How to Make Your Brand Stand out in International Women’s Day

Although this year’s circumstances are quite different from previous years, we still celebrate the International Women’s Day with the same passion and compassion. Because 8 March is not just a day we can pass by and try to make up later, it is the day of raising awareness, fighting fiercely and knocking down all the setbacks  for women’s equality.  The marking of  economical, cultural and socio-political accomplishments of women all over the world is embodied in International Women’s Day. 


Since this empowering day comes along a couple of perplexing questions may  cross your minds. Does your brand need to get involved in International Women’s Day celebrations? If the answer is yes, what will make your brand stand out among oceans of other brands and their catchy campaigns? 


In this blog we will try to help you not only boost your brand sales but also raise awareness towards women’s empowerment movement. Moreover, if you are short on ideas about what kind of campaign you suppose to have, you may check our “ 5 Ideas for Influencer Marketing Campaign on International Women’s Day”  blog and have the down pat about this special day. So, roll up your sleeve  and let’s get started.


Girls Can do anything Boys Can do and More

Girls Can do anything Boys Can do and More
Anne Shirley  said these words long ago and it made us think again that who can raise  awareness of the inequalities women face today, more than women who achieved everything by themselves. Women who are working towards gender equality in every aspect of their lives non-stop will shine the light on your brand amidst the unendurable digital crowd.


Collaborating with women influencers who can inspire with their personal stories and relate these stories to your brand won’t be missed out by their followers. People love personal stories especially social media users, that is why having more engagement among consumers will be the matter of time and loyalty of women influencers audience will become evident.



#ChooseToChallenge is the International Women’s Day campaign theme for 2021. “To change the world we need to challenge the world” they say. Smashing the patriarchy and burning it all down is not an easy process, because you are what you do.


In order to connect people from every demographic on International Women’s day you don’t need to be a global brand. Creative range of IWD hashtags and location tags will increase engagement insanely.


In fact unique and eccentric hashtags may be the best way to spread your brand’s message all over the world. While creating these hashtags you also can  encourage the influencers you work with to submit their pictures on the IWD site to show your brand’s solidarity and unity. Raise your hand high to show you’re in and that you commit to choose to challenge and call out inequality.


Special Content Strategy for Special Day

In one of our previous blogs we try to help you about how to make your content king, or let’s say queen. One way or another we should understand that particular dates deserve special and more attractive content, no doubt this could be one of the  greatest strategies to celebrate International Women’s Day.


Launching a social media campaign with micro and nano influencers will help you out while sharing your products and services with a bigger  audience. However you may also use this opportunity to raise social awareness, because it shouldn’t be all about boosting your sales.


Time to Raise Together

Time to Raise Together
In the modern world’s dog-eat-dog perception small businesses don’t survive. Especially women-owned businesses suffer more than others. Therefore you should use this occasion to lend a hand to the women who broke the mold. You can send these women-owned-businesses certain products and services they can make use of them or simply send an office gift. Don’t forget we rise by  lifting others.


We can’t ignore the fact that consumers are likely to choose the brands which weigh in on the modern world’s issues over other brands. If you show your interest in changing the world into an equal and better place for the people from every genders, race and nationality your brand visibility and presence will be superior, inevitably .

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Why Influencer Marketing Is Great for Your SEO?

Back then, as the importance of social media increased, SEO experts started to look at social media as the new SEO. As a result, Influencer marketing and SEO become tightly related to each other. Nowadays, they work together to encourage customers to take the steps along the purchase funnel.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the art of ranking high on a search engine in the unpaid section, also known as the organic listings. SEO is a way to help Google and other search engines find you so that you can show up in search results.


According to Econsultancy, 82 percent of consumers who search on Google click on the results of brands they are familiar with more than they don’t. It means that the content that consumers see in their social media feed determines their search queries.


So in this blog, we are writing about the reasons why you should leverage your influencer marketing to improve your SEO.


Influencer Marketing Can Help You Build Backlinks

Influencer Marketing Can Help You Build Backlinks.
Inbound links can increase your domain authority and thus your rankings and traffic. As you know backlinks are a crucial piece of any SEO strategy.  The quality of your link profile has a tremendous impact on your SEO.  According to Moz, the authority and quality of sites that link to you are among the top SEO factors. It means that you’ll need to get links from high-authority domains relevant to your site. However, it is not easy most of the time.


Here is the solution. Working with influencers is a great opportunity to create better and the most important natural inbound links for your website. For example, let’s say you ask influencers to share your links on organic and rich content. In Search engines, that kind of mention is considered high-quality.


When these influencers create content and link to you, this creates a high-quality backlink for your site. As a result, this will improve your search rankings. When an influencer shares content their audience tends to share too. Consequently, you earn a new inbound link with each share, which will improve the diversity of your link profile and popularity. In either, Influencer marketing simply increases your efforts to build a quality link profile.



Influencer Marketing Improves Brand Awareness and Engagement

Influencer Marketing Improves Brand Awareness and Engagement
It is clear that a lack of consumer engagement will have a negative effect on your search rankings. The more you engage your target audience, the more traffic you will see on your website. Influencers can be the key to increasing your engagement rates, thereby increasing the visibility of the brand.


