Is It Still Beneficial To Hire Remote Workers for Marketing In 2022?

Remote working has slowly grown in reputation over the last ten years. It was the rapid advancement of computer technology that made working from home a reality. However, unforeseen circumstances made it a necessity in 2020. With that situation in the rear-view mirror, though, it seems that many workers are returning to the office.

Companies did find that there were several benefits to hiring remote workers during this period, but have these upsides disappeared? In marketing especially, remote working helped change the industry. People were no longer dependent on talent that may be available to them locally, they are able to expand their horizons globally. With that being said, let’s explore some of the new information about remote working to find out whether it is still a viable working option in 2022.


A common issue for businesses in the current era is cybersecurity. With almost every major company operating in the digital space, hackers can now target and steal data using tools from the web. This fact has led to a tighter grip on cybersecurity protocols in the modern office. But can these issues be solved with workers at home?

It may seem like remote workers would struggle to keep up with the current demands of cybersecurity protocols. However, having a workforce stretched far and wide has led to companies being more responsible for their data. Phishing emails are rife in the remote working community, which is why businesses have had to adapt quickly to protect their employees and company data. Many companies choose to give their staff a VPN service, a cyber security protection system that has only become popular because of the increase in remote workers. Therefore, remote working is slowly improving cybersecurity protocols.

Tracking Progress

One of the biggest drawbacks for companies in the remote working era is keeping up employee productivity. Without the motivation of being surrounded by other colleagues, or the ability to check up on employees in real-time, many businesses found that their remote staff members were not being as productive as their in-house team. However, this attitude has changed in the last number of years thanks to a specific technology.

The market saw a need for tracking technology, so it has been available to companies since the start of 2020. This tech can take screenshots of your remote worker’s computers to ensure that they are on track, and the AI within can produce graphs of employee work patterns. These methods aren’t necessary in modern times; however, they go a long way to settling the minds of business leaders that have to operate their company from a distance. If you were to hire marketers remotely, this element of the process is essential. Marketing is typically one of the most important aspects of ensuring that you are able to reach your desired audience or customers.

Employee Wellbeing

Anyone that has participated in a successful digital marketing course will understand that a business’s reputation is key to encouraging customers to use your service. This reputation is mainly forged by how you treat your customers, but it is also affected by your employee happiness.

A team of respected employees is likely to work harder for your business; however, these individuals can also help create a positive appearance for your company. Employee wellbeing is subjective to the individual, but you will find that a lot of people prefer to work from the comfort of their own homes. As such, allowing your employees the opportunity to work remotely can improve employee performance and increase your company’s reputation.

 Health Risks

Not everything is perfect in the world of remote working, however. The more people work from home, the more data can be collected about this approach to business. While you may experience some of the benefits listed above, experts have found a downside to remote working that you should be made aware of.

A recent study has revealed that almost 67% of remote workers fail to get any exercise. This includes the exercise that they would have received during their daily commute. As you can imagine, this statistic has proved that remote working can have a profound negative effect on the health of your employees. This statement is also true when looking at the mental health of employees that work in isolation. It is your job as a manager to ensure that every employee can remain productive in their new work environment, so perhaps it is wise to bring these issues to your remote worker’s attention so that they can continue to benefit from this practice without suffering the ill effects.

Rise in Freelancing

Workers will always be happier working in a field that they enjoy. Since remote working is now so prevalent, it has allowed many workers to pursue their passions in a freelance capacity. Therefore, businesses can receive better content for their company while employees remain delighted in their job roles. This where the marketing industry has seen a large boom. You can hire freelancers for specific elements in your marketing and work with them based on portfolios or previous work they may have finalised.


The idea of remote working has changed over the last decade, and it seems that the concept is here to stay, especially in the marketing industry. There are so many benefits to companies that use this approach, and the small risks can be easily mitigated with the correct management techniques. Therefore, it looks like remote working is still a viable option for businesses in 2022 and beyond.

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The Barbershop Influencer Marketing Guide

As a barbershop owner, you share the same goal with every other business out there: to make profits exponentially and become a big player in the industry. And as you might already know, your marketing strategy plays a huge role in achieving this. Speaking of which, influencer marketing is the current most powerful way to grow your brand awareness and achieve all of your marketing goals. Primarily, influencer marketing is all about paying social media celebs to promote your services. Popular product designers have been using it for years before now when saloons, barber shops, and other beauty service providers started hopping on the business trend. So, if you don’t know how to get started, read the step-by-step guide below.

