Top 6 Entrepreneur Influencers You Need To Follow

Let’s imagine that we have two people. One of them is to organize, manage and take on the risks of a business. They in many cases start a new business or run a company. Another one is some kind of guide, he/she has the power to affect or change people and their mind through social media. If we pay close attention, there is no way that these two people have something in common but now the new concept of digital marketing changed this motion drastically, too.

Entrepreneur influencers are using social media to boost their business, to raise awareness, grow the customer base and add market value to their brands. Whether it’s a startup or a personal brand, they are representing various industries. We’ve profiled the top 10 entrepreneur influencers here. Furthermore, if you want to hire proficient entrepreneur influencers, you need to rush to check Keepface platform.

When it comes to influencer marketing, the best platform for that is Keepface. As an influencer marketing software, Keepface focuses on finding the right influencer for your brand with any niche and audience. Keepface helps you identify, recruit, and negotiate with influencers in one platform. With the access of over 350K influencers & content creators, you can find the perfect match for your business. Keepface is an automated platform for brands to reach the most relevant influencers, communicate with them, and manage campaigns using real-time analytics.

Arvin Lal Wiki

An Indian-American Businessman Arvin Lal was born on March 21, 1985, in Queens, NY. He is the CEO and founder of Shredz and Beyond Genetics Supplements. He started the company in 2012, inspired by success with a supplement that a friend gave him. After making $90,000 in its first year of operation, revenue topped $5 million in 2013. He is also very popular on social media with more than 1M followers on Instagram and almost two Million Likes on Facebook.

John Rampton

Do you want to know who is one of the top entrepreneur influencers in the blogging and digital media industry? Some might call him the “entrepreneur and connector,” and John Rampton is famous for networking with influencers. He’s been named #3 of the Top 50 Online Influencers in the World by Entrepreneur magazine. John Rampton is an entrepreneur, investor, and startup enthusiast. He is the founder of the calendar productivity tool Calendar and Due.

He has spoken all over the would and coached countless entrepreneurs how to grow their small ideas to a billion-dollar businesses. Many of these same entrepreneurs have gone on to sell their companies to Google, eBay, Microsoft and Adobe.

Ann Handley

If you are an enthusiastic reader of Forbes, there is no way that you missed the chance of being acquainted with Ann Handley. Forbes has named her the Most Influential Women in Social Media. The top entrepreneur influencer is also a published author, with two books about writing content to her credit. Plus, she’s one of the Top 20 Women Bloggers. Ann is a pioneer in digital marketing, and she is the co-founder of, which was one of the first sources of digital marketing news and commentary.

Carlos Blanco

This Spanish influencer is characterized by a 100% entrepreneurial attitude. He is co-founder and CEO of Nuclio Venture Builder and of Conector Startup Accelerator. Year after year he got several awards such as one of the 500 hundred people more influential in Spain, the Best Entrepreneur in 2014 and AEBAN also recognized him the same year as the best Business Angel. We dare to say that he is the most accomplished entrepreneur influencer in Spain.

Chris Stoikos 

Our next entrepreneur influencer is one of the best, Chris Stoikos who is the founder and face of Dollar Beard Club. As founder of DBC, Stoikos is often referred to as the leader of the bearded revolution. His company was worth $13 million dollars in only 14 months.

However, we know him for his eccentric and quirky videos, which redoubled over 130 million views and $10.5 million in sales this year. Dollar Beard Club monthly delivers essential grooming products to keep facial hair thick, full and healthy to its 70,000 active subscribers.

Chris is a thrill-seeker and his unique personality pulls in followers to see where he will take them next with his products and promotions. Chris Stoikos is a marketing genius and entrepreneur, yet if you want to amuse yourself, hustle your bustle.