Brand awareness is one of the main reasons why marketers use influencer marketing. Influencer recommendations are noticed and taken into consideration by their followers so easily and due to influencers’ high followers, they have great power to increase brand exposure by reaching a large number of people in one post. Brand content posted by influencers will get their followers talking and sharing about you. What better way is there to rise through the ranks?


Influencers Provide Intriguing and Fresh Content

Influencers Provide Intriguing and Fresh Content
Content creation is an important part of improving search rankings. Search engines take into account the content quality, keyword usage, content readability, the quantity and quality of social shares to determine rankings. Ultimately, the amount of unique content you create affects where your brand ranks in search results. So creating unique and interesting content for attracting your target audience is a must.


The problem is that even the most experienced marketers can run out of content ideas. This is where influencer marketing can help you. Influencers will add a new sound to your content marketing campaigns with new ideas. Influencers can help you create content for your site and create sponsored content on your behalf. In some cases, influencers also encourage your target audience to create their content with branded hashtags. 

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What is Retargeting, and Is It Really Hard to Keep Your Existing Customers?

If we go back and look into our search history we all would see that we have checked out one or two websites which want to sell something to us. Certainly, given the situation and modern world’s accessibility, buying something online is far from being a fictional concept. 


Beyond doubt we need to give credit to so-called websites because they work so hard to attract people to their pages with the group of platforms and  marketing activities. However the majority of the time the result never changes. Sadly, in accordance with the latest numbers, less than 4% of the site visitors actually purchase the products and the rest of them are leaving the page without purchasing any product and there is a high possibility that they won’t hear from them again. 


As I mentioned before only a small percentage of page visitors convert, yet wouldn’t it be nice to see these people on your website again and maybe they could convert the second time. So here is the thing you need to know that grabbing the attention of customers  who left your website without buying anything, or requesting a demo or even completing a registration is surprisingly easy. When I say easy, I don’t mean casting a spell or anything like that, as you might agree it is not a piece of cake to find a reliable fortune-teller, all you need is retargeting. You may ask what on earth is this retargeting. So wait in wings to know all about it.


First Things First, Retargeting

What-is-Retargeting-influencer marketing
If we go by the customary definition, retargeting is a strategic way to remind consumers of their inceptive interest and bring them back to these websites to complete their purchase. Let’s be honest when we say that it could creep most of us out. However when we give it a chance and have a deep look we could say that it’s already part of our life. 


To see the big picture, let’s take one person, Daniel, as our customer who checked your product on your website, possibly from his PC. He browses not only one but several products but unfortunately adds nothing into his “shopping trolley”. Then leaving your website without any purchase from his chart and giving not even one notice, now he is long gone, he might or might not visit your website again, even chance. However, a few days later, when he was roaming on the internet from one page to another, he saw an advertisement for his product, the product he checked a couple days ago but didn’t purchase, along with some other correlated stuff. He is a bit confused yet riveted, so now all he needs to do is to go back to the same website and purchase the product he hasn’t beforehand. See, easy-peasy.


We can analyze the situation from different angles. Have you noticed that when a customer is about to leave the store, one salesperson approaches you and starts a conversation with you to find more about your needs. After a productive chit-chat this salesperson knows what you are looking for and he\she can persuade you to make a purchase. Same thing happens with retargeting, so that is why we also could call it remarketing. 


Retargeting gives online sellers an opportunity to engage with consumers and learn more about their needs and so they can make a personalized sales pitch.


How to Turn Potential Customers into Happy Customers?

At the moment retargeting is one of the leading topics in the marketing industry and a huge chunk of marketers are allocating big portions of their budgets to it. Just so you know it is not a baseless claim, retargeting might be the most affluent tactic and nearly 70% of the potential customers who have been seen retargeted advertisement more presumably will convert. 


You may have experienced that when you look into a new site most of the time in the bottom of the page we see a question regarding the cookie usage of the website. And bingo, these cookie-driven tactics have been used for retargeting. So marketers can track visitors who have visited the website but left without buying anything, they watch us with eagle eyes.


I guess you have so many questions in your mind and one of them would be which platforms you can retarget people. First Google display ads, they sell themselves with “Choose Keywords and Pay for Clicks To Send Users to Your Website” line and astoundingly it really works. Then here comes Facebook and Twitter ads. These ads are particularly eye catching and appealing, so visitors could enjoy more and show an interest in your company or your products. Moreover this may be the best technique to boost your brand awareness.


After all that information, it’s necessary to mention that retargeting is not an issue or violation of privacy. When some people come across this product ad they have two ways to deal with it. Initially they can simply ignore it, or click it. The other part of these people would actually be happy to be reminded of something they may have forgotten about. To be targeted with relevant ads would make them genuinely glad.


The Importance and Benefits of Retargeting

Although the fact that retargeting sounds like starting over the targeting process it is completely different. How possibly you can start targeting every single new customer who visited your website without buying anything. Retargeting is the complete opposite though. Here you will get anew visitors who are more likely to convert, rather than  fighting to draw the attention of customers who are first-time visitors to your website and there is a huge possibility that they won’t convert.


After getting the basic information about retargeting, perceiving the benefits won’t be the hardest task for anyone.