STEP 1: Know Your Budget And Marketing Objectives

It may seem obvious that your marketing goal is to get your brand more popular and win more customers. But you want to be specific. Be specific about numbers and reaches and set realistic goals. Put it all into writing. Here’s an example; “I am spending $100 to generate 50 loyal customers from New York and 80 clients from Los Angeles, with each of them paying $30 per haircut”. This picture prevents the wastage of money and efforts. It also guides in the “choosing an influencer” stage explained below.

STEP 2: Find An Influencer

There are dozens of influencers out there: it’s like picking saloon furniture from IKEA. I digressed! The first step is to choose a “good” influencer: someone who posts high-quality content, has previous experience, is on target with your market/industry, and has worked with brands like you. With this in mind, head over to popular social media to create a list of 5-7 potential influencers that fit into your category. Hashtags like #sponsored and #ads will make your search easier on Instagram. Next, verify that the followers of your potential influencers are real. Often than not, when the followers on an influencer’s page are mostly commenting “very good”, “nice post” and similar short feel-good comments, those are likely bot-generated followers. Finally, make sure that your influencer has a large active following and engagement.

STEP 3: Reach Out To Them

At the end of step 2, you’ll probably wind up with a shorter list. Reach out to each influencer via messages, emails, websites, or through any medium that they’ve made available. Keep your first message short and don’t talk about money just yet. Ultimately, you want to find out if they’ve worked with a brand similar to you and disclose your interest in working with them.

STEP 4: Go Into The Details

After receiving a reply from them, it’s time to discuss how the relationship will go and how you want your campaign to work. The best platform to do this is via a video call but it’s not really a thing. Now, over the meeting, some important questions you should ask are how many videos and photos they will take for the campaign and if you’ll have copyrights to those materials for future advertisements. You should also talk about your marketing goals, what you’re offering them in return, your preferred timeline for the campaign, and any other important bit.

FINAL STEP: Launch, Study Results, And Learn

You both ought to have decided on a tracking system for the tracking of your ads’ performance. Though when using social media like Facebook and Instagram, they have a tracking system that shows important metrics and data about your ads. With such a system, you get to know the demographics of your potential clients and figure out your best and worst-performing ads. These info bits will come in handy when running other campaigns in the future.

In Conclusion

Whether improving your ROI or launching a new brand, influencer marketing is one of the most effective methods to hit your targets. But your success rate depends on doing it right. That’s why we’ve created this easy guide for people who run barbershops. You can also check this post to discover how to make your influencer marketing campaign a success during the holidays.

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Music for Influencer Videos: How to Do it Correctly

One of the most important elements of an effective video is music. Choosing the right music can make your influencer videos more engaging, entertaining, and play an important role in delivering your message to your audience. But you can’t exactly use that Macklemore track or Adele tune for your videos because the budget required to license top artists is beyond what you’ll be able to afford. 

Your best bet when it comes to obtaining music for your influencer videos is royalty free music. They offer several benefits that appeal to content creators. Continue reading to learn more about royalty free music.

What is Royalty Free Music?


Royalty free music is a type of music license that allows you to pay for a song ONCE and use the music as many times without additional payment. This is in contrast to “Rights Protected” music that requires you to make payments for additional usage of the music. 

The one-time payment of royalty free music offers a lot of convenience to many individuals and companies. It also makes royalty free music cheaper. The sound quality of royalty free music is top notch as long as you are using a reputable royalty free music provider.

By using royalty free music, your influencer videos will be free of any legal action in the future. While you do have to pay for royalty free music, it’s better than dealing with legal troubles in the future.

What Happens if You Use Copyrighted Music Without Permission?

If an artist or music label finds out you’ve been using their music without permission, one of the two things below can happen:

  1. You receive a cease and desist letter telling you to take down the video and what will happen if you refuse. 
  2. You get sued, which is rare for this type of infringement but nevertheless possible. 

If you intend to use copyrighted music without having a license for it on social media, your video might even be taken down during the upload process as big players like Youtube have robust Content ID for copyright protection. Music owners can take the following actions on Youtube videos that infringe their copyright:

  • Mute the video.
  • Runs ads in the video.  
  • Block the video worldwide or in selected countries. 
  • Prevent the video owner from monetizing the video. 

This can be problematic and even damage your channel’s revenue to zero if you aren’t careful in the music you choose. By using royalty free music, you won’t have to worry about getting three strikes and having your Youtube channel (and your hard work) deleted.