Luka Sabbat

His 2.3M followers and many others may know him as Mr.Fallback, but his real name is Luka Sabbat. In the world of menswear modeling, few individuals have the social media tenacity of a one Luka Sabbat. Just 19 years of age, Luka has already walked for Italian powerhouse Dolce & Gabbanna, posed for Hugo Boss, and has been a featured face in the Adidas Originals “Future” advertising campaign, as well as several seasons of Yeezy. Now he is 22 years old and Luka’s net worth is $3 Millions. Luka was discovered when he was 15 by ReQuest Model Management while drinking hot chocolate with his dad. 

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5 Daring Female Hunters You Need to Follow

If we claim that consumers trust recommendations from a third party more often than a brand itself you won’t object to that idea at all. When we take personal context into account this claim makes more sense to us all. In order to deliver this message Influencer marketing involves content marketing and social media at the same time. Now we take the matters into our hands and present you the most fierce female hunter influencers.

In the hunting, outdoor and firearms world, the industry is full of shooting, firearm hunting experts, and proponents that blog and create videos. Additionally, we should not ignore the fact that influencers who attend in the hunting industry are not just hobbyists, there are plenty of examples that could prove the opposite. 

Jim Shockey, Luke Bryan and many others are accounts of industry advocates that have large audiences to get an idea of the numbers we’re talking about. Marketers may spend millions of dollars on elaborately conceived advertising campaigns, however frequently what makes up a consumer’s mind is not only simple but also free: a word-of-mouth recommendation from a trusted source, especially in the hunting, outdoor and firearms industry. Combined with inbound or content marketing, influencer marketing could be the strategy you’re looking for.

Yet you don’t need to knocked out to find it, because as an influencer marketing software, Keepface focuses on finding and hiring the right influencer for your brand with any niche and audience. With the access of over 350K influencers & content creators, you can find the perfect match for your business. Keepface is an automated platform for brands to reach the most relevant influencers, communicate with them, and manage campaigns using real-time analytics. 

In these topics such as hunting, shooting etc. fierce men came into our mind and I totally agree with the fact that historically, women have been underrepresented in outdoor sports. That’s all changing now. Thanks to the pioneers and others like them, the number of outdoorswomen is now exploding—to the point that increased female participation is the biggest trend in our sports today. Just as important, women are carving their own space in the outdoors. Just for the records you can find these fierce women on Keepface database.

Melissa Bachman

Imagine you are a 5 years old little girl but still go into the woods to hunt with your parents. She started hunting when she was so young but as an outdoor loving human Melissa managed it very well. “Hunting is a patience game” she said once ,however after putting her time and hard work she amazed us all. You know, when you end up finding and following a ton of incredible people that you wish you could know in real life Melissa is one of them. 88.2K people follow her on instagram and her engagement rate is 1.33%.

Cara Harper

When Cara was very young her father took her along on his hunts, and since then she has developed a passion for hunting. She was raised to love the experience of being in the outdoors and to enjoy the beauty in nature. Don’t have any doubt on her eagerness, just hit the follow button and enjoy the experience of her love of dogs, fitness, photography, and everything outdoors.Cara has 60.1K followers and her engagement rate is 3.12 %.

Kristy Lee Cook

If you have any kind of curiosity on the hunting industry there is no way that you haven’t heard her name. Kristy is an owner and host of “The Most Wanted List”. Guess what she and her guests talk about: Yes, hunting. She loves the time she gets to spend outdoors and always finds joy in life. Kristy has 53.1K followers and her engagement rate is 3.09%.

Sportswoman Courtney 

We all want to make friends so quickly, being alone could be rewarding but not as much as being a company with someone who shares the same interests. It applies to the hunting industry too. And our magnificent hunter, aka Sportswoman Courtney could be a noteworthy advocate of that. Just a quick peek at her Instagram account makes you feel like there is a world out there and this woman discovering it inch by inch. From deer to crocodile there is nothing she is not able to hunt. Her audience reached 149.2K and 1.6% engagement.