  • Clearly you will generate more sales
  • You will increase brand awareness
  • It will maximize your customers lifetime value
  • You will retain your existing customers
  • Conversion rate  will be increased
  • Making your brand recognizable will be comprehensible
  • Improvement in cost effectiveness will be inevitable
  • Retargeting will increase your ROI
  • The level of engagement will thrive
  • Reaching interested prospect will be a piece of cake


If you see how retargeting actually influences customers you’ll wonder why you have not put your efforts into it. Retargeting will prosper your business for sure.

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Top Influencer Marketing Trends for 2021

Although the fact 2020 wasn’t the best year we will remember joyfully, but clearly it taught us some things. Other than devastating oven-ready cunning plans and desolating our “normal” lives. However it taught us patience, self-restraint, and the importance of having high social activity. You may think, what does that have to do with anything? Well my friends, I am saying so after learning the newest influencer marketing trends for 2021 we all will mind what we are going to plan to do and actually do. Above all, the future is unpredictable.


Now, forget about 2020, we are over and done with it. Let’s focus on our brand new year, 2021. First thing you need to know is that influencer marketing is going to be bigger than ever, it’ll become a $15 billion dollar industry by the next year, and as we already see it’s continuing to grow into being a hot topic on social media. #sponsored posts are swarming our feed in a speed of light. I wouldn’t say I’m complaining about the situation, yet it’s what it’s. So, enough about chit chat, let’s get to work and find out what 2021 is cooking for us.


The More Variety, The Better Society

As Andres Tapia once said “ Diversity is the mix. Inclusion is making the mix work”. Hopefully 2021 will be the year that influencer marketing will be more focused on diversity and inclusion.


Unfortunately, we all have witnessed that Black influencers faced inequality and discrimination over the course of 2020’s social activism.  From symbolic effort to unfair pay, several brands hold responsible for their biased actions. 


Owing to the fact that representation can shift predetermined opinions, it is very vital in Influencer marketing as well as other creative industries. Just to create a better society, brands also need to do fulfil their duties and add building diversity and inclusion on campaigns to their new year resolutions.


Who will Run the World? TikTok.

TikTok was officially launched in 2016 and after four years it surpassed over 2 billion mobile downloads worldwide, I dare to say that app became an inseparable part of millions of young people’s lives. When a brand decides to start a campaign the first thing they need to do is to focus on the people who will influence your target customers. When you intend to work on a more youthful demographic, stop beating around the bush, give it a second thought to work with TikTok influencers.


The importance of user-generated content is far beyond noticeable. Moreover, it’s no secret that customers tend to trust user-generated content more than brand-sponsored posts. Just so you know, UGC is a TikTok marketing trend that brands shouldn’t ignore. Even Donald Trump lost a battle with it, therefore if anyone claims TikTok is going to lead Influencer Marketing, we wouldn’t be surprised at all.


Ultimate Secret of Art: Being Natural

No way!, you may think, but no, it’s really happening. Authenticity on social media is going to have its fluorescence turn in the incoming year. We all want to show flawless and perfect parts of ourselves on social media, yet revolution is around the corner.


Many influencers already start to share their post with #nofilter or #inthemoment taglines and most probably it is going to be huge trend in 2021. Although Instagram could be the platform which pays attention  to the visual attractiveness, if influencers want to stand out with their aesthetic posts they need to  pinpoint engaging captions more than ever.


The Rise of Micro Influencers

If you are interested in Influencer marketing you have already heard about them. The amount of these influencers’ followers is not as big as macro influencers or celebrities. More specifically, if you have less than 10,000 followers you will fall into the micro influencers category. In the past brands didn’t pay enough attention to them, but currently the situation is changing.


It’s the known fact that micro influencers are more affordable to work with and most of the time it is no trouble to find a micro influencer with a niche audience. So it is expected that renowned brands will open their eyes and start to collaborate with micro influencers who come with fewer demands and don’t make any fuss like bigger names.

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3 Main Tips to Win the Battle of Influencer Marketing Campaigns

As influencers continue to be a hot topic on social media, influencer marketing is becoming more and more popular. Thus, we start seeing more sponsored posts in our feed every day, and that doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. COVID-19 lockdowns have been quite devastating for many industries, however, coronavirus seems to fuel the fire for influencer marketing. In fact, 63% of marketers plan to increase their influencer marketing budgets during 2021. Based on data from Mediakix, Business Insider estimates that brands are expected to spend up to $ 15 billion on influencer marketing by 2022.

According to Mediakix, 89% of all marketers find ROI from influencer marketing comparable to or better than other marketing channels.


When we take the influencers’ impact on the consumers’ purchasing habits on the one hand, and the influencer marketing statistics which I mentioned above, on the other hand, we can straightforwardly claim that influencer marketing is the best of the effective marketing strategies. However, when it is used wrongly, it not only damages the brands’ online presence but also its reputation. 


So as you see, influencer marketing is sensitive. It isn’t just about finding someone with an audience and offering them money so they can say good things about you. When you start your influencer marketing campaign, you should take some steps and avoid taking some. What are the secrets of successful influencer marketing campaigns? What should brands pay attention to during their campaigns? In this blog, we’ll generally talk about you need to consider to avoid your brand becoming a loser and make your bank account look like a phone number.