What Are the Costs of Royalty Free Music?


Royalty free music providers can offer annual or monthly subscriptions or sell individual song licenses. Subscription-based services allow you to use their entire catalog for the duration of your subscription while individual song licenses allow you to use any purchased song for as long as you want. 

Prices vary greatly when it comes to royalty free music. Subscriptions can range from $6 to $60 per month while the price of individual songs can range from $26 to over $50.

Common Uses for Royalty Free Music?

Royalty free music is popularly used for commercial uses such as advertisements, corporate video ads, and film projects. They are also used for influencer videos, school projects, infomercials, artistic performances, and so on. As long as you’ve acquired the rights to use a royalty free track, you can pretty much use it for anything. 

There are consequences to using music illegally. Royalty free music offers an affordable and legal way of including high-quality music in your videos. With the number of royalty-free songs available, the versatile content creator in you will have a blast selecting that perfect track for your videos.

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10 Reasons Why Brochure Design is Still The Best Marketing Tool

Today, most companies rely on brochures to introduce themselves and their products or service.  The brochure is an important marketing tool that can help you in presenting your business message to customers. According to a report by the “Business Marketing Association”,  98% of the people who use the internet for product information end up buying something offline.  

For businesses, creating your own brochure design has never been this crucial; brochures work best in generating leads, transforming website visitors into customers, and boosting traffic on your company’s online store.

We’ve established why print media marketing is still relevant, but how? 

Apart from the conventional benefits of having printed leaflets/brochures like they’re tangible, easily shareable, and offer credibility; we’ve listed down 10 reasons why brochure design is still the best marketing tool you should utilize for your business.

Brochures Are A Future-Proof Marketing Tool

Brochure as a printed media marketing can be considered as a future-proof marketing tool because print isn’t going away any time soon.  In fact, according to NAPL’s 2011 Census of Print Publications, at least 1 billion book titles and 726 million newspapers were sold in the US alone which shows that print isn’t something we can neglect despite the rise of digital technology.

The average lifespan of a printed piece is about 2 years, meaning that businesses or organizations would need to constantly update their content or order new leaflets/brochures once the previous stock is out.  However, the same cannot be said for websites and social media which can be updated anytime at a minimal cost.

For this reason alone, brochures are still preferable over websites and other digital forms of marketing because customers won’t lose interest in your business if you keep on updating or refreshing your content.

Company Brochure Designs Are Easily Shareable

As mentioned in the beginning, brochures are best in generating leads, turning website visitors into customers, and boosting traffic on your company’s online store.  No matter how you put it, brochures will always be something worth passing around because they’re easily shareable with friends, colleagues, and family members by either mailing them or uploading images to social media sites.

Printed leaflets/brochures don’t need an internet connection or password just to view their contents which makes printed marketing materials more accessible than digital forms of promotions.  

Brochures don’t require batteries; no software installation is required; everything is provided ‘as is’ when given to your friend who will appreciate having something tangible to pass around without having to worry about batteries, charging, or technical problems.


A Brochure Layout Are Personalized Marketing Tools

Since there are several types of brochure printing services available online today, you’re probably wondering how does it affect your marketing?

Aside from an increase in brand awareness; companies are also using brochures as personalized marketing tools because they can be customized based on the target audience’s needs and preferences.  This tactic is best used for B2B companies who need to convince potential clients by presenting their key benefits via printed material.

The average cost of customizing a brochure ranges between $250-$500 which is not bad considering that it can help boost interaction with existing customers while attracting new ones at the same time.  

Printed leaflets/brochures can be personalized based on their target audience by choosing a free design template and inserting the company’s logo, contact number, and website address to further promote its brand identity.


Leaflet Design Improves Communication Effectiveness

Another reason why brochures are still relevant in business marketing is that they can improve communication effectiveness between companies and customers because printed pieces offer an idea of what to expect when actually visiting the store or opening their doors for sales.  

Brochures also make a good reference guide for customers who can use it while shopping which helps them decide faster whether a product is worth buying or not without having to visit the mall again.

Aside from making an impression about your company’s professionalism, brochures are also the best way to introduce employees who would be greeting customers at the store.  

Customers will feel safer knowing their concerns will be heard and accordingly addressed by people who are knowledgeable about the product they’re selling because it is much better than receiving random answers from someone pretending to know about your problems.


Brochure Design Increases User Experience

An increase in user experience is another benefit of using brochures as marketing tools for generating leads or capturing website visitors into email subscribers.  Brochures are often used to showcase products that are available in stores whether online or offline which consequently improves customer experience because it helps them decide faster if a given item is worth buying or not.  

