Beating Heart of Influencer Marketing, Celebrities: 7 Actress Influencers

For better or worse we can not imagine our lives without social media. Even before the explosion of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, brands would use celebrities (we didn’t used to call them as an actress or actor influencers) advertising and it was the most effective way to reach and influence potential customers. With the sudden rise of social media, the influencer marketing world has changed drastically. Instagram which has more than 1 billion active monthly users online is the most successful social media network in the world. Numerous fabulous features made the campaign process easier for both brands and influencers. 

We dare to say that celebrities are the first influencers. Brands are still racing with each other to sign deals with A-list actresses and actors. Maybe not in the past, but now almost every agency takes into account all of their actresses “followers” for promotional purposes. Only sharing some contents for a renowned brand doesn’t seal the deal for actress influencers. Moreover having a large number of followers doesn’t weigh much without considerable engagement.

So to make everything go smoothly for brands we find the right influencers for brands. With Keepface‘s wide range of services, we can present multiple ways to collaborate with those fabulous actress influencers, such as sponsored content, reviews, an ambassador role etc. Keepface helps you identify, recruit, and negotiate with influencers in one platform. With the access of over 350K influencers & content creators, you can find the perfect match for your business. All you have to do is to go to, get a free demo and hire the right actress influencers for your campaign. 

In this blog, we broke down the most astonishing A-list actress influencers. Just a quick reminder, all those spectacular actress influencers in Keepface’s database, so what are you waiting for?  Each and every one of them is so special no matter rom-coms, superhero flicks, dramas or horror movies/ TV shows they appear in. So let’s get started. 

Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Priyanka Chopra is an actor, singer, producer and philanthropist, and the winner of the Miss World pageant of 2000. She has received numerous awards, including a National Film Award, and five Filmfare Awards, and was awarded the Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian award, by the Government of India in 2016. In addition to her acting career, Chopra is noted for her philanthropic work and was appointed as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for Child Rights in 2010. As a singer, she has released three singles. Her audience on Instagram is 58.4 millions and her engagement rate is 1.47%.

Lele Pons

23-year-old Lele Pons is an American Internet celebrity, YouTuber, actress, singer, dancer, model, and former host of La Voz… México and she is a multi-talented star who blurs the line between digital creator and traditional entertainer with her comedy, music, and content. Pons also landed deals with Google Maps, Google Search, Target & Snickers. She has earned recognition for her game-changing creativity and success as one of this generation’s leading global entertainers. Pons came to prominence on Vine before the platform shut down in 2016. She has since branched out, creating comedy sketches for YouTube, where she now has over 17.3 million subscribers, and 42.7 million followers on Instagram and her engagement rate is 3.09%. She has acted in film, television and in music videos, also released her own music, and co-authored a novel in 2016.

Danna Paola 

Danna Paola, is a Mexican actress, singer and model. She gained popularity as a child actress and singer, starring in dozens of television projects throughout her early childhood and adolescence. Nevertheless I think we started to recognise her globally after her amazing performance on Netflix show “Elite”. She is quite active on social media and a good portion of her posts are for brands that she’s partnered with. One of her strengths is crafting content that genuinely intrigues followers.

Hande Erchel

Hande Ercel is a talented and beautiful actress and a model. Young Turkish actress has been active in showbiz since 2013. Hande is noticeably known for her role of Selin Yilmaz in the Turkish TV show “Günesin Kizlari” which in English means “The daughters of the Sun)”. She is also a model and has posed for different agencies. Hande, a promising and beautiful actress started modelling for different agencies from 2012. To be a part of this industry she has been the dream of lots of girls, and Hande was one of them until she got her break in modelling and acting career.

She has a strong social media influence with more than 17.2 million Instagram followers and more than 280,000 followers on Twitter. Her engagement rate is insanely high, 12.91%.

Eva Marcille 

Eva Marcelle Pigford is an American actress, fashion model and television personality. She started her career by winning the third cycle of America’s Next Top Model. She has appeared in numerous reality shows and music videos. With a 4.2 million audience on Instagram, she gives fabulous diva vibes.

Anna Khilkevich

Anna Khilkevich is an actress, known for Maximum Impact, Snegurochka and Sosed .In addition to being an actress, Anna also is a professional DJ, and spins vinyl for the dance groove at nightclubs throughout the greater Moscow region, such as the “Push”, the “Hummer”, the “Bar Boss”, the “Myod”, the “Aprel”, and the “Druzya druzey”. She has been signed with the Russian disco label “Luxury Music” since March 2014. She has 10.1 million followers on Instagram.

Janna Nick

Janna Nick is a Malaysian actress and singer. Starting her career in entertainment, she is highly known for her roles in television credits. Moreover, she is the CEO of JN_studioentertainment. Jana has 6.1 million followers on Instagram and her engagement rate is 0.84%.

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A Reader’s Guide to the World: Journalist Influencers

You may agree with us that Journalism is not the systematic study of the structure or a or concept which needs to fit in. It is a human practice and there will always be some setbacks, errors and misconceptions, yet if we have to be misinformed by someone it should be a person we rely on, not some kind of prestigious news agency or an incompetent. The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Daily Mail, forget them all; they need to put more effort to hook people’s attention. We are talking about someone who is showing great interest, trying out and taking virtuous risks for the things you are intrigued too.