1. What are you trying to achieve from an influencer marketing campaign?


Are you building awareness about an upcoming product, creating buzz about services, increasing social engagement, or driving clicks to your website?

It’s important to set up specific goals before starting a campaign(in fact, the first and foremost thing you should do) because it is like a guideline for tracking and measuring success throughout the campaign.  Also, these goals assist you to ensure that influencers are on the same page with your brand.

Brands must be as clear as day in their campaign goals. Clear and brief influencer marketing goals are crucial to a successful influencer campaign. Your campaign goals can be various and specific for your brand. However, in influencer marketing, the campaign should target at least one of these three goals: 


  • Build brand awareness and strengthen brand online presence.
  • Increase social engagement and interactions.
  • Generate leads and drive sales and profits


If you focus on too many goals in one influencer marketing campaign, that is not effective as well. So, every influencer campaign should target one or maybe a couple of main business objectives.


2. Your most important criterion when choosing an influencer is number of followers?

Then you already lost the battle. Paying attention to only the influencer’s follower count is the most common mistake while choosing an influencer to promote a brand. It should not be the most critical priority of influencer marketing. On the contrary, brands should choose influencers who have a similar culture to their campaign. Finding the right influencers can be challenging. Brands should carefully analyze the audience, key metrics before starting collaboration because an influencer with a lot of followers doesn’t mean an engaging audience.


You can check out the influencer in the following sequence:

  • Go through the influencer’s pages.
  • Look at what kind of content influencer share:
  • Check whether the influencer’s culture fits with your brand.
  • Look at the engagement they get on their posts with the help of likes and comments. (However, Influencers can buy fake followers and pay like or comment on their posts that can mislead you.)


These steps will help you to explore and make a better-informed decision. Take time to dig into these details. However, searching for the right influencer on Instagram or elsewhere is time-consuming. This is where it makes sense to use Keepface.

How to find the right influencers for your influencer marketing campaigns?

As an influencer marketing software, Keepface focuses on finding the right influencer for your brand with any niche and audience. With the access of over 350K influencers & content creators, you can find the perfect match for your business. Keepface is an automated platform for brands to reach the most relevant influencers, communicate with them, and manage campaigns using real-time analytics. 


Keepface influencer marketing software helps you identify, recruit, and negotiate with influencers in one platform. You can find influencers with any audience and engagement rates in the Keepface database with spending less time. Filter influencers by category, country, engagement rate, followers, gender, budget as well as analyze their key metrics to find the best-fitting influencers for your campaigns. You also get an in-depth analysis of influencers’ social profiles, performance data, and audience. 


Also, you should consider fraudulent influencer factors. According to a report from Cheq, fraudulent activity is costing advertisers $1.3 billion in 2019. Fraud figures not only prevent the product from reaching the target audience but also causes brands to spend money without getting any noticeable results. When influencers use social media bots for increasing follower count and creating fake engagement, it becomes difficult to determine the credibility of influencers. 


3. Be realistic when offering, make authentic relationships with your audience.


Real offers, communication, authenticity play a huge role in your influencer marketing.

Keep it real and make realistic offers. For example, in February 1992,  Pepsi Philippines announced that they would print numbers, ranging from 001 to 999, inside the caps of Pepsi bottles. Certain numbers could be redeemed for prizes, which ranged from 100 pesos to 1 million pesos for a grand prize (roughly US$40,000 in 1992),  Pepsi allocated a total of US$2 million for prizes. But an error at a bottling plant led to 600,000 winners — and lawsuits, rioting, and even deaths. One marketing campaign creates a big crisis not only for the company but also for the country. Certainly, the above  is not an example of an influencer marketing campaign. However, brands should learn lessons from this mistake: it is better to stick to promises you can deliver on.


Also, communication and authenticity can affect your campaign’s achievement. If brands want to pursue a successful influencer campaign, then they must think about building real connections with their target audience.  At least personalizing each message, avoiding cliche statements are ways to keep communication between brand and audience genuine.

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Influencer Marketing for Political Space: Top 5 Socio-Political Influencers

There are some particular topics that you need to be careful who you are listening to, society and political matters are on the first rank . If those people call themselves as socio-political influencers they need to have specific characteristics as well. Then let’s begin to tear these people’s traits down. 

Allow me to start this part with a question. Have you seen anybody too timid, yet widely influential. Quite impossible. That’s why socio-political influencers have to be able to share their views with many people and not be shy about expressing an idea. Simply to be an influencer you need to be part of a number of networks, it applies to socio-political influencers too, nevertheless being well-informed and having expertise on the matter far more important. To carry your reputation decently you need to be not just another person who barely knows about politics. You should be the one who is a source of expertise on a subject after that your view will be seen as credible. Last but not least, having a high level of activism is strongly required. Socio-political influencers are much more likely to be involved in more traditional, formal approaches to influencing social and political issues such as being involved in local or other groups, writing to politicians etc.