Nikki Boxler

Nikki Boxler grew up on a large dairy farm in Western New York and continues to reside there today. This setting has shaped her love of the outdoors and is how she developed a passion which drives her to spend as much time hunting and fishing as possible. For her, hunting is not about the kill, it is about the experience, the memories, the moments and having fun. Her most memorable adventures take place not only in the woods but also around the grill. Nikki thoroughly enjoys her role as co-host of Winchester Life. She has 92.1K followers and her engagement rate is 2.96%. 

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5 Health and Medical Influencers You Need to Follow

Imagine, you have a brand, quite new but promising, and you want to promote your health, or fitness-related product on social media. It is not a secret anymore that the internet has drastically changed the way people manage their health. An abundance of information and reviews about symptoms, medication, and treatment options have empowered patients and made them to become equal partners in the process. And in these aidful research stages are great opportunities to strengthen the bond between the audience and influencers. 

I assume you have seen a health care professional or  social media influencer with a large following on social media platforms. They use special contents, blogs, or podcasts to share their experience with a service or product. This is how influencer marketing works. Basically a brand collaborates with an influential person to promote something.

Influencer marketing is a great alternative to many less effective marketing strategies that are costing you more. You can make acquaintance with spectacular influencers almost in every social media platform, nevertheless Instagram offers a highly visual format for content that covers topics like nutrition, fitness and healthcare more professionally and dazzlingly. Instagram health influencers focus on a variety of subjects and represent a range of expertise and advice.

When time to come marketing and promotion stages brands often turn to Instagram health influencers for their partnership. If we lean on the common knowledge, we all can agree that most of these influencers are better known for their personalities and the representations they make on health and fitness products, yet some health influencers are renowned physicians with medical degrees. No matter which category they fall into, health influencers focus on subjects that range from the benefits of meditation and vegan diets, information or first hand experience on healthcare and chronic illnesses, fitness routines, etc.

When it comes to influencer marketing, the best platform for that is Keepface. As an influencer marketing software, Keepface focuses on finding the right influencer for your brand with any niche and audience. Keepface helps you identify, recruit, and negotiate with influencers in one platform. With the access of over 350K influencers & content creators, you can find the perfect match for your business. Keepface is an automated platform for brands to reach the most relevant influencers, communicate with them, and manage campaigns using real-time analytics.

Mike Varshavski

Possibly we all know him as Doctor Mike, but his real name is Mikhail Varshavski. Russian-born American internet celebrity and family medicine doctor, Mike’s Instagram account went “viral” after he was featured in Buzzfeed and in People magazine’s 2015 issue of The Sexiest Doctor Alive. He has a YouTube channel that provides medically themed entertainment. Mike has 8 million social media followers and he is spreading the word far and wide about the benefits of osteopathic medicine. “I chose to become a DO(Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) because I’m a fan of treating the patient as a whole person and practicing preventive medicine,” says Doctor Mike, a family physician based in New York. Just for you to know he is the most-followed doctor on social media.

Amanda Rocchio

Full-of-flavor organic food recipes are on the way. Amanda Rocchio is a CEO, Entrepreneur, Nutrition Guru and Wellness Advocate. She has created MeowMix Brand and over 1.5M people follow her on Instagram.

However, she mentioned that she didn’t always have a healthy relationship with food, after a long and challenging period she realized that being healthy wasn’t just about starving yourself, but rather about fueling your body with the right foods. Now she shares her meal prep tips and tricks online with her loyal audience.

Super Healthy Spaghetti Bolognese, Salmon Pesto with Healthy Carbs, Eggplant Mozzarella with Grilled Chicken, and many more recipes like that. Organic plant-based food never looked this heavenly.

Deepak Chopra, M.D.

With 1.4 million followers on Instagram and international name recognition, Deepak Chopra is also a New York Times bestselling author. He is an advocate of alternative medicine and promotes a spiritual focus that explores the mind-body connection.He has stated, “Your mind, your body and your consciousness – which is your spirit – and your social interactions, your personal relationships, your environment, how you deal with the environment, and your biology are all inextricably woven into a single process … By influencing one, you influence everything.” He is committed to help to create a more peaceful, just, sustainable, healthy, and joyful world. 