Need to get your hands on some kick-ass brochure templates? Then do yourself a favor and go to Venngage, the hottest brochure maker app, and easily make your very own design now!

Brochures Are Perfect For First-Time Customers

Printed leaflets/brochures are one of the best lead generation tools for first-time customers which are often used as a personalized marketing tool to introduce them to your company’s products without having to personally attend or speak with them.  Since brochures are filled with useful information, they would feel more connected to your brand and will be more likely to become loyal customers after their first purchase.

Compared with other digital ads which only reach certain demographics, printed material offers more advantages.  Brochures can reach everyone regardless of age or geographical location because it has an infinite range of coverage potential which ultimately increases the chances of generating leads for your company.


There you have it, the biggest reasons why brochure design is still one of the best marketing tools for you to use. What are you waiting for? Start designing now!

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All you need is Love. But launching a successful influencer campaign on Valentine’s day doesn’t hurt.

After Christmas and New Year celebrations fizzled out, some may think that the holiday season has wrapped up, yet  Valentine’s Day is the next noteworthy holiday marketers can leverage to attract social media users, engage an existing audience, increase ROI and boost their sales.

Before breaking the process into pieces, digital and social media marketers should bear in mind that Valentine’s Day campaigns don’t have to be particularly targeted at couples. Valentine’s Day widen its wings beyond just about romantic relationships, it’s about showing that you care , and you need that day to use as an excuse to give gifts to your family, friends and someone you profoundly care for. As stated by the National Retail Federation people who are celebrating the holiday said they plan to spend an average $196.31, up 21 percent over last year’s previous record of $161.96. Spending is expected to total $27.4 billion, up 32 percent from last year’s record $20.7 billion. Ponder that!

Spread the Love

Facebook is the worthy pacesetter for launching a successful influencer marketing campaign. However, ignoring the significance of the other social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit etc. can cause you so much trouble even long before starting your campaign. This should be noted that being present and offering opportunities which your target audience will appreciate is the key to success. You will be the champion if you regularly interact and build relationships with existing customers while targeting prospective ones .

However, you may think that is it easy to engage with your customers through social media platforms? Well, when it comes to social media you don’t need to go off the deep end. All you have to do is share engrossing and diverse content as continually as possible.  Publishing appealing photo and video contents have tremendous benefits. They make your target audience remember you more effortlessly, because if they have a visual memory about a thing it will make them forget you more at a leisurely pace.

Let Them Know What You Do

Encouraging your customers into dialogue with you which will eventually boost your conversions and sales is one of the most essential ways to engage your customers. Certainly you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of call-to-actions. Moreover, don’t forget that you are talking to your customers on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

  • Give your significant other something really special this year. Buy now and get 50% off.
  • You love her/him every day, but make Feb 14 a special one.
  • Your love deserves more than 30% off, order now!

Calls to action created to get an instant reaction from the target audience, and their sole purpose is to convert possible prospects into real customers and clients. If you use them accurately you will easily get new leads and prospects that will take your business to the next step.

Be Original

Whether you are a customer or brand you undoubtedly spend a lot of money in the name of love.  At least you should know that over the last year, there was a $1.6 billion increase in spending during Valentine’s Day. From the tiny box of jewelry and mesmerizing pieces clothing to dinner in a fancy and an attractively arranged bunch of flowers, people are throwing out the fortune for their significant others. Maybe that’s why Valentine’s day is a chance for brands to showcase and to persuade a customer to buy more of a product with romantic packaging. After all, we all want to feel cared and loved by the people we hold dear.

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How to buy on PancakeSwap?

  1. Create a BSC wallet
  2. Make sure you have the desired amount of $BUSD in your wallet to purchase $METO. Please bear in mind that in order to execute the transaction you will need to have a small amount of BNB in your wallet to pay for the transaction fees (fees always vary thus we can’t provide the exact amount).
  3. Go to and click on ‘connect wallet’. Make sure the wallet is on BSC network.

4. For more information on how to connect your wallet, click on “Learn How to Connect”

5. Click on “Trade” button

6. Select “Exchange”

7. Click on the first token/coin of the pair. In this case it is “BNB”

8. Type in BUSD and click the BUSD as shown on the image

9. Now click on the second token/coin of the pair, in this case it is “Cake”

10. Paste the $METO token contract address there.
$METO Contract Address: 0xa78775bba7a542F291e5ef7f13C6204E704A90Ba

11. After you paste the contract address you will see the $METO token there and “Import” button next to it. Click on “Import”.