Burning our heads in the sand won’t change the fact that the consumer landscape is swapping day by day. Over the past five years, brands have chosen to collaborate with social media influencers and they created a $5-10 billion dollar industry. It is not a joke that 49% of consumers’ purchases depend on influencer recommendation. 70% of teens trust influencers more than traditional celebrities, while 86% of women use social media for purchasing advice. Influencers’ effect on consumers doesn’t restrain purchasing advice that also leads us to influencers for purchasing recommendations could also sway their vote.  

Another critical question arises from here, where to start to find the right socio-political influencers for your influencer marketing campaign. Only the right influencers can reach their target audience, build trust, and drive engagement impressively. Our answer to this question is pretty simple – from Keepface! As an influencer marketing software, Keepface focuses on finding the right influencer for your brand with any niche and audience you want. With the access of over 350K influencers & content creators, you can find the perfect match for your business. Reaching to the most relevant influencers, communicating with them, and managing campaigns using real-time analytics are a piece of cake.

In this blog we compiled a list of five socio-political influencers throughout the world and operating in the Society and Politics space you can find and hire.

Greta Thunberg

At the age of 15 Greta won a climate change essay competition and everything started after that. Three months later she started protesting in front of the Swedish parliament to make them meet the carbon emissions target. She held a sign that read “School Strike for Climate” and began regularly missing lessons to go on strike on Fridays, urging students around the world to join her.More than 20,000 students around the world had joined her in countries including Australia, the UK, Belgium, the US and Japan. She joined strikes around Europe, choosing to travel by train to limit her impact on the environment.

Her protests went viral on social media and as support for her cause grew, other strikes started around the world, spreading with the hashtag #FridaysForFuture. The impact she has made on the global stage in such a short time made everybody wonder about her influence on social media (specifically Twitter) and how it has changed over the past year.

A world-renowned activist and a powerful influencer on climate change, Greta has  10.5M followers on Instagram and her engagement rate is 2.91%. Furthermore she has 4.4 m followers on twitter.

Francis Baraan

Francis Martin Beltran Baraan is a Filipino human rights activist, a political commentator & blogger,a social media personality, an entrepreneur, hotelier, and a resource speaker on press freedom & fake news. He is popular for his vocal criticism & fierce posts on Facebook and Twitter against President Rodrigo Duterte, his administration, his family, and his drug policies. Being a human rights advocate and pro-democracy social media activist, Francis Baraan’s posts on social media are usually critical of President Duterte and his administration. His tweets are also critical of American President Donald Trump, who then blocked Francis Baraan on Twitter. Moreover, he fiercely shared on one of the latest Twitter posts the public figures who are holding governmental positions blocked him. He has 13k followers on Instagram and 104.7k on Twitter. 

Hugh Grant

2020 will be quite an unforgettable year from various aspects certainly . For all we know getting Brexit done will be one of them. Yet for better or for worse one figure we know since our childhood in a completely different sphera stepped up into the political stage. The actor Hugh Grant, who has become a fixture on the campaign trail, explained that he has no party affiliation. “As a father of five children, I want to save the country from catastrophe,” he said. When the  election was called, in late October, Grant had been lively on social media—he’s a mite over half a million Twitter followers—tweeting about the National Health Service and describing Johnson as a “weak little Narcissus.” Even on the 1st of February when Brexit got done, Grant couldn’t help to express his view on  the matter. He has 602k active followers on Twitter.

Mark Wallace 

British journalist, newspaper columnist and political activist Mark Wallace is Chief Executive of the website ConservativeHome. Wallace has stated that his particular interest is in “the way political machines are evolving in the age of low party memberships and digital innovation”. In October 2017, he was placed at Number 89 in “The Top 100 Most Influential People on the Right” by political commentator Iain Dale. In September 2019, he was placed at Number 58 in “The Top 100 Most Influential Conservatives of 2019”, again by Dale. Wallace has  56.7k followes on Twitter.

Mariam Said

Senior Anchor, tv producer, host of #trending Mariam Said is MENA brand ambassador too. Television show host and personality widely recognized for her work on MBC Channel 4’s Entertainment Tonight. She was featured on the cover of a 2017 issue of Gate Magazine. Mariam has 4.4M followers on Instagram and her engagement rate is 1.53%. She has 250.9K followers on Twitter.

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Top 5 Home & Garden Influencers You Should Get Inspired from!

When it comes to home and garden related topics, you’ll find plenty of inspiration from influencers across social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram. These influencers are posting, blogging and recording everything from their holiday decorating ideas to planting a small garden in their backyard. In this blog we have gathered 5 home and gardening influencers that you should definitely know about and get inspired from!

Do you own or manage a company that sells products and services in this niche? You should definitely consider partnering with some of the influencers that connect with this niche’s followers. Browse and find the best influencers for your brand’s promotion on Keepface among thousands of many social media influencers with their follower and engagement rate statistics. Keepface is the perfect tool for companies in order to take the best out of influencer marketing and be one of the well-promoted partnering brands of ours. Keepface is an automated platform for brands to reach the most relevant influencers, communicate with them, and manage campaigns using real-time analytics. 

Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson has the traits of a stylist, founder, author and everything more that a creative personality can hold. Her informative and interesting daily posts are grabbing home decoration lovers attention right away! In 2010, Emily started her blog as a journal for her own home projects and a way to share affordable ideas anyone could use. In the years that have followed, she’s become a home and garden design star. She appeared on “HGTV Design Star” and won, hosted her own style show and wrote a book that landed on the New York Times Best Seller list. Her hard work is appreciated by her 907k instagram followers and their 0.68% engagement rate.