Jessamyn Stanley

Jessamyn Stanley is  an award-winning yoga instructor, intersectional activist, and author of ‘Every Body Yoga.’ she empowers her audience of over half a million to break down barriers: both those that society has set and that they have set for themselves. She is  a leading voice on intersectional identity and 21st century yoga and her work aimed at changing the largely white and thin face of yoga by tapping into her mission of making the practice more accessible to all. She has won many awards for her social influence and unique approach to yoga. With an articulate message of representation and visibility.

In early 2019, she launched The Underbelly, her digital yoga studio and lifestyle brand available worldwide by web, iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, and a host of other platforms. She impacts her 448K followers while challenging beauty standards of the 21st century.

Dr Megan Rossi

Megan is a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist with a PhD in gut health from the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the University of Queensland, Australia. Her PhD was recognised for its contribution to science receiving the Dean’s Award for excellence. She leads research at King’s College London investigating nutrition-based therapies in gut health, including pre- & probiotics, dietary fibres, the low FODMAP diet and food additives. 

Too nerdy? Then lets talk about her glowing and eye-catching Instagram grid. She regularly shares delicious recipes on her social channels.Not only Megan makes some of the most beautiful vegan food and desserts, she is also mindful of things like added sugars and fats. Moreover, in order to create awareness she posts different information about breast cancer, diabet etc. on her social media accounts.

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5 Leading Automotive Influencers Your Need to Know About

Announcements of the latest car models are happening within media and auto shows all over the world, and they create new opportunities for automotive influencers and car bloggers. Now more than ever automotive companies are realizing the gigantic potential of social media influencers who we will call as automotive influencers have huge reputations operate by the same rules of branding.

It is completely okay to hesitate sometimes and weigh all those questions on your mind. Like who should I collaborate with or which platforms are better than others. There is nothing wrong about having some doubts about your brand’s future, yet you can place your trust in influencer marketing. When it comes to influencer marketing, the best platform for that is Keepface. As an influencer marketing software, Keepface focuses on finding the right influencer for your brand with any niche and audience. With the access of over 350K influencers & content creators, you can find the perfect match for your business. Keepface is an automated platform for brands to reach the most relevant influencers, communicate with them, and manage campaigns using real-time analytics.

Many auto brands such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini, Jeep, Volvo, Subaru, and Ferrari are already driving success with top automotive influencers. Similarly, you can too. While you try to do your utmost, influencers also do the best they can do. They are not just ordinary people. Automotive influencers understand the specifications of a vehicle’s suspension, inner-workings of engines. Luxury vehicles, off road vehicles, auto racing, and many more.

You must not forget that effective influencer collaborations have been helping brands generate more sales and a higher ROI. You’d better believe that the right influencers can help you connect with your audience directly and engage people who are likely to be genuinely interested in your products. Let’s take a look at 5 top automotive influencers who can help you carry out victorious marketing campaigns.

Tim Shmee

Tim Burton, known professionally as Shmee150 or Shmee, is a British car vlogger and YouTuber, who is based in London. His YouTube channel has two million subscribers and features videos of him traveling to see exotic cars and maintaining and using his own car collection. He launched his channel in July 2006 and he currently has 2.14M subscribers. Let’s not forget about 1.2M followers keep up with his amazing posts on Instagram. I would write down his cars’ names, but the list is longer than I imagined so just Google it.

Alexandra Hirschi 

An auto blog without mentioning  Supercar Blondie is impossible, right? Yeah, I think so. Our next marvellous female automotive influencer is Alexandra Hirschi. She has had a great passion for cars since her childhood. This passion has grown even bigger that made her probably the most eminent female automotive influencer. She’s an Australian VIP influencer with over 7 million highly engaged followers world-wide, based in Dubai.She is best known for her automotive videos and photos with insanely luxurious cars, which she posts on a regular basis on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Alex has her own TV show called, “Car Crews” and is widely considered one of the most influential women in the Arab world. 

