the chosen keyword, they could be living in an alternative reality. When a user searches using a keyword, within a faction of a second Google has to decide which 7 sites they have to show on the front page from among the millions of sites that they have in their Bigtable.

Bigtable is a distributed storage system (built by Google) for managing structured data that is designed to scale to a very large size: Petabytes of data across thousands of commodity servers. Many projects at Google store data in Bigtable, including web indexing, Google Earth, and Google Finance.

Affordability is not what matters

SEO has one of the highest conversion rates of all marketing channels but it also happens to be the toughest channel to get traffic from Google’s mission is to bring relevant information to users and if your website is not relevant enough to the user, no matter how many links you build to your site it is not going to show up on the front page.

In fact, when startups hire cheap SEO agencies they are hiring companies which use software to generate thousands of backlinks to their site. In the past, SEO was based on the number of backlinks that a website had and the more links you had, the higher the chance to rank on the front page of Google

That is no longer the case today and if you wish to go from zero traffic per month to 4712 visitors a month (like the one shown below), you can longer depend on backlinks.

Give Google What it Wants

If Google is trying to be as relevant to its audience as possible, your SEO efforts should be centered around relevancy and the smartest way to get an affordable SEO Package in Dubai would be to hire an agency that can make your site highly relevant to the search term that you are trying to rank for.

Google’s relevancy score is based on technical relevance including site hierarchy, tags, descriptions, structured data markup and internal linking. The content relevancy is based on keyword usage, semantic context and depth of content authority. Off Page relevancy comes from the domain authority of the site, range of contextual links pointing to the site and the inflow of traffic.

Growth Hack for SEO

Most startups would like to know if there is a growth hack for SEO and fortunately for you a secret growth hack does exist! It is being used by SEO agencies like Seo Souq and what they do is when they take on a new SEO project they blog about it on LinkedIn (which has a domain authority of 98) and get thousands of people from LinkedIn to visit the Startup website. If the content on the website is highly optimized, the bounce rate on the site will be below 30% which is a key indicator of the site’s quality inside Google Analytics. This combination of new traffic from a high authority domain and low bounce rate is a powerful signal to Google that the new site is highly relevant and worthy of being shown on the front page of Google.

Final Decision

As you can see, SEO packages range from AED 500 per month to AED 18,000 per month and there are thousands of options available in the UAE. However, your decision to choose an SEO agency should be carefully evaluated based on the outcome that you are expecting.

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The Art of Content Marketing

You’ve probably heard that “content is king”. Content is insights! Expressed in myriad forms and styles, it is information that makes readers feel, think and change their lives. Brian Dean, Neil Patel, Gary Vee, and many others have long been singing the praises of the almighty content for years. Content marketing is an art of initiating communication with prospects without actually selling them any product, but introducing or reminding consumers about your brand. So you can see, content marketing strategy stands in the “awareness” stage of the sales funnel.


There’re so many exciting statistics about content marketing like content marketing campaigns cost less than 62% less than traditional marketing, but generates 3x as many leads. According to CMI, 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing to reach customers and 60% of B2C marketers are committed to content marketing. Feeling excited already? Then keep reading to see more benefits. 


There’s no better long-term strategy than content marketing. Unlike social media ads or press releases, content can drive traffic, awareness or leads for years. Content that is designed to bring the audience to us can be in various different formats like written articles, infographics, video tutorials, social media posts and many more. Regardless of type, quality content should answer a specific question or solution for a problem that your potential customers might be searching for.


Long story short, when done right content marketing is the best strategy to grow your brand’s awareness and engagement. 


The content marketing strategy consists of two main steps: 


  1. Producing engaging content that readers would want to read.
  2. Distributing that content so that it can be found on organic search.

Both of these steps are important to run successful content marketing, but you don’t have to do everything manually. The science of automation, like in any part of our life, helps us save time which as you know is also money. Today I’m going to blend the art content marketing with the science of automation for you.


Ways to Automate Content Marketing

The latest advances in AI technology such as Natural Language Generation (NLG) allows us to automate routing content automation tasks. Machine and deep learning techniques can be used in searching, analyzing and learning from articles that are related to the given keyword to generate an optimized and unique content. Of course, it would make the content generation process a lot easier, but it might also not be the best idea as the automated content often lacks depth, insight, and more importantly creativity. 


You can still automate some part of work at different stages in the content marketing pipeline: Content creation, curation, and distribution. 


Despite advanced big data technologies and AI, automation of the content creation process is still in its infancy but we can still automate some parts of the process – visual, audio and text can be created automatically by AI algorithms. 


There’re companies that offer NLG services that can solve problems like creating reports from given data or preparing text research. Automated Insights Wordsmith is a SaaS platform that turns the document into text. Narrative Science’s Quill provides similar content generation but as a managed service. 


Google’s Deepmind can generate meaningful images from your sentences. Google’s other tool, Duplex is an AI system reads texts verbally, even adds human-like pauses and fillers to its speech.



Content curation is easier than content creation. It’s a time-saving tactic that enables the use of quality content from other creators to sustain your audience’s attention. It’s a place where automated tools really shine. The concept is basically about finding the perfect content and indicating it to your audience on social media in a way that adds value. 