12. Read the “Notice” first, make sure you understand it and then click on “I understand”. You will see the “Import” button light up. Click on it.

13. In the BUSD field (first arrow), you can type in how much $METO in $BUSD you are willing to buy. The METO field (second arrow) will automatically display that amount in $METO (the website will automatically calculate everything based on the prices at the time of transaction).

For example, if you would like to buy $METO worth of 100 $BUSD and the price is $0.0075 per $METO, then when you enter 100 in BUSD field (first arrow), then this number: 13333.33 ($METO) will show up in the METO field (second arrow).

14. After you are okay with the amount that’s shown and its price then click on “SWAP” button that will light up.

15. A new pop-up window will show up summarizing the transaction. Click on “Confirm Swap” and confirm the transaction on your wallet.

16. Congratulations! You are now one of the owners of the Metafluence ecosystem’s native currency!

Additional important notes:
  1. This article is published for informational purposes on how to buy $METO on PancakeSwap. We will list $METO on January 24th at 3 PM UTC and you will be able to purchase it only starting from that exact time and onwards.
  2. We do not take any responsibility in case you lose money due to any reasons. You take the full responsibility while going through each step and completing the transaction.
  3. Anyone can just select the slippage tolerance they want to use. And the amount of slippage that they have depends on how much they are buying/selling and how much liquidity there is in the pool.
  4. If you do not see $METO in your wallet, you will need to manually import the token. Please see the information below for details:

Contract address: 0xa78775bba7a542F291e5ef7f13C6204E704A90Ba

Name: Metafluence

Symbol: $METO

Decimals: 18

BSCPad dedicated article on how to participate in IDO

BSCPad (

MetaVPad (

NFTLaunch (

To learn more about Metafluence, click here

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Metafluence team is very excited about its upcoming launch (Jan 24th, 3PM UTC PancakeSwap Listing), and to thank our community, we will GUARANTEE a Land Plot to first 5000 people who acquire at least 10,000 $METO on PancakeSwap (till Jan 25th, 11:59PM UTC) and hold for at least 45 days without selling. Those who will be eligible for a Land Plot will also get a chance to win a Metahut (only 20 available). The exact terms are as follows:

  • Purchase 10,000+ $METO on PancakeSwap (till Jan 25th, 11:59PM UTC) and hold for at least 45 days
  • Be among the first 5000 people to purchase on PancakeSwap and get a GUARANTEED LAND PLOT
  • Also get a random chance to win a METAHUT (ONLY 20 AVAILABLE)
  • Fill out this form right after your purchase of the 10,000+ $METO on PancakeSwap, so we can track your $METO holding

Benefits of Owning a Metahut or a Land Plot

  • Monetize your social media influence via Metahut rooms such as Shopping, NFT, or Event Room
  • Host events, engage with your audience, friends and brands
  • Create, showcase and trade NFTs
  • Design your Metahut to provide unique experiences for your guests
  • Participate in the governance of the Metafluence city

More About Metahuts and Land Plots

Influencer homes (Metahuts) and Land plots are the main architectural elements of the city and will serve as personalized spaces in the metaverse. Owning Metahuts or Land plots will provide benefits including discounts, rewards in form of NFTs or voting power within the ecosystem. While both, Metahuts and Land plots provide certain benefits, Metahuts are very limited in comparison and offer more value. Owners of the Land plots will be able to upgrade the plots to Metahuts over the time.

Metahuts are metaverse homes consisting of multi-purpose virtual rooms: Event Room, NFT Room, Shopping Room, and others. In terms of the features, Metahuts will have more or less rooms based on influencers’ SM audience size, however, any Metahut features or assets, including the rooms can be obtained with an additional expense or upgrades. The rooms are personalized spaces within Metahuts, and they will allow influencers to better monetize their SM influence, engage closely with their audience and brands in the Metafluence ecosystem. The Metahut rooms are as distinct as follows:

NFT Room will allow influencers to showcase or sell NFTs that they created or own.

Event Room will allow influencers to hold public, private or premium events with their audience. In-room events can be held in collaboration with other influencers.

Shopping Room is a special place where hosts can set up their own marketplace for digital and physical products and collaborate with brands through sponsorships.

Game Room will allow influencers to display their game collection, make recommendations, and sell certain games through affiliate partnerships. Visitors will be able to see and download the games from the official sources.