Timothy Hammond

If you think it’s impossible to plan a garden in the city, Timothy Hammond, aka the Big City Gardener, will prove you wrong. Based in Houston, Texas, Timothy’s got about 68k Instagram followers, 1.18% of engagement rate on his posts, and his numbers are on the rise. Hammond is all about gardening in containers and small spaces in his urban yard. Besides his fascinating garden views, Timothy also shares about recipes that he makes from freshly chopped organic garden products, music and book recommendations, and everything else you need to know about turning any outdoor space into a productive garden.

Myquillyn Smith

If you’ve never heard of Myquillyn Smith, you may know her better by her nickname “The Nester.” She runs a popular home design blog called The Nesting Place, which she started in 2007. Her motto is “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful,” and she proves us that by sharing her beautiful, useful and practical ideas on her Instagram account. Myquillyn’s feed is full of daily posts which give tips on home decoration ideas to her 195k followers. We see the high interest in her posts from 1.29% of engagement rate on the Instagram account she is running. SheMyquillyn’s also written a best-selling book and has been featured in magazines like Better Homes and Gardens. 

Will Taylor

Will Taylor is another enthusiastic interior designer who manages the Instagram page with 327k followers called Bright Bazaar. New York-based Will Taylor began blogging in 2009, and he hasn’t looked back. Today, he shares his love of color, New York City, travel, style and home design with his social media followers and fans of his blog. Taylor’s personality is as colorful as his taste in design. In other words, don’t expect photo after photo of furniture in muted tones and walls painted drab grays and whites. You can, however, expect a huge outreach, thanks to his Instagram followers who appreciate his posts with 2.46% of engagement rate.

Becki Owens

Becki Owens is a professional interior designer and life blogger who has 1.2 millions of followers who regularly check out what this influencer is doing to gain inspiration for their own homes. With her elegant and minimalistic taste in interior decorations, she grabs the attention of almost anyone with a good taste. Becki found her passion for interior design at a young age by watching her dad mix colors in his paint store and remodel homes. She began by designing model homes and has since created a popular blog and a strong Instagram following. Her feed is filled with projects at varying stages, from rough-framed houses to gorgeous interiors which bring her the 1.5% of Instagram engagement rate.

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Top 5 Wedding Influencers Every Bride-to-be Should Follow

Wedding influencers on Instagram are becoming increasingly famous as well as important. They are setting new standards for the industry and letting people know how to plan better for their bid day. Additionally, if you’re already engaged then it’s the best time to start following the wedding influencers in order to take inspiration. Not only do they provide amazing ideas but they also teach useful tips and tricks to prepare for your wedding in the best possible way.

From jaw-dropping cakes around you to floor-to-ceiling decoration, you can find wedding inspiration using Instagram. That’s why for your convenience, we have rounded up the hottest and professional wedding influencers that you must start following today. Following their stories is undoubtedly a fun activity but keep in mind that it can also be a great source of help. It will allow you to get a clear idea to turn your dream day into reality. So, get yourself ready to double-tap.

Who are the top 5 wedding influencers every bride-to-be should follow?

Here are some of the best wedding influencers that you want to follow in 2020/2021. You can also find other wedding influencers with any audience and engagement rate in the Keepface database if you want any further collaboration.


Lottie is a wedding influencer, content creator, strategic storyteller, and social media manager from Somerset. If you want to know the successful marriage stories and events to get inspiration from that you should definitely follow her. She writes in a number of wedding magazines. She covers everything from inspirational blog posts to advice-based features. Her Instagram profile is home to weddings and beauty.

Nikki Watkins

If you want to have amazing ideas for your wedding photoshoot then following Nikki Watkins on Instagram is a must. She is a wedding photographer based in Bedfordshire with a considerable following. She captures the romantic, relaxed, and soft images of couples. The photos showcase innovative styling, themes, and the best ways to decorate your wedding venue. If you want to have an unforgettable wedding photo shoot, then start following her on Instagram right away.

Samantha Clarke

Samantha Clarke was a lawyer by profession but she chose her passion to become a wedding influencer. She is also an amazing wedding photographer and shares her photos on Instagram. If you want killer ideas for both your bridal and wedding photography, her gallery of both fine art and candid wedding photography can inspire you for your wedding. She provides her followers with ideas from florals decoration to gowns.

Rue De Seine

It’s an Instagram account managed by multiple people but because of its exceptional ideas for bridals, it has made its way to our list of the best top 5 wedding influencers every bride-to-be should follow. You can follow this page specifically to get innovative ideas for your bridal. Moreover, you can also search from their latest collection drops, bridal style inspo, and real bridal stories to make your appearance stand out on your big day.

Elizabeth Austin-Davis

Last but not least is Elizabeth Austin Davis who is an award-winning wedding photographer and wedding stylist. She describes herself as a free-flowing with a blended mixture of documentary and editorial expert. Following her on Instagram will allow you to get an incredible sense of photography style to have that will suit your personality at your wedding. You can scroll through her gallery that contains both artistic and traditional romantic, soft, and relaxed shots.