First thing you need to know that this content doesn’t have to be yours, actually it has to belong to someone else you praise. The range goes from the prominent expert advice from a relevant thought leader, to an exceptional blog post from a website you are interested in. All you have to do is  to select only the best content that deserves to be seen by your social media followers, and then voilà, you fulfilled your role as a content creator.



By the assist of content distribution your social media followers can easily look through numerous channels and media formats that you distributed for them. You may think that this term is a bit vogue for me because we see it frequently from various aspects. So content distribution is the process where brands or individuals spread their contents to larger audiences. These audiences could be targeted and the content publicaze in multiple media formats through various channels.


Content distribution channels can be categorized into three groups : Owned media , Earned media and Paid media


Owned Distribution


Owned media is something that no third party has a control over. You are the one and only ruler of the content you are going to promote.  Your website, blog, videos, social media posts, etc. can include owned media examples.


Earned Distribution


Earned media is a bit different than owned media. Here you need third parties to involve the sharing process of content for you. These people can be social media influencers or other social media users who repost or retweet content constantly. Product reviews, social media mentions, tweets, shares, reposts, non-sponsored blog posts etc. can be the exact case for earned media.


Paid Distribution

Obviously the name gives itself away. In paid media you pay third party channels to assist you to reach your target audiences. There is a conundrum, well if third parties are also involved here then what is the difference between earned media and paid media? While earned distribution counts on organic reach, paid distribution is evidently paid for with ad dollars. For illustration; social media advertising, content discovery tools, Sponsored content on third-party publications or promoted posts on Facebook, etc.


If we look into the content distribution statistics, phonemonel results will make your jaws drop, I promise.



I think now you have enough reason to believe that with all the opportunities presented to you in a golden plate, you can spread your brand’s value wider than you imagined. There is no room for mere excuses for letting your holdings fade away.  Distribute your content and enjoy the process.

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Content Marketing Can Never Be So Easy Without A Rephrase Tool

Content is an integral aspect of a website. Quality content that is fresh and offers valuable knowledge that users want is something that any online marketer is actively seeking. Creating your original material will consume a lot of effort. Hiring someone to compose original content for you can be pricey. It’s not practical for many content providers to compose on their budgets.  

As a solution to brand new material, older posts may be reorganized and rewritten so that they seem to be a completely different document. The quickest way to edit older documents is to use automated paraphrasing tools to do the task. This short article will tell you about some of the best paraphrasing tools out there.  


You’ll find a range of word changer resources to paraphrase online material. Some of them seem to be free to use, while some are subject to certain costs. The type of paraphrase tool that you make will depend on your particular requirements and the sum of money that you can spend if you’re going to use a paid article rewriter. If you are searching for the perfect paraphrasing tool, you can check out the ones mentioned below. 


This is a free online paraphrasing tool that lets you rewrite the text into versions that satisfy the reading criteria. The text box will take up to 1500 words in a single shot and rearrange and paraphrase online easily. The various versions that the tool can offer will be the initial step for creative thinking within your organization.  The beauty of article rewriter by rewriteguru is that it comes with information that genuinely makes sense for both users and search engines. You can easily copy and paste, without worrying about getting it processed, as with certain other tools. There is no need to fill a security captcha any time you upload data on this online word changer. There is also no advertising, which renders it the most awesome word change tool possible. 


This paraphrasing tool is web-based, so you don’t need to use the room by uploading something to your device. This word changer tool’s synonymous directory is fairly stable and can allow the right times to use synonyms. Apart from its index, it also helps you upload a list of synonyms from a separate tool and add the collection to your collection.  

This platform also lets you align the material with regular checks such as Copy scape and Plagiarism. The only aspect you have to note is that you should have a decent understanding of English on your hand so that you really can filter out the rare instances of an idiotic text. 


The production of this free article rewriter tool has two layers. The fundamental distinction with other applications is that it often uses a human aspect to produce its performance. Originally, a person is writing many copies of the article to be revised. When completed, all of these documents are then mixed to provide the full edition of the report.  

This intricate mechanism’s benefit is becoming the human aspect that guarantees that the final product is truly readable. This online paraphrase tool will give you more readability. Still, it comes at a cost due to the extremely lengthy process you spend obtaining the finished product. 


This is a similar free method, except it does battle with the need to insert captcha code, so you can easily copy and paste the content you want to rewrite. The method guarantees that simpler words substitute all difficult and complicated terms or sentences in your content. This method is famous for educators struggling to get their learners to use a vocabulary that is easier to understand. 

They upload a bit of complex document into the Rewordify paraphrasing tool method and then show the rewritten performance utilizing their projectors so that the pupil can see and recognize the difference. This online paraphrase tool provides the opportunity to determine how the findings are to be presented. 


The most excellent aspect of this tool is its built-in thesaurus, which is regularly expanded by users. You can either modify the document individually or allow the program to rewrite it dynamically for you. You should try out this tool’s digital demo alternative and see why it has become so famous. But if you want to access the full capabilities, you need to pay for a premium upgrade.  