Crypto Room will allow influencers to display and support their favorite crypto projects.

Custom Room is a solution (usually for bigger influencers or celebrities) per request and this type of rooms can be constructed by the Metafluence team.

At the early stages, a limited number of Metahuts and Land plots will be granted to influencers and early adopters, and this campaign specifically aims to onboard our most loyal community members.

We have a tremendous community of 250k+ people across all of our channels, and once again, we would like to express our immense gratitude towards our community and wish you all the best!


Metafluence enables influencers to monetize their social media power and creativity in the Metaverse. As social media (SM) is transitioning to the metaverse, our vision is to build an influencer-centric ecosystem in the metaverse where influencers, their audiences, and brands are easily engaged in transparent and incentivized relations. We are on a mission to convert SM Influencers into metaverse entrepreneurs (Metapreneurs) through our influence-to-earn Metafluence platform. Our solutions for influencers automatically address the brand and audience challenges, enabling all the parties to thrive in Web 3.0.

To learn more about Metafluence, click here

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Metafluence is Listing in MEXC !

Metafluence has just announced that the $METO token will be listed on MEXC exchange on 24 Jan 02.45PM UTC.

Metafluence, the metaverse designed specifically for influencers, announced their upcoming IDO launch on BlueZilla Network that will take place on 24th of January. Metafluence will be the first “incubated by BlueZilla” project to launch on BlueZilla’s brand-new MetaVPad, which is designed specifically for metaverse related projects’ funding. This successful funding round will allow Metafluence to continue developing its ambitious plans to ensure maximum success and performance for influencers entering the metaverse.

Metafluence has already seen traditional influencers, some of the biggest crypto enthusiasts, and blockchain KOLs announcing their involvement or plans to join the Metafluence metaverse. Influencers such as Moon Carl and Evan Luthra are amongst the plethora of other hot influencers who are already showing interest and joining this exciting project.

In previous funding rounds, Metafluence received funding from noteworthy strategic crypto-focused VCs, including: Sheesha Finance, Master Ventures, PATO Entertainment, DCI Capital, CRT Capital, Girnas Capital, Interstellar Ventures, Digerati, Zephyrus Capital, Viet Unicorn, Kommunitas, GTS Ventures, Evan Luthra, 2A Ventures, NFTb, Pack Capital, CryptoPushka, WhiteList Ventures, Blockchain Invest Capital, RIF Capital, Labs Group, AB Ventures, OIG Capital, Decubate, DigiCorp Labs, and Crypto Pioneers.

After the successful IDO, all eyes will turn to the Metafluence development team to watch how they turn the vision of Metafluence into a thriving reality in Metaverse that will empower influencers.

About Metafluence

Metafluence enables influencers to monetize their social media power and creativity in the Metaverse. As social media (SM) is transitioning to the metaverse, our vision is to build an influencer-centric ecosystem in the metaverse where influencers, their audiences, and brands are easily engaged in transparent and incentivized relations. We are on a mission to convert SM Influencers into metaverse entrepreneurs (Metapreneurs) through our influence-to-earn Metafluence platform. Our solutions for influencers automatically address the brand and audience challenges, enabling all the parties to thrive in Web 3.0.

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Metaverse, Blockchain & Social Media – New Social Identities

Influencer marketing is on track to account for more than 80% of all ad spend in the next five years, making it quite literally the hottest thing since sliced bread. At the same time, metaverses and decentralized social media channels are springing up, backed by some of the biggest companies the world has ever seen – even Facebook is joining the game. The time has come for these two industry trends to merge, and when the merge begins, there’s incredible potential for influencers and blockchain-powered platforms to conquer the digital space.

Keepface – Powering the World of Influencers

Nobody knows the world of influencer marketing quite like Keepface. Keepface currently has more than 550,000 influencers on its books, unlocking access to more than 1.4 billion eyeballs. Some of the biggest companies in the world have already taken advantage of this impressive portfolio, with names like Oral-B, Lays, McDonald’s, Danone, and Pepsi cashing in on that potential.

The key to success with an influencer marketing strategy is to use a data-driven platform. Picking the right influencer for the job is the hardest part of influencer marketing, but Keepface allows you to eliminate all the guesswork, leaving brands and projects with the best influencers to push their products.

The same goes for influencers. Keepface matches you with brands that are after audiences identical to yours. This takes out the fear of content not being in alignment with the brand, allowing you to do what you do best – create high-quality, high-converting content that your audience loves.