Seb Delanney

Seb is a leading European social automotive and lifestyle influencer and entrepreneur.He creates unique aspirational content in both English and French, with a ‘Reach’ across his social media platforms of 780,000 subscribers across the world. Having started to make videos at age 13, Seb has travelled the world to test-drive and film almost every exotic supercar available, as well as gaining track experience and a racing licence.

Seb Delanney is passionate about cars and loves to document his adventure and travel stories with his followers. This French automotive influencer launched his YouTube channel in January 2012 and he has 199k subscribers. He also collaborates with fellow automotive influencers and YouTubers such as Tim Shmee.Other than YouTube, Seb also uses Instagram actively. His Instagram account, @sebdelanney, has 200K followers and his engagement rate is 3.59%. He loves to share his passion for cars through impressive photos.

Sophia Calate

This auto enthusiast Blonde has gained her fame through her self-titled Youtube channel. Her automotive and adventure vlogging while reviewing supercars. She launched her YouTube channel in November 2015, and now she has 99.8k plus counting subscribers. She was born and raised in Germany, so her videos are in German but yet don’t be sad because you can hit that subtitle button anytime. It is not all. 99.2k people follow her on Instagram and her engagement rate is amazingly high, 7.56%. She mentioned again and again that being into sports cars is not just a hobby, it is a lifestyle. Maybe that’s why she owns a Porsche GT3, Golf GTI Clubsport and will soon take delivery of a new Audi R8 RWS.

Alessandro Salomondrini

Alessandro Salomondrini, popularly known as Salomondrin makes  vlogs about his personal life and the things he does from day to day. He made his money through working in the dairy industry, technology world, commercial real estate, entertainment and other random investments for others, but let’s agree on this that we all know him from his mouth-watering posts and videos about cars. His biggest success was in real estate, though, and his net worth is 12M, quite much I assume. He joined YouTube in April 2010 and the number of his subscribers is 1.65M. Still not interested? Have a look at his Instagram account where he has  2.6M followers and his engagement rate is 6.25%. The best part is that you can easily reach him through Keepface.

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5 Coaching Influencers Boost Your Business

Do you know what has never been cooler then it is now? Let me enlighten you: Leading an active and healthy lifestyle. Possibly you want to convert to a healthier lifestyle in the last months of 2020 and in the unknown and full of hopes 2021. We are not aiming to uplift your hopes about the future. You know, no one knows if this year could get even worse. However, if you have a perfect body, mind and health you could be way fulfilled. The most effective way to fulfill your goals is to find the right coaching influencer who will shine on your path.

You can eat super yummy and life filled foods, be aware of herbal treatment, have your special workout routine, etc. Don’t let me even start with smoothies which will brighten your soul and life. When we just check our Instagram feed there are tons of stunning male and female content creators who are living the best version of their life. At first we all think “ Nah they are just models” or “ I can workout too but I don’t have time for it”. Yeah, we all have been there, but you know what we are just deceiving ourselves with these mere excuses. Do you know that daily mindfulness could make a huge difference in your life? I didn’t but after starting to follow some coaching influencers I realized the only limit that I have was myself. 

As technology evolves almost every industry niche has an established list of influencers. These influencers play a critical role in brand discovery, social media RIO, driving commercials, etc. Most importantly they found people who could actually help us to get the best version of our life too. Don’t you want to look magnificent and keep living the life you want?

However, where to start to find the right coaching influencers for your influencer marketing campaign. Only the right influencers can reach their target audience, build trust, and drive engagement impressively. Our answer to this question is pretty simple – from Keepface! Keepface focuses on finding the right influencer for your brand with any niche and audience you want. With the access of over 350K influencers & content creators, you can find the perfect match for your business. Reaching to the most relevant influencers, communicating with them, and managing campaigns using real-time analytics are a piece of cake.