I think you know what I mean: Journalist Influencer, people, aren’t they astonishing. Actually if there is a thing, they truly care about is to empower people with information. Journalist Influencers write and express themselves not just for the sake of talking. They do it for entertainment as well. Let’s face the truth, is anybody enjoying their news with the stone-cold face? Guess no one. Some may criticize them heavily for using their platforms “for attention.” Well, hang on a minute, then what is the point of being a writer if not to get people to engage with your ideas? 

Another important question arises from here. Where to find these exceptionally talented journalist influencers.

The majority of brands weren’t born yesterday, they are already aware of the fact that a huge chunk of followers doesn’t mean an engaging audience. They need to analyze the audience and key metrics. All those steps make it so challenging for brands the hiring right journalist influencers process. Let’s face it we don’t have any magic stick for you to make it easy for you, yet we have marvelous  Keepface platform which never will let you down. Searching for a journalist influencer on Instagram or elsewhere is more time-consuming than you can imagine. However, if you get access to   Keepface‘s 350K influencer database, right influencers are just a click away.

Katie Couric

Our first Journalist influencer is Katie Couric who started her career at the ABC News bureau in Washington, but we are not talking about her long gone past, right? This accomplished, middle-aged woman’s career spans decades. She’s now the Global Anchor for YahooNews, and she managed to persevere in her profession and still works her finger to the bone. Through her podcast, daily newsletter and frequent Instagram Live Installments, her staff of 16 met with the demand of her audience perfectly. People know Katie for her sense of humor and uncanny responses, no wonder she has 1.4 million followers and her engagement rate is 22K. 

Ta-Nehisi Coates

He respectively gained a huge number of readers when he wrote about cultural, social, and political issues, to be specific, regarding African Americans and white supremacy at The Atlantic.You may have heard his name after he called out liberal magazines for being racist. Yes, the world is changing, but we unfortunately can not change people’s opinions on race entirely, yet we have to try. This is exactly what Mr. Coates did. He used his Twitter account as a go-to spot news on racially motivated police shootings. He shows the true face of the world to his 390K followers.

Benjamin Lowy

Dad, husband, recovering conflict photog, diver, sony artisan; those are the words Ben uses to define himself. We may also add the pioneer because he is one of the first adopters of mobile photography. Ben’s first actual job right after graduation was being a photographer. He was hired to cover the Iraq War for Time. Over the years he has attended numerous wars and conflicts for various newspapers. We know it’s almost impossible to get rid of scars of the past, but he changed his jobs course to a completely different field. He covered fashion shows for The New Yorker. All in all even from the earliest stage of his career Ben used Instagram to show what is really going on in the other side of the world. How people die over nothing. He has 225.1K followers on Instagram and he is quite active in other social media platforms too. 

Jenna Wortham 

Co-host of The New York Times podcast “Still Processing” Jenna Wortham also covers start-ups and digital culture for The New York Times. When she was hired to Times Magazine some cited it was because of her huge following including more than 530 000 Twitter followers. With the passing years she proved her true value and now 573K followers look forward to seeing her. On Instagram she has 65.1K followers and her engagement is 4 K. 

Kara Swisher

Some may categorize her as a technology business journalist, but she is a completely sophisticated woman. Kara is co-founder of Recode, executive producer of Code Conference, host of the podcast “Sway” and co-host of the Pivot. Moreover she writes weekly for The New York Times Opinion section. Former President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton,Nancy Pelosi and many more well-known public figures were her guests. Her 1 million followers wait for Kara’s live-tweets with bated breath. Furthermore, she has 32.2K followers On Instagram.

We hope we could show you the visible part of the iceberg but don’t forget it only makes 10% of the whole iceberg. You can find plenty of proficient journalist influencers on the Keepface platform.

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Top 6 Entrepreneur Influencers You Need To Follow

Let’s imagine that we have two people. One of them is to organize, manage and take on the risks of a business. They in many cases start a new business or run a company. Another one is some kind of guide, he/she has the power to affect or change people and their mind through social media. If we pay close attention, there is no way that these two people have something in common but now the new concept of digital marketing changed this motion drastically, too.

Entrepreneur influencers are using social media to boost their business, to raise awareness, grow the customer base and add market value to their brands. Whether it’s a startup or a personal brand, they are representing various industries. We’ve profiled the top 10 entrepreneur influencers here. Furthermore, if you want to hire proficient entrepreneur influencers, you need to rush to check Keepface platform.

When it comes to influencer marketing, the best platform for that is Keepface. As an influencer marketing software, Keepface focuses on finding the right influencer for your brand with any niche and audience. Keepface helps you identify, recruit, and negotiate with influencers in one platform. With the access of over 350K influencers & content creators, you can find the perfect match for your business. Keepface is an automated platform for brands to reach the most relevant influencers, communicate with them, and manage campaigns using real-time analytics.