What is the Metaverse?

The Metaverse is a digital realm for the uninitiated, where people can become anybody or anything they want. It’s a digital landscape that lives on a blockchain. Think of the Metaverse like a videogame. There are already a few in existence, but hundreds more are in development and are launching every day. Metaverses allow you to play games, interact with other players, buy and sell digital land, collect NFTs, and become anyone you want.

This means a fantastic opportunity for influencers to start exploring the Metaverse. Many Metaverses allow players to deck out their characters using NFTs from collections or specific NFTs from that metaverse. A great example of this is Decentraland. You can kit out your character with unique clothing items and even win exclusive clothing items from in-game events. When Atari launched its casino in Decentraland, you could claim exclusive Atari t-shirt NFTs.

Perhaps you want to become a land baron; that’s possible too. You can buy digital plots of land and build whatever you want on them. Maybe you want to build a bar, a maze, a casino, or even a park where you can hang out with your friends. Whatever you dream, you can make it a reality. Heck, you can even buy land, throw up billboards and rent out the space just like you would in the real world.

Where do influencers fit into the Metaverse? It’s pretty simple. Metaverses are still incredibly young, which means they need to raise awareness. NFTs can sell for tens of thousands of dollars, so there’s big money in the Metaverses. Every new user and player that signs up could bring in a small fortune to the project behind the Metaverse. Competition is relatively low from an influencer point of view, as the Metaverse world is still so young. That means that getting into Metaverse influencer marketing now is the most lucrative avenue you can pursue!

Meet Metafluence – The Influencer-Centric City in the Metaverse!

Metafluence, a subsidiary of Keepface, is laser-focused on helping influencers break into the Metaverse scene. We bridge the gap between traditional influencer marketing and the Metaverse, tearing down those scary barriers and helping you get into the action. Influencers often face challenges like a shortage in data-driven solutions, fraudulent social media activities, and payment issues. So, we at Metafluence heavily believe in the power of blockchain technology to resolve these issues. We’ve created a safe world where influencers and brands can interact and benefit one another with all records immutably recorded and stored on the blockchain.

The goal of Metafluence is to empower influencers towards monetizing their influence while exposing brands to the world of blockchain and Metaverse. Influencers and brands can partake in real-time discussions, secure payments safely using escrow services, and track results in real-time that are immutably stored on the blockchain. Using the native $METO token, both influencers and brands can feel safe when teaming up in Metafluence, one of the first blockchain and Metaverse-focused influencer marketing agencies.

Metafluence is more than just another agency where you can sign up as an influencer. It’s a full-blown metaverse that allows you to interact with brands in a whole new way. This allows you to sell yourself, your identity, and your audience on a whole new level, squeezing even more juice from your social following than ever before. Metafluence is the tool you NEED to take your influencer marketing efforts to the next level in the blockchain and Metaverse world.

When you join Metafluence, you can take full advantage of all the tools and features. These include:

·  Metahuts

·  Metaclans

·  Metarooms

·  Events

These tools allow you to have a safe space in the Metaverse to call your own and allow you to showcase your talent, following, and reach. Micro-influencers can use Metaclans to team up with other influencers to bid on projects that are slightly beyond their reach, allowing them to continue growing and evolving in the influencer marketing world. Metarooms allow influencers in the Metaverse to showcase and trade their own NFTs, which is a world first!

We will have a special education program for influencers and brands to explore the potential of Metafluence, and we are planning to onboard thousands of metaverse curious influencers in the coming months.

Are you ready to take the plunge and join the Metaverse? It’s still a young niche, and there’s a lot of leverage that you can provide to the biggest metaverse and blockchain projects, allowing you to supercharge your earning potential.

All it takes is a click.

Are you in?

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How to Choose the Right Influencer for Your Brand: Promoting Your Clinic

You have just opened your own clinic. You have it in the right location, close to your target audience. You have the equipment and the right staff. You will surely feel confident that it will succeed because you have many years of experience as a medical professional. However, you will still need a marketing plan. Even the biggest and the best hospitals and clinics require marketing.

There can be so many approaches. You can advertise in the local newspapers, medical directories, and journals. Don’t ignore digital marketing, especially social media, because this is giving better returns in many ways in recent times. Social media marketing can be very important for the success of your clinic. Here are some key business and marketing tips that can show you how to use Instagram to make it work.

What Kinds of Instagram Influencers Are There?