The list of coaching influencers that I am going to share with you has changed dozens of people’s lives by giving instructions, tips and tricks to their followers. You can find them all in Keepface database if you want any further collaboration but in order to make things easier for you, I’ll add Instagram profile of each one of them. Let’s get started then.

Berkan Karabulut

As a Personal trainer and vlogger Berkan shares workouts, motivation and helpful tips on developing a positive mindset around working out. He is so fond of his work that he started his own business called Fit 2 Move Tr. Berkan has some of the best abs on Instagram. Anyone would think he’s a slave to the gym, but he’s actually refreshingly down to earth and normal, loves his food and encourages his followers to take time off and rest when they need it. He has 1.3M loyal followers and his engagement rate is 29.7%, amazing, right?

Sascha Barboza

Sascha Barboza believes the main mistake women make with regard to exercising is focusing on aesthetics, rather than health. She uses her platform to encourage women to empower themselves through fitness. Almost everyday she shares her workout routine and healthy recipes with her followers. Additionally Sascha is not only a fitness-nutrition coach but also an author of a bestseller book and a mother of two. She has 4M followers, and her engagement rate is 2.98%.

Jeff Seid

Good is a fat-loss coach who posts about what he learned on his own to help his followers make healthy changes, develop more balanced lifestyles, and lose weight sustainably and build a perfect athletic body. Jeff  posts his workouts with plenty of videos to demonstrate the correct techniques.In his new home workout series, he prepared a program that followers can get maximum results via using minimum equipment. He has 4M followers, and his engagement rate is 3.92%.

Lucia Frettes

If you don’t know her, you have missed the chance to meet one of the most determined, brave women on Instagram. Still not late, though. Despite the fact that she had some serious injuries the beautiful smile in her face never faded away.  She inspires his followers not only with workout videos but also with his daily choices. Moreover the body positivity and casualty she has  shared in her  posts and contents make everybody think that Lucia certainly one of us,  no wonder her engagement rate is so high, 20.29 %.

Hadi Laabi

Hadi Laabi is not only one of the most knowledgeable trainers in the fitness industry, but he’s also one of the kindest and most encouraging. He takes the time to reply to all his followers’ questions, regularly reminds people that if you’re still trying you can’t mess up. Hadi is a fast-growing Instagram training influencer with a passion for fitness and lifestyle. He has 163.3K followers, and his engagement rate is 3.48%.

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5 Steps To Start Your Career As Beauty Influencer

You may possibly have noticed that the beauty topic sits high on the list of people along with health and wellness. And this is not something we can hide that we want to stay looking young and beautiful as well as being healthy. 

We can say that beauty influencers shaped influencer marketing and quickly adapting to the latest influencer marketing trends.

If you are one of the people who saw themselves in the beauty field, more specifically if you want to be the one who will be the inspiration to the people, you are in the right place.

Following these steps, you can start a beauty influencer career from scratch and rock it. Let’s get to work, here are your tips.

Make Your “Content King”


Nobody expects you to be the genius of makeup or skincare guru from the first time but eventually, you will feel the need of it. If you want your audience to take you seriously you need to know the basic science behind skincare or the different ingredients that affect hair and skin.

How can I make my hair grow faster? How to clean makeup brushes? What should my skincare routine be? How to get rid of undereye circles? How can I make my nails stronger?

All the answers are a click away from you. Spend most of your time on researching then present it to your followers in a glamorous way. However, if you want to take up the limit you may take lessons, beauty conventions and even seminars, they will keep you up to date with the latest trends.  Pay attention to new research and technology in the beauty industry as well.

Being a beauty influencer is not just about looking stylish every time. It’s also about having excellent product and industry knowledge and staying updated with launches, beauty hacks, and latest hair and makeup trends. To become a successful influencer, you need to understand the tricks of marketing and get a grasp of social media platforms.

Choose Your Niche


We all may agree that beauty is a broad topic and it is merely possible that one person could know every aspect of it. Having an overall knowledge is perfect but it is better to put your efforts into the aspect you are focused on.