Arvin Lal Wiki

An Indian-American Businessman Arvin Lal was born on March 21, 1985, in Queens, NY. He is the CEO and founder of Shredz and Beyond Genetics Supplements. He started the company in 2012, inspired by success with a supplement that a friend gave him. After making $90,000 in its first year of operation, revenue topped $5 million in 2013. He is also very popular on social media with more than 1M followers on Instagram and almost two Million Likes on Facebook.

John Rampton

Do you want to know who is one of the top entrepreneur influencers in the blogging and digital media industry? Some might call him the “entrepreneur and connector,” and John Rampton is famous for networking with influencers. He’s been named #3 of the Top 50 Online Influencers in the World by Entrepreneur magazine. John Rampton is an entrepreneur, investor, and startup enthusiast. He is the founder of the calendar productivity tool Calendar and Due.

He has spoken all over the would and coached countless entrepreneurs how to grow their small ideas to a billion-dollar businesses. Many of these same entrepreneurs have gone on to sell their companies to Google, eBay, Microsoft and Adobe.

Ann Handley

If you are an enthusiastic reader of Forbes, there is no way that you missed the chance of being acquainted with Ann Handley. Forbes has named her the Most Influential Women in Social Media. The top entrepreneur influencer is also a published author, with two books about writing content to her credit. Plus, she’s one of the Top 20 Women Bloggers. Ann is a pioneer in digital marketing, and she is the co-founder of, which was one of the first sources of digital marketing news and commentary.

Carlos Blanco

This Spanish influencer is characterized by a 100% entrepreneurial attitude. He is co-founder and CEO of Nuclio Venture Builder and of Conector Startup Accelerator. Year after year he got several awards such as one of the 500 hundred people more influential in Spain, the Best Entrepreneur in 2014 and AEBAN also recognized him the same year as the best Business Angel. We dare to say that he is the most accomplished entrepreneur influencer in Spain.

Chris Stoikos 

Our next entrepreneur influencer is one of the best, Chris Stoikos who is the founder and face of Dollar Beard Club. As founder of DBC, Stoikos is often referred to as the leader of the bearded revolution. His company was worth $13 million dollars in only 14 months.

However, we know him for his eccentric and quirky videos, which redoubled over 130 million views and $10.5 million in sales this year. Dollar Beard Club monthly delivers essential grooming products to keep facial hair thick, full and healthy to its 70,000 active subscribers.

Chris is a thrill-seeker and his unique personality pulls in followers to see where he will take them next with his products and promotions. Chris Stoikos is a marketing genius and entrepreneur, yet if you want to amuse yourself, hustle your bustle.

Luka Sabbat

His 2.3M followers and many others may know him as Mr.Fallback, but his real name is Luka Sabbat. In the world of menswear modeling, few individuals have the social media tenacity of a one Luka Sabbat. Just 19 years of age, Luka has already walked for Italian powerhouse Dolce & Gabbanna, posed for Hugo Boss, and has been a featured face in the Adidas Originals “Future” advertising campaign, as well as several seasons of Yeezy. Now he is 22 years old and Luka’s net worth is $3 Millions. Luka was discovered when he was 15 by ReQuest Model Management while drinking hot chocolate with his dad. 

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King Of The YouTube: Top Gaming Influencers

In today’s world, the audience who watch online games and live streams are even bigger than gamers. The top gaming influencers amuse their audience with content like tutorials, competitive gaming, giveaways, live gameplays, game reviews, etc. on YouTube. 

Gaming influencers are helping brands break into a competitive market and enhance their online presence. Forming a long-term partnership with them might make your business thrive. With gamers, you are able to target a wider audience, especially the younger generation, from teenagers to millennials. 

There are so many opportunities and ways you can partner with gaming influencers to get a good shootout for your brand.  Collaborating with gamers can improve your brand awareness, and more people see what you have to offer.

But how to find the ideal influencer for both your brief and budget?

With Keepface, you can create long-term partnerships with gaming influencers and make your business thrive. Keepface is an automated platform for brands to reach the most relevant influencers, communicate with them, and manage campaigns using real-time analytics. 

Keepface influencer marketing software helps you identify, recruit, and negotiate with influencers in one platform. You can find influencers with any audience and engagement rates in the Keepface database with spending less time. Filter influencers by category, country, engagement rate, followers, gender, budget as well as analyze their key metrics to find the best-fitting influencers for your campaigns. You also get an in-depth analysis of influencers’ social profiles, performance data, and audience.  

Searching for a gaming influencer on Instagram or elsewhere is time-consuming. Here we created a list of top game influencers that can boost brand awareness and reach. You can also find them or other influencers with any audience and engagement rate in the Keepface database if you want any further collaboration.  


Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg aka PewDiePie is a gamer and commentator best known for his humorous “Let’s Play” videos and vlogs on YouTube. With his most-subscribed YouTube channel, Felix became one of the iconic social media influencers. Because of hilarious gaming videos, the channel had surpassed a million subscribers within the space of just two years. His gaming commentary proved to be incredibly entertaining to gaming enthusiasts all over the world. Given his status as the most famous social media influencer of all time, it’s no surprise that countless brands have teamed up with Felix for their influencer marketing campaigns. He has 107M subscribers on Youtube with 26 billion views.