Influencers in Instagram

Influencer marketing is very effective. In 2020 alone, it has grown by an impressive 57%. This is why it is critical that you work with the right influencers.

Instagram influencers can be divided into two groups:

  1. By the number of followers
  2. By content type
  • Those having more than 200,000 followers are Macro influencers.
  • 25,000 to 200,000 followers are Power influencers.
  • Those with less than 25,000 followers are Micro influencers.

Macro or mega influencers are usually the celebrities. These people are very much active and highly visible on social media. They also generate a lot of engagement. The Power influencers are just a little behind. Many of them are well-known professionals, thought leaders, and television personalities. Micro or nano influencers offer a narrower reach, but the engagement is often high.

Consider the content type when you want to appeal to a niche audience. For example, you may want to leverage credible Instagram profiles to reach out to photographers, chefs, models, gamers, etc.

How much should you spend on an influencer? There is no specific rule about this. But the generally accepted formula is 100$ for 10,000 followers. So, if your influencer has 100,000 Instagram followers, you may have to make a payment of 1000$.

How to Find the Right Instagram Influencers for Your Brand?

Searching for influencers through a laptop

There are two reasons why the number of followers is important.

  1. You can calculate the fee for sharing content about your clinic.
  2. You can also calculate the avg. engagement rate for the posts.

When you work with influencers on Instagram, you are depending on their ability to say a good word about your business, which will reach a large section of the population because they have many followers. But you also want good engagement because this is where influencer marketing will give you the edge over traditional marketing. This engagement will come when they comment on the post, like it, and visit your profile.

Here’s a way of calculating the engagement rate:

  • Add all forms of engagement on the post – likes, comments, shares.
  • Divide the total/by the total number of followers
  • Multiply by 100

On average, the engagement rate in 2% for each post. If it is anything lower, then you are not working with the right influencer. Find a new person for your social media business marketing.

Influencer Metrics

Influence coefficients in Instagram

The number of followers should be the main consideration while selecting an influencer. It is generally believed that the influencers who can give you the best results are those with the maximum number of followers. However, this is not always right.

Let us take an example to understand this better. Let us assume that you run a clinic for Botox treatments. You find two influencers – 

  1. Someone with more than 50k followers. Most of the Instagram followers are teenagers.
  2. An influencer who only has 15k followers but 80% of them are in their 30s or 40s and most of them are females.

If you just look at the number of followers, then you will end up targeting the wrong market segment. When you select the right influencer (the second option), your overall reach may be less, but you will still reach out to the right market. So, when selecting the influencer, you should focus on more than just the numbers.

Figure out the Relevance with the Influencer’s Niche

The magic pill how to find influences people

Best, try to find influencers who have some relevance with your industry. It is going to be very beneficial for you if you can find such people. For example, if you are offering Botox treatments in your clinic, try to find Instagram influencers who have already opened up about getting Botox treatment. Luckily, you will find many of them like Cindy Crawford, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears, Nicole Kidman, Vanessa Williams, and Brooke Shields.

They would all be right influencers for your clinic. Try to find out whether any of these celebs or others like them are looking to collaborate. They won’t have to go overboard selling your business. All they need to do is just say that Botox treatment is very effective and safe. One simple statement can go miles in giving your customers the confidence they need.

You can also approach local beauty influencers, those who are active on Instagram and have a decent number of followers.

While selecting the influencer, always narrow down the specific category. For example, those who have opted for the Botox treatment will always give you better results than just random beauty influencers.

Analyze the Influencer’s Previous Marketing Campaigns

The Correct Analysis of Marketing Campaigns

There are two more considerations:

  1. Analyze the influencer’s previous marketing campaigns.
  2. Make sure that you avoid the Influencers that are walking advertisements. There has to be credibility. Otherwise, the message is going to be lost. It simply won’t be effective.

Never analyze just a single campaign. Always check several marketing campaigns and collaborations of an influencer. Avoid people who have endorsed or promoted the business of your competitors. You can be in trouble if you don’t look at these details. If your followers find this out, then you and your brand won’t appear authentic.

Also, avoid the influencers who would recommend brands too often. You will find influencers who promote several brands in a month. Their profiles have already become oversaturated. The audience is sure to get confused about what to follow. They won’t buy.

Also, remember, when you collaborate with an influencer, you are essentially tapping into the person’s reputation. So a bad reputation is also going to rub off on you.

Choose the right influencer for your brand to reap the full advantage of influencer marketing. Look at the numbers but also give audience engagement and other key factors the importance they deserve.

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