You may want to sell some beauty products to earn extra money but if you focus your energy on skincare, haircare, or even narrower topics your audience will see you as the guru in that particular topic.

You need to know that beauty influencers with a niche audience are the ones cosmetic and fashion brands lookout for product promotion.


Develop Your Social Media Accounts


One of the most important questions is how will you reach your followers? For that question, you need to develop strong social media platforms.

Taking this part seriously is vital because if you want to make money out of it you have to work this as a business. First, sell yourself then sell your products and services.

Don’t limit yourself with Instagram. Spread your wings. You need to make yourself seen, useful, engaged, active, persistent, approachable and available. Your content should reflect your customer’s desires, and ease your conscience. Use your listening skills to give your buyers the content that they ask for.

Making yourself is a brand is a game-changing act. The color you choose, style, content etc. will make people think that you are special.

Make your content engaging and shareable. Encourage your followers to share your helpful tips. Additionally, hashtags will clear the clouds for you, they will help you categorize your posts and the right hashtags can instantly gain you more followers. A lot of beauty companies looking to collaborate with micro-influencers and most of the time they use #discoverunder10k. Imagine how this could help you. 

One more thing, using obvious #beauty,#makeup hashtags may not be helpful anymore. Instead of them, you can use hashtags such as #organic, #instamakeup, #skincarejunkie, #IGskincare. They will help your audience find you based on their specific interest rather than simply scrolling on Instagram.  

Which social media giant you choose doesn’t matter unless you mix up your post with facts, latest trends, product pics etc. Don’t forget the more platforms, the more people. Sharing daily posts, keeping yourself active will make you seem that you’ve committed yourself to this niche and because you take this job seriously, you are the person who deserves to be followed.

Stand Out Instead of Blending in


There are millions of people out there who claim to be a beauty influencer who had a vision in this sector. Then what makes you different from these people? Why are you special? Then use your brain to get creative, set yourself apart from the competitors. If the idea you want to try is used before then let me remind you a phrase Pablo Picasso stole once “ Amateurs borrow, professionals steal”.

Your uniqueness, relatable and doable tips and tricks, topical and trendy content, engaging and diversified topics, and regular flow of information are the things which distinguish you from the others.


Promote Your Brand


You may say “Oh Gee, I don’t have a brand”, my dear, you are a brand. Promote yourself religiously.

Don’t sacrifice your dignity for a handful of followers, always stay on people’s good graces. If your audience recognizes you they will recognize everything you do; good, bad, and ugly.


Start to Influence Now


What time is better than now?  Now you know how to become a beauty influencer so what are you waiting for? Roll up your sleeves and get busy.


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How to Make Influencer Marketing Work for Your Business?

In recent years influencer marketing gained momentum over traditional digital marketing, and it is a hot topic for everybody these days. To promote their products, prestigious brands spend fortunes on influencer marketing. 


It is the known fact that marketing campaigns consume plenty of resources, including a huge amount of their budget along with a few robust employees. However, what if you are a company with a limited budget, a new startup, or you simply do not have the money to pay an agency to start an influencer marketing campaign for you. You cannot afford celebrities, but you also want to be promoted in social media efficiently. Firsts are always harder than seconds, but Keepface makes every step easier for you. 


Influencer marketing is quite effective for small businesses more than big ones. After reading this blog, you will be able to run an influencer marketing campaign without spending significant sums.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Sure you have already heard about influencer marketing but let’s briefly sum it up now. Influencer marketing goes conjointly with two other types of marketing which are probably more familiar to you: social media marketing and content marketing. Influencer marketing, on the other hand, is a type of marketing that content creators- influencers- that have a unique relationship with a particular audience to promote a brand through social media. 


Word of mouth marketing has always been the most dominant form of marketing, from the first time when people start to sell their products, the verbal message still stands valid today. So influencer marketing is based on the fact that consumers trust other consumers more than they believe brands.