Welcome to Markiplier! If you like to play horror games, then Markiplier is going to be your favorite Youtuber because he loves shooting videos of horror games. Mark Edward Fischbach, the man better known as Markiplier, is an American YouTube gamer. You’ll find some hilarious gaming videos, original comedy sketches, animated parodies, and other bits of entertainment on his channel.

Markiplier is undoubtedly one of the biggest YouTube stars with 27.5M subscribers and 14 billion views. He’s known for his incredible energy and big reactions in his Let’s Play video game commentary and play-through features, which are both characteristics that have helped him win the hearts and minds of fans.


And if you’re like to watch the video game on Youtube, there’s a good chance you’ve watched some of Vanoss’ videos on Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty. The man behind the channel, Evan Fong has known online as VanossGaming, is a Canadian internet personality, video game commentator who enjoys making content about video games with his friends. He posts montage-style videos on YouTube of him and other creators playing various video games. The VanossGaming YouTube channel is one of the largest on the platform, with 25.3M subscribers and 13 billion views.


When it comes to female gamers, Alia Shelesh aka SSSniperwolf is certainly leading the way. Since playing her first video game as a young child, she has continued to share her passion for gaming with millions of fans around the world.  She joined YouTube in 2013 and began posting “let’s play” and game reviews. Now she is renowned for playing popular titles such as Fortnite, Far Cry, Overwatch, Grand Theft Auto, Destiny, Halo, and The Division.  SSSniperwolf’s video catalog has expanded to include the ever-popular reaction videos which have garnered her a huge following with her YouTube channel topping 23.1M subscribers and 8 billion views.


Tyler Blevins, better known by his online alias Ninja, is an American YouTuber and professional gamer. His career in gaming began while he was still young when he took part in a couple of esports teams in competitive play for ‘Halo 3,’ which launched him into his gaming career.

Richard became famous around March 2018, when he started playing ‘Fortnite Battle Royale.’ ‘Fortnite Battle Royale’ attracts over 200 million players universally, and Ninja Fortnite Gamer is the finest player, and the most noticeable. As a result, he is the most popular Fortnite gamer, who is loved for his skill. The turning point for Tyler came in March 2018, when he played with Drake. After that his gaming career hit a new high and it skyrocketed since then. Now he has 24.1M subscribers and 2 billion views on his Youtube channel.

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Top Travel Influencers Brands Need to Know About

Since today’s consumers trust social media influencers and their recommendations above anybody else, influencers have become an integral part of many brands’ marketing strategies. Influencer campaigns can drive main metrics like engagement, visibility, number of followers, and increased sales, etc.

Partnerships with travel influencers can help brands reach a wider audience and boost engagement in an authentic and organic way. Travel influencers can persuade others to take action, which depends on what brands want to achieve. By partnering with the right travel influencers, you can get your brand in front of a wide audience. Many hospitality and travel brands know that travelers trust peer recommendations, so  they add travel influencers into their marketing plan.

But how do you find the right person to grow your brand? In this stage, Keepface steps in. Keepface is an automated platform for brands to reach most relevant influencers, communicate with them, and manage campaigns using real-time analytics. 

Keepface influencer marketing software helps you identify, recruit, and negotiate with influencers in one platform. You can find influencers with any audience and engagement rates in the Keepface database with spending less time. Filter influencers by category, country, engagement rate, followers, gender, budget as well as analyze their key metrics to find the best-fitting influencers for your campaigns. You also get an in-depth analysis of influencers’ social profiles, performance data, and audience.  

Searching for a travel influencer on Instagram or elsewhere is time-consuming.  Here we created a list of top travel influencers that can boost brand awareness and reach. You can also find them or other influencers with any audience and engagement rate in the Keepface database if you want any further collaboration.  

Emilie Ristevski

Emilie Ristevski is an Australian photographer & travel influencer and the creative mind behind @helloemilie.  Emilie is a Freelance Travel and Lifestyle photographer for an extensive range of tourism boards, digital publications, and lifestyle clients and has partnered with some of the world’s leading brands, including Adobe, Lonely Planet, Mercedes Benz, and many more. 

Her distinctive style of dream-like imagery has led her to all corners of our planet, from remote villages in South America to Iceland, Namibia, and everywhere in-between. Emilie’s work aims to encourage her audience to seek a deeper connection with nature and themselves, in the hope to discover a new found love for our beautiful planet earth we call home. Helloemilie has 1.3M followers and a 2.3%Engagement Rate on Instagram.

Chelsea Yamase

From free diving over one hundred feet into the ocean’s depths to walking five hundred feet in the air, Chelsea Yamase, aka @chelseakauai, isn’t afraid to go the distance. She is a Hawaii-based influencer and deeply curious human here practicing courage. Known for her bravery in the outdoors, Chelsea has been hiking, diving, surfing, slacklining, and photographing way through 53 countries and counting. And with a million followers and a 5.01% engagement rate on Instagram, it seems that Yamase’s daredevil nature and athletic abilities are capturing the attention of the world. 