After checking all of these influencers you must be wondering what is the easiest and the most efficient way to get married. Especially for the UAE (and GCC) residents. You should check out this little cute startup called Easy Wedding Seychelles. Its’ team will help you with your wedding as it’s the most efficient and fastest way to get married.

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How to Make Your Influencer Marketing Campaign Successful During the Holiday Season

We have said goodbye to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. They are not long gone, yet they opened the way for the upcoming Holiday season. Yes! If we take Christmas and New Year into account December may be the best time for influencer marketing campaigns. Despite the fact Covid-19 pushed us into our homes, still when we scroll through our social media feeds Christmas vibes surround us with its thrilling beauty. Not excited? What about if we say that your Christmas Influencer Campaign is already wrapped up, with a bow on top! In order to make our customers comfortable we’re making it simple for you. We’ll manage everything, so you can focus on having your biggest Christmas ever.

Psst! We have something for you

Holiday season has knocked upon our door. Several brands took this opportunity and have already started to plan ways to leverage their businesses. To attract customers attention with product promotions, discounts, seasonal promotions, deals is just part of the job. As we know it is not that easy to affect the purchasing decisions of others. At least not without an insight on the matter. When you, as a brand, think that you’ve stepped into a hard path influencers walk onto the stage and save the day.

A Social media influencer or influencer marketing terms are far from being buzzwords. Right now almost every brand is aware of the fact that those right influencers are the ones who can reach their target audience, build trust, and drive engagement. Just to make it clear, meeting brands and audiences demands is not an easy process and clearly doesn’t happen overnight. Finding the right influencers to work with for your Christmas campaign can be as hard as giving the perfect present for your loved ones. 


Word of Mouth is a Campaign Saver

Wasting your precious time and money on a marketing campaign which is doomed to fail is just sad. Make sure you fully analyze and determine the influencers that are best for this campaign is worth the time and effort. It can be easy to fall back on simply looking at the number of followers an influencer has. But this is a poor way to judge whether someone will be a good fit for your campaign. The right influencer creates original and engaging content. Their authority over the matter and relationship with their audience make it possible for them to affect the purchasing decisions of others.



We all may agree that during holidays, especially Christmas, marketing is mainly driven orally. A huge chunk of consumers trust recommendations from friends and strangers over other marketing channels, so it’s clear the big opportunity this Christmas lies in word of mouth marketing. One of the key points to make your campaign successful is to boost influencers’ holiday contents across channels. Instagram is beyond successful, we agree, but it doesn’t mean that everybody is a fan of it.



Fake Social Activity Trend

In all sincerity, we are obligated to tell you the truth. Without professional help it is almost impossible to find and hire the right influencer. Having way more followers than an actual capacity of an influencer is an ordinary situation now. More specifically fake social activity and fraud make it really hard to run an effective influencer marketing campaign. Yes, almost every influencer is active across so many social networks and yes, they also generate so much content but yet it’s not enough. However the assessment of influencers – their authenticity, audience, effectiveness and engagement, is hardly possible. 



Keepface is Here for You

You need professionals who will always provide the entire picture. And here we make our debut for your brand. As an influencer marketing software, Keepface focuses on finding the right influencer for your brand with any niche and audience. With the access of over 350K influencers & content creators, you can find the perfect match for your business. Keepface is an automated platform for brands to reach the most relevant influencers, communicate with them, and manage campaigns using real-time analytics. 

Keepface influencer marketing software helps you identify, recruit, and negotiate with influencers in one platform. You can find influencers with any audience and engagement rates in Keepface database with spending less time. Filter influencers by category, country, engagement rate, followers, gender, budget as well as analyze their key metrics to find the best-fitting influencers for your campaigns. You also get an in-depth analysis of influencers’ social profiles, performance data, and audience. After finding the right influencer, your Christmas campaign is good to go. Keepface tracks metrics like reach, engagement and we ensure you that there is nobody who could direct your investments more effectively.



Countdown to Christmas

Let’s say, you are almost ready to launch your Christmas campaign but using the same traditional image posts haven’t worn out yet? How about creating short videos or short films, don’t be timid. Let your imagination run wild, certainly doing something out of the ordinary can help your brand stand out from the ocean of holiday campaign posts and brand promotions. 


Engaging your audience on a deeper level is the best way to create a truly unique campaign. If you want to capture your customers attention and get more meaningful engagement with them, you need to start advertising with them, rather than advertise at them. Show your customers that what you are trying to get in this influencer marketing campaign doesn’t base on simple holiday purchases. You are selling them an experience, not just a product. 


At last we would like to reveal one more secret. Oh, these magical, ravishing holidays. We wish they never end but as every beautiful thing you are also doom to end. First Christmas then New Year. Yet how about extending your marketing campaign beyond Christmas Day? Many customers expect lower prices beyond the holidays, so they would be delighted to continue their holiday shopping even after the holiday season. So here we all could say, after having the great influencer marketing you can cross one out from your New Year resolutions. 

Ready to kick some goals this holiday season? 

Get to work! 

May your campaigns be merry and bright!