This involves the possibility of automatically uploading a rewritten document to a blog, comparing two copies of the article, finding out the most famous or most widely used synonyms for specific terms, etc. 


The paraphrasing tool you want will depend largely on what you want to do and how you will be using the rewritten material. Although there is no online paraphrase method that generates high content prepared to publish, many of them significantly minimize the amount of human involvement that goes into rewriting posts.

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UGC as the Next Generation of Influencer Marketing

B2B or B2C your consumers are your best brand advocates. User-Generated Content is simply known as photo, video, text, audio content that is voluntarily shared by the brand fans on social media. 


UGC is considered to be the most authentic form of influencer marketing. It is a true inspiration for content creators and potential consumers to buy the product. 90% of buyers say their purchase is influenced by the UGC. 

How is UGC Reshaping Influencer Marketing?


Do you remember the cornerstone of influencer marketing? Inspiration is still the name of the game. With their authentic content, users act as the source of information and brand advocates for your brand.


With UGC, you can see your real and potential customers in detail and bring them to your social media. It also helps to reach larger audiences via a straightforward strategy. The difference between traditional influencer marketing and UGC based marketing is here the countless number of people can promote your brand without extra spendings. 


Why Do You Need to Leverage UGC?


UGC gives a lead to substantial benefits that you might need to take additional steps in other marketing channels. UGC helps to:


Increase organic traffic to your website. According to the study, 87% of search engines find UGC as the second most reliable element of a purchase decision. People take time to search for goods they want to buy, and they are willing to buy things that are used and appreciated by other users.


Build trust and community. Sure all of us seen Instagram posts with Apple and its product names. Initially being active on Facebook and Twitter as a brand, Apple’s arrival on Instagram took a while. For certain, it is worth it. Instead of replicating the same content, Apple encouraged its users to post a video, photo, or any content with their phones with Apple hashtag. 

The result? Highest customer loyalty in smartphone and tablet production, 90% of brand retention among iPhone users.


Bu gönderiyi Instagram’da gör


apple (@apple)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi ()

Boost engagement. On Instagram, National Geographic has the most massive followers as a brand. 

National Geographic displays the beauty of nature and diversity of cultures through photographers’ eyes around the world. With a large scale, UGC content the brand reaches 3.4 million daily engagements


Bu gönderiyi Instagram’da gör


National Geographic (@natgeo)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi ()

Together with Keepface Hawaya, the dating app collaborated with social media influencers from Indonesia and Malaysia. Influencers created a video story post about the Hawaya app. The brand further shared those videos on their social media channels.


Increase EMV and SEO value. Another estimable example is Glossier’s. The beauty brand incorporates UGC in almost all of the product lines. Glossier sends samples to influencers before product launches. The reason behind the success of Glossier is treating each customer as an influencer, says Brand’s CEO Emily Weiss.


Also, social media platforms like Facebook favors personalized content over brand page content. 


Forms of UGC 


The most common ways on social media are using hashtags and brand mentions in posts. Brands usually encourage branded or product-specific hashtags for boosting engagement with the audience. Brand mentions are used to share consumer feedback over certain products. 


Customer reviews and product ratings are the other type of user-generated content on websites. This creates trust and opinion before purchasing any product. 


How Can You Leverage UGC as Your Next Digital Marketing Channel?


Start with Influencer Marketing


Even UGC is changing the way brands reach with their audience; they still need influencers to spark the campaign. If you are in a tight budget and plan to use UGC, probably fewer people follow your brand’s social media accounts. Working with influencers that are followed by your potential buyers will trigger your engagements and brand awareness. 


Be Active on Social Media


When we say be active, we mean posting frequently on your social media accounts, answering questions users ask you, responding to the events that align with your brand, and keeping track of your metrics such as reach, impressions to see the progress you are making. Ask your followers how they would incorporate your specific product into their life. 


You can use automated tools to manage your social media, but it is essential to add a human touch to your page. In this way, you can increase your followers which will lead to driving positive engagement.


Reward Your Favorites


You can hold contests or giveaways on your page or collaborate with influencers asking followers to post their pictures with your brand. Because content creators are not paid for this, giving some incentives will raise their interest. In this way, users will be more spirited to post to be gifted at the end.


Huda Beauty is sharing their favorite makeup videos which are accepted as the best promotion for pro makeup artists. 


Show Reviews and Customer Photos on Your Website


To expand UGC from social media, you can display reviews and ratings next to the product features on your website. In this way, you let your users tell how it works.


Next to product reviews, you can also show your customers pictures. 


Drawback of UGC


Maybe the only difficulty you may encounter is managing the post users share. You may come across with hate posts, negative comments, or content that contains political, social arguments which can negatively influence your brand image. Lots of brands put UGC back on their digital marketing plan. But, there is a solution to any problem. By having well-planned social media management, you will overcome any mess you may face. 


Empower UGC Now!

Starting from B2C user-generated content is overflowing to the B2B market as well. As it is the most authentic form of influencer marketing, we can expect that brands will continue to leverage UGC in their digital marketing. At Keepface With 301K influencer base, you will find the most matching influencer to your campaign.

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