Meet the Gee family!  They work from all around the world as Family Travel Journalists! Their story began in 2015 when they decided to sell everything and leave home for a journey around the world together. They also started a blog, and with over 2.5M Instagram followers and a 5.67% engagement rate, they now have enough income to support their travel. They say it is a difficult decision to reset our lives and sell everything but they’re grateful every day that we took that chance and were brave. 

Yana Leventseva

@yana_leventseva is an Instagram star and model who is known for also being a travel blogger, photographer, makeup artist. She is known for sharing a variety of her artistic endeavors as well as modeling content with her over 1.1 million Instagram followers, where engagement rate is 2.13%. She first began sharing fitness and modeling related content on her Instagram. She can be seen modeling and representing a variety of different companies on her Instagram including Guess, Vivasan, and Mille Rose Milano. 

Kyle Dempsey

Thanks to travel snapshots and other photography projects, Dempsey’s Instagram account, @KyleFinnDempsey, has more than 565K followers with a 3.48% engagement rate. He is known for whimsical shots featuring rustic cabins, cozy nooks, old vehicles, fall foliage, and campfires. Dempsey said that he tries to create content that transports the viewer into the scene, forgetting their stresses and flooding their minds with hope and happiness.

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The Tale Of Instagram’s Hiding Likes

Instagram is now starting to hide likes, and of course, it will affect both influencers and brands, plus the relation between them as well. Obviously, a new question arises: How will Instagram hiding likes affect Influencer Marketing?
If you are curious about the answer, I invite you to read the rest of the article.

With the above tweet, Instagram announced that likes would be hiding for select users. Instagram had already been testing hiding likes in Australia, Brazil, Canada, and some US users and, after the month-long test, the amount of likes will be hiding to the rest of the world. Users can still like by pressing the heart below a post, but a total number of likes will not appear.


So when an account likes influencers’ content, it will seem like that  “name of Instagram account and others”.  Users can see only a list of accounts that have liked the post. Like counts will be hidden, won’t be completely gone. While followers won’t be able to see the number of likes, influencers will within their private view.


Why Does Instagram Hide The Likes?

The idea here was to help “improve mental health,” Instagram’s CEO Adam Mosseri stated.


Mia Garlick, Facebook Australia, and New Zealand director of policy said that “We hope this test will remove the pressure of how many likes a post will receive, so you can focus on sharing the things you love. According to her, the goal is that users feel less judged and to see whether this change can help people focus less on likes and more on telling their stories.


Instagram has started this process to push users to concentrate on creating better content rather than worrying about whether the content they share generates numerous likes. 


Studies show that this kind of instant feedback on content can boost people’s self-esteem but bring others down if they do not get as many likes, especially for young people.


How Will Instagram Hiding Likes Affect The Market Place?

We should take this topic into consideration from  two different aspects. What are the consequences of this change for influencers and brands? Lets firstly look at the influencers who are the ones could be most heavily impacted.


My approach is not psychological, but like is important for the influencers. Actually, like is a kind of validation of their works. Like has always been seen as a measure of performance and they have quiet powerful impacts. 


If users see content with a huge amount of likes, it grabs the audience’s attention and attracts more followers. If the influencer has fake followers or an unnatural audience, this change would definitely harm not only the influencer but also the brand who has collaboration. It means that organic growth will be gathering more attention.


As you see for the influencers it has some disadvantages, but the other side of the coin is that it would be beneficial for brands in particular. Naturally, brands collaborate with influencers who have an adequate engagement rate. As I said, likes have been seen as a way to measure engagement. Of course, it is not the correct way to measure engagement only through likes. The hiding of likes will help a brand understand if the influencer has a loyal and trustworthy audience or not. The engagement rate will play a huge role here. 


Some brands still prioritize likes and superficial metrics over the qualitative content and relationships with their audience. Brands should examine the value exchange they are offering consumers. The more balanced this exchange, the more beneficial Instagram will be for driving true business value for brands.


How To Handle With Hiding Likes

Certainly, there is no change without complications. If brands have the right technology or tool, hidden likes are not a problem.

That’s where Keepface stepped in. Keepface’s tool will still have access to those metrics even if they’re hidden. With the help of the Keepface brands are able to know an influencer’s engagement rates and have a full report on performance metrics before working with them. Brand can search influencers through advanced filters and analyze their key metrics to find the best fitting influencers for their campaign goals. Brands also get an in-depth analysis of influencers’ social profiles, Instagram as well, performance data, and audience. 

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Next Phase of Influencer Marketing: Peer-to-Peer Influence

It has been 12 years since “Nothing Sells Like Celebrity” –The New York Times published this article in 2008. After 12 years, celebrity endorsements don’t have the same effect on the marketplace. Although it is undeniable that celebrities are trendsetting, they can’t persuade people that they like the products that they endorse. That’s why celebrities’ ads are being replaced by content creators, or as they say, influencers. At this point, the new slogan pop up – Influencers are new celebrities. But there is a little catch here as well. In some cases, influencers can’t improve personal connections with brands like a friend or family member. In such circumstances, forward-thinking brands use Peer-To-Peer Influencer Marketing strategy.
Regardless of which strategy is used, Influencer Marketing is about relationships, not just buying media. That is why marketers try unique strategies that don’t feel like sales tactics. Peer-to-Peer influence is one of the great examples of these strategies. P2P is a component of Word of Mouth. So, firstly let’s look at what is a word of mouth marketing or WOM marketing.