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List of 7 Female Beauty Influencers on Instagram

Instagram beauty influencers are shaking up the industry with wide-ranging representation, bold looks, and out-of-the-box style that challenges mainstream, conventional beauty. The highly visual realms of fashion and beauty have seen an unprecedented sea of change in the digital age. With the rise of YouTube and Instagram, influencer marketing is making waves on social media, and brands are benefitting big time. You can find new fashion icons by scrolling through your phone and learn complicated makeup tips with the tap of your finger on a relevant content.

Partnering with influencers the right way can give your brand some clout within your target market, but the real question is: where do you start? The answer is simple – from Keepface! With its variety of functionalities, Keepface online influencer marketing tool is offering the brands and companies the chance to collaborate with many influencers on different platforms. The offers included are beyond numbers like follower count and high engagement, you can also find influencers based on their audience language, categories and many more. 

As an influencer marketing software, Keepface focuses on finding the right influencer for your brand with any niche and audience. With the access of over 350K influencers & content creators, you can find the perfect match for your business. Keepface is an automated platform for brands to reach the most relevant influencers, communicate with them, and manage campaigns using real-time analytics. 

You can find influencers with any audience and engagement rates in the Keepface database with spending less time. Filter influencers by category, country, engagement rate, followers, gender, budget as well as analyze their key metrics to find the best-fitting influencers for your campaigns. You also get an in-depth analysis of influencers’ social profiles, performance data, and audience. 

As we’re talking about influencers and influencer marketing, let’s take a look at some of the top beauty influencers and bloggers you need to keep an eye on. For this list, we’ve selected 7 beauties of Instagram with the wide range of audiences, language and engagement rates.


Nikkie is a Dutch beauty influencer and makeup artist, known for her hair and makeup tutorials. She’s big on Instagram with roughly 14 million followers and 2.84% engagement rate in her account. Her makeup tutorials focus on looks that truly transform a person’s face – from high fashion, contoured and chic, to out of this world looks. She always posts tutorials for her looks on her account mentioning the products and brands she uses. She has worked with brands such as FacialTox, Maybelline, and Marc Jacobs Beauty.

Taylor Hill 

It has already been quite a few years since a 22 year old Taylor Hill shined as a Victoria’s Secret model for the first time. She is not only a remarkable pretty face with a perfect body to envy but also a fashion diva who knows everything about the latest beauty and fashion trends. We can not only see it during the special occasions she attends but also on her Instagram account where she shares a lot of photos together with the things from her life. Combining 15 millions of audience and 2.06% engagement rate, her Instagram account is good enough to be considered as one of the valuable beauty influencers of Instagram.


Alex Rivière is a 26 years old beauty influencer with French origins. Her 745.2k followers on Instagram are exposed to the stylish combinations of her outfits every day and they reward these posts with a 1.94% of engagement rate. Alex is one of the respected influencers on the beauty industry; even brands like Dior and BVLGARI work with her in order to promote their products. Her degrees in Business Administration, Fashion Marketing and Fashion Design are one of the main reasons why she has successfully managed to be among the best of her colleagues. Besides working with prominent companies, she also has her own clothing brand.

Danla Bilic

Danla Bilic is one of the most controversial beauty influencers in Turkey. Starting from her funny makeup tutorial videos to her weight losing journey she is the most known and discussed person among people. But thanks to those discussions, Danla now has a 5.8 million audience on Instagram along with 9.77% of engagement rate. In the first period of her fame, she was promoting different brands, but after a few months she started her own makeup and clothing brand as well. You can enjoy her funny, at the same time informative makeup tutorials both on her youtube and instagram accounts in which she also talks on various topics with guest celebrities.

Cansu Akın 

With one of the most followed Turkish beauty influencers on Instagram with 648k audience and 3% of engagement rate – we introduce Cansu Akın. On her Instagram account Cansu shares the content about her daily makeup, fashion and skin care routines with her followers. The main characteristic that differentiates her from other beauty influencers is her unique fashion style. Cansu’s followers get inspired from her daily outfits and also follow the latest fashion trends through her feed.

Hailey Eylül Sani

Formerly known as Berrypinklips, Hailey Eylül Sani is a routine, makeup, haul video, and vlog content creator and well known among both US and Turkey influencers. She loves to be unique and think of different ideas one wouldn’t usually find in the typical beauty guru video. Her creative content on Instagram already gained her 783k followers with 11.61% of engagement rate. Hailey is among the minority of Turkish influencers who are based in the US and doing great jobs there by cooperating with famous brands, one of them being Marc Jacobs. She has also tried herself in the field of acting by acting in a web series and an advertisement.

Valeria Lipovetsky

Valeria Lipovetsky is “everything in one” influencer of the Russian Instagram platform with 1.3 million audience and 3.32% engagement rate. She is a registered nutritionist, fashion model, mom of two, wife, blogger and many more! Her Instagram account is full of videos of her original and trendy outfits; in one video you can see her trying on elegant dresses, in the other styling a puffer jacket in five different ways. This talent comes from her modelling experience which she started as a 15-year-old teenager. Now, Valeria shares her past experiences and knowledge about modelling, style and beauty on her blog. Being a mom of 2 little boys, Valeria also enjoys sharing her most beautiful moments with her family.

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