Peer-to-Peer Marketing Is A Big Component Of WOM

The importance of word of mouth marketing in the post-advertising era is irreplaceable.  It is a term for what happens when satisfied customers promote a brand. So? It means you should roll up your sleeves and try to gain loyal customers who will recommend you to their friends.  Higher engaged customers buy more often and recommend their friends more often.  And peer-to-peer is the new age of word of mouth marketing.


Peer-to-Peer As An Example Of Authenticity

Now you know that peer-to-peer marketing is a technique that involves customers engaging other customers through recommendations. People who aren’t paid wouldn’t recommend products or services for a company if they didn’t believe in it. That is why P2P doesn’t feel like a sales tactic. The trick is getting customers to share their voices with their networks. P2P method provides authenticity that literally can’t be bought with money.


P2P is an organic way of spreading information. It helps boost the company’s emotional marketing efforts and creates more robust relationships with the audience.



What Are The Benefits Of Peer-to-Peer Influencer Marketing

Nowadays, people care more about what others say about a brand, they trust people like them. According to Nielsen, 92% of people around the world said they trust recommendations from friends and family (earned media) above all other forms of advertising. 


Beyond friends and family, 88% of people trust online reviews written by other consumers as much as they trust recommendations from personal contacts.


These researches are obvious proof of how p2p marketing strategies are vital and authentic  for companies.No one has a script to recommend a product to a friend. It’s just a normal conversation. Influencers who actually use the product in their daily life can integrate to their content bring credibility to both influencers and brands


Brands can gain more by spending less with P2P influencer marketing. Converting customers into an influencer is less expensive than a TV advertisement or celebrity endorsement.


Targeting brand loyalists leads to targeting the audience and nothing works better than Peer-To-Peer Influence.



4 Steps Of Building Strong Peer-to-Peer Influencer Marketing

To get started with powerful P2P influencer marketing, the first thing needed to do is identify the target audience, I mean understanding who the potential customers are. When the target audience is determined, it’s time to find the right people to deliver the message.


Choosing the right influencers for being a partner is an important requirement for P2P marketing. If companies find the right influencer for their business, they will bring so much success to it. But the challenge here is to pick an effective influencer who makes a good fit for your brand. One simple way to find influencers is to use the Keepface tools. Keepface offers AI-powered influencer tools that will help brands to find the right influencers, and pursue their campaigns in the best way. This tool demonstrates influencers, their social media profiles, performance data, audience analysis, etc. 


Creating an online space to engage and interact for your customers will help with customer retention, lead generation as well as effective sales. With it, companies will manage to create active discussions, increase brand awareness, and create a positive image for their brands. It gives your customers a platform to share valuable insights on everything right from product development to product marketing.


In the next phase, you need to keep your community members engaged and active. Peers who create content in your community can have an important role in your business success. The more they are involved in, the more active discussions you will get. For that companies can introduce reward programs. It keeps the motivation and excitement alive.

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5 Steps To Start Your Career As Beauty Influencer

You may possibly have noticed that the beauty topic sits high on the list of people along with health and wellness. And this is not something we can hide that we want to stay looking young and beautiful as well as being healthy. 

We can say that beauty influencers shaped influencer marketing and quickly adapting to the latest influencer marketing trends.

If you are one of the people who saw themselves in the beauty field, more specifically if you want to be the one who will be the inspiration to the people, you are in the right place.

Following these steps, you can start a beauty influencer career from scratch and rock it. Let’s get to work, here are your tips.

Make Your “Content King”


Nobody expects you to be the genius of makeup or skincare guru from the first time but eventually, you will feel the need of it. If you want your audience to take you seriously you need to know the basic science behind skincare or the different ingredients that affect hair and skin.

How can I make my hair grow faster? How to clean makeup brushes? What should my skincare routine be? How to get rid of undereye circles? How can I make my nails stronger?

All the answers are a click away from you. Spend most of your time on researching then present it to your followers in a glamorous way. However, if you want to take up the limit you may take lessons, beauty conventions and even seminars, they will keep you up to date with the latest trends.  Pay attention to new research and technology in the beauty industry as well.

Being a beauty influencer is not just about looking stylish every time. It’s also about having excellent product and industry knowledge and staying updated with launches, beauty hacks, and latest hair and makeup trends. To become a successful influencer, you need to understand the tricks of marketing and get a grasp of social media platforms.

Choose Your Niche


We all may agree that beauty is a broad topic and it is merely possible that one person could know every aspect of it. Having an overall knowledge is perfect but it is better to put your efforts into the aspect you are focused on.

You may want to sell some beauty products to earn extra money but if you focus your energy on skincare, haircare, or even narrower topics your audience will see you as the guru in that particular topic.

You need to know that beauty influencers with a niche audience are the ones cosmetic and fashion brands lookout for product promotion.


Develop Your Social Media Accounts


One of the most important questions is how will you reach your followers? For that question, you need to develop strong social media platforms.

Taking this part seriously is vital because if you want to make money out of it you have to work this as a business. First, sell yourself then sell your products and services.

Don’t limit yourself with Instagram. Spread your wings. You need to make yourself seen, useful, engaged, active, persistent, approachable and available. Your content should reflect your customer’s desires, and ease your conscience. Use your listening skills to give your buyers the content that they ask for.

Making yourself is a brand is a game-changing act. The color you choose, style, content etc. will make people think that you are special.

Make your content engaging and shareable. Encourage your followers to share your helpful tips. Additionally, hashtags will clear the clouds for you, they will help you categorize your posts and the right hashtags can instantly gain you more followers. A lot of beauty companies looking to collaborate with micro-influencers and most of the time they use #discoverunder10k. Imagine how this could help you. 

One more thing, using obvious #beauty,#makeup hashtags may not be helpful anymore. Instead of them, you can use hashtags such as #organic, #instamakeup, #skincarejunkie, #IGskincare. They will help your audience find you based on their specific interest rather than simply scrolling on Instagram.  

Which social media giant you choose doesn’t matter unless you mix up your post with facts, latest trends, product pics etc. Don’t forget the more platforms, the more people. Sharing daily posts, keeping yourself active will make you seem that you’ve committed yourself to this niche and because you take this job seriously, you are the person who deserves to be followed.

Stand Out Instead of Blending in


There are millions of people out there who claim to be a beauty influencer who had a vision in this sector. Then what makes you different from these people? Why are you special? Then use your brain to get creative, set yourself apart from the competitors. If the idea you want to try is used before then let me remind you a phrase Pablo Picasso stole once “ Amateurs borrow, professionals steal”.

Your uniqueness, relatable and doable tips and tricks, topical and trendy content, engaging and diversified topics, and regular flow of information are the things which distinguish you from the others.


Promote Your Brand


You may say “Oh Gee, I don’t have a brand”, my dear, you are a brand. Promote yourself religiously.

Don’t sacrifice your dignity for a handful of followers, always stay on people’s good graces. If your audience recognizes you they will recognize everything you do; good, bad, and ugly.


Start to Influence Now


What time is better than now?  Now you know how to become a beauty influencer so what are you waiting for? Roll up your sleeves and get busy.


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How to Measure The Effectiveness of Your Campaign Through Keepface Reporting Tool?

Being the capstone of influencer marketing, reporting allows you to see how effective your influencer marketing campaign is and help to build a further influencer marketing strategy. 


The success of your influencer marketing campaign depends on your initially set goals. If your primary goal is growing your social media community, then the key metric here is engagement. If your goal is brand awareness, then the key metrics you need to measure are reach and impression


After influencer discovery and dealmaking blogs, we are completing our influencer campaign guiding blogs with the Keepface reporting tool. Keepface Reporting tool provides the whole campaign report with each influencer’s performance showing engagements, views, reach and impressions, CPI, media value, and MROI. Let’s run through the in-depth report of your campaign.

View the Results Separate and In Total


First, go to your Brands section (If you have many, select the one you want to see the report of). Choose the project you want to see the report. You can either view each activity separately or see the complete project report in one place. 


Your campaigns may target different demographic groups, locations, and social media platforms. Separately viewing each campaign helps you to evaluate each campaign and see which campaign contributed the most.

Once you decide, click the Reports to see the statistics. The report is divided into different sections, each serving for a specific purpose.


In the Overview, you will see the total indicators of the project. In addition to regular metrics, the Keepface reporting tool estimates MROI on the project. This will help you to see the efficiency of your influencer marketing investment without extra calculations. 


The next time you run influencer marketing campaigns, you can set new benchmarks based on these and compare the results after all. 


Graphically View the Trend of the Campaign

Scroll down to see the overview of engagement by each day, influencer, and social media platform. This helps you to see which days your project performed well. Use the Search section to filter by Influencers and Social Media to view the performance of every influencer and social media platform.

The next graph illustrates engagement together with reach and impressions. Here, you have two view options depending on the purpose. Dynamic order allows you to see the hikes and falls of the campaign by each date. While in Cumulative, you can see how these metrics built up throughout the project.  
The last section displays influencers you invited in a lump. You can see those who applied, started, and rejected your campaign. 

Check Activities


The next section is the Activity. In Grid View, shows all the posts with the relative engagement, views for video content, media values, and the links of posts. This helps brands to compare and evaluate each content in point. Again, here you can filter by social media and influencers for the quick review. In this way, you can always check each post even if after influencer removes the post from social media.

While with the List View, you can also use Sort to view the content by their Post date, Likes, Comments, Shares, Engagement, and Media Value. This helps brands to list influencers based on their benchmark metric.

Compare the Influencer’s Performances


The third section in our Report panel shows Influencer Performance. This is a graphical illustration of the top 5 performing influencers by the engagement. This is the same with the Activity but with comparing influencer performances with each other. 


Another difference between the Activity and Influencer Performance is here you can evaluate the posts’ engagements according to their audience size. Below you can list influencers in ascending or descending orders for engagement, number of posts, audience size, and engagement rate. 


Measure Your Budget Efficiency


The last section of the reporting is Budget Efficiency. The header part shows the total budget, including influencers, platform fees, and total media value. Below you can list the best performers in order by their MROI, CPE, Engagement, Media Value. 


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UGC as the Next Generation of Influencer Marketing

B2B or B2C your consumers are your best brand advocates. User-Generated Content is simply known as photo, video, text, audio content that is voluntarily shared by the brand fans on social media. 


UGC is considered to be the most authentic form of influencer marketing. It is a true inspiration for content creators and potential consumers to buy the product. 90% of buyers say their purchase is influenced by the UGC. 

How is UGC Reshaping Influencer Marketing?


Do you remember the cornerstone of influencer marketing? Inspiration is still the name of the game. With their authentic content, users act as the source of information and brand advocates for your brand.


With UGC, you can see your real and potential customers in detail and bring them to your social media. It also helps to reach larger audiences via a straightforward strategy. The difference between traditional influencer marketing and UGC based marketing is here the countless number of people can promote your brand without extra spendings. 


Why Do You Need to Leverage UGC?


UGC gives a lead to substantial benefits that you might need to take additional steps in other marketing channels. UGC helps to:


Increase organic traffic to your website. According to the study, 87% of search engines find UGC as the second most reliable element of a purchase decision. People take time to search for goods they want to buy, and they are willing to buy things that are used and appreciated by other users.


Build trust and community. Sure all of us seen Instagram posts with Apple and its product names. Initially being active on Facebook and Twitter as a brand, Apple’s arrival on Instagram took a while. For certain, it is worth it. Instead of replicating the same content, Apple encouraged its users to post a video, photo, or any content with their phones with Apple hashtag. 

The result? Highest customer loyalty in smartphone and tablet production, 90% of brand retention among iPhone users.


Bu gönderiyi Instagram’da gör


apple (@apple)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi ()

Boost engagement. On Instagram, National Geographic has the most massive followers as a brand. 

National Geographic displays the beauty of nature and diversity of cultures through photographers’ eyes around the world. With a large scale, UGC content the brand reaches 3.4 million daily engagements


Bu gönderiyi Instagram’da gör


National Geographic (@natgeo)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi ()

Together with Keepface Hawaya, the dating app collaborated with social media influencers from Indonesia and Malaysia. Influencers created a video story post about the Hawaya app. The brand further shared those videos on their social media channels.


Increase EMV and SEO value. Another estimable example is Glossier’s. The beauty brand incorporates UGC in almost all of the product lines. Glossier sends samples to influencers before product launches. The reason behind the success of Glossier is treating each customer as an influencer, says Brand’s CEO Emily Weiss.


Also, social media platforms like Facebook favors personalized content over brand page content. 


Forms of UGC 


The most common ways on social media are using hashtags and brand mentions in posts. Brands usually encourage branded or product-specific hashtags for boosting engagement with the audience. Brand mentions are used to share consumer feedback over certain products. 


Customer reviews and product ratings are the other type of user-generated content on websites. This creates trust and opinion before purchasing any product. 


How Can You Leverage UGC as Your Next Digital Marketing Channel?


Start with Influencer Marketing


Even UGC is changing the way brands reach with their audience; they still need influencers to spark the campaign. If you are in a tight budget and plan to use UGC, probably fewer people follow your brand’s social media accounts. Working with influencers that are followed by your potential buyers will trigger your engagements and brand awareness. 


Be Active on Social Media


When we say be active, we mean posting frequently on your social media accounts, answering questions users ask you, responding to the events that align with your brand, and keeping track of your metrics such as reach, impressions to see the progress you are making. Ask your followers how they would incorporate your specific product into their life. 


You can use automated tools to manage your social media, but it is essential to add a human touch to your page. In this way, you can increase your followers which will lead to driving positive engagement.


Reward Your Favorites


You can hold contests or giveaways on your page or collaborate with influencers asking followers to post their pictures with your brand. Because content creators are not paid for this, giving some incentives will raise their interest. In this way, users will be more spirited to post to be gifted at the end.


Huda Beauty is sharing their favorite makeup videos which are accepted as the best promotion for pro makeup artists. 


Show Reviews and Customer Photos on Your Website


To expand UGC from social media, you can display reviews and ratings next to the product features on your website. In this way, you let your users tell how it works.


Next to product reviews, you can also show your customers pictures. 


Drawback of UGC


Maybe the only difficulty you may encounter is managing the post users share. You may come across with hate posts, negative comments, or content that contains political, social arguments which can negatively influence your brand image. Lots of brands put UGC back on their digital marketing plan. But, there is a solution to any problem. By having well-planned social media management, you will overcome any mess you may face. 


Empower UGC Now!

Starting from B2C user-generated content is overflowing to the B2B market as well. As it is the most authentic form of influencer marketing, we can expect that brands will continue to leverage UGC in their digital marketing. At Keepface With 301K influencer base, you will find the most matching influencer to your campaign.

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