Here is the list of key steps you need to take for making influencer marketing for your business.

#1 Set Your Goals


As in every path of business, setting goals is the first step you have to take. This will help you find the right influencer for your brand. Why are you working with influencers? What are your goals? What are you looking for? Impressions? Clicks? Conversions? All these metrics serve to measure the performance of your campaign. 

Brand awareness


Awareness is your main goal if it is your first promotion or you are promoting a new product. It is better to advertise your brand through influencers from a specific niche. Impressions are key metrics for measuring awareness.

Community Engagement

You may grow awareness about your brand or products in multiple ways, but this one is the greatest and favorable. Engagement helps to see the customer attitude towards your brand. Trigger responses from a specific community, through vouchers, contests, and targeted campaigns. This helps your content reach new users, and gives the influencer something unique to offer their followers.


The sale is the ultimate goal of any project. But if it is your primary goal, you need to focus on click and conversions. The niche community you target may prove to be a good and reliable source of customers.


That’s how the crowdfunding and donation platforms, gets their positive results. They created their campaign by working over ten influencers on Instagram and asked them to produce engaging content for their followers. Thus, they were able to identify fans of the brand that were later contacted and invited to develop visual content for official Instagram account.

Brand Fit


Along with social media metrics you need to pay attention to other qualities like niche and brand fit. The importance of influencer niche is laid on a coherent base because you need to be sure it aligns with yours. In other words, any influencer you choose needs to be in accordance with your particular audience. 


Reputation is another crucial factor to consider when finding an influencer even though some influencers have a loyal following but alienate many others. If the influencer you want to engage in is a pretended person, consider the fact that you may forfeit your potential or existing customers.


Once you know what you aim to achieve, you can set a budget to pay an influencer for your brand. This also lets you think about how to reward influencers. For example, you may consider an upfront payment in addition to the commission for any sales made.

#2 Identify Your Channels

Before all else, your audience has to be your first concern. What do your potential clients or customers like? Where do they spend their time? Then think about yourself: what is the most estimable thing for your brand? Which channel do you want to grow and which one would be the place you can thrive? By knowing your consumers well you will easily incorporate those data to your influencer marketing. 


First, determine which social media platforms you should use based on your business. You can grow your website through influencers on specific niches or just through specific bloggers who generate a lot of traffic and write about things comparable to your technique or you can go with social media platforms.



Now an almost $2 billion industry, Instagram influencer marketing has taken the social media world by storm. The app offers the perfect space for the brand ambassadorship, with influential users authentically recommending products and services to their loyal audience. With the influencer space estimated to grow to a $5-10 billion industry by 2021, it’s a marketing force that isn’t going anywhere.




YouTube is swiftly becoming one of the most popular influencer marketing channels. With recent advancements in internet speeds, video content becomes the most preferred content for online activities. While you will find videos on most social networks now, and Instagram has even created a competing long-form video platform – IGTV, YouTube is still the de-facto place for people to come to get their video fix. 




In many ways, Instagram has grown to be the star of the Facebook stable of social media apps. It may no longer be the social network of choice for adolescents, but it can even claim dominance of the social market, with over 2.32 billion active users at the end of 2018.


We don’t talk about Facebook influencer marketing as much as we do marketing on Instagram. But if your target demographic uses Facebook,  it is where your influencer marketing should be. 




As of 2019, there are approximately 330 million active monthly users on Twitter, making it one of the biggest social networks globally. Consider the steady growth in the number of active monthly users on Twitter for the past few years. 




As with all influencer and social media marketing, you have to avoid coming across as too salesy on TikTok. This is particularly the case because of TikTok’s youthful demographic – brands find Generation Z notoriously difficult to reach because of their total disdain for anything that resembles a traditional advertisement. As with all influencer marketing, the key to success on TikTok is working with influencers whose followers match your target market. 

#3 Find Your Influencers


After doing numerous research the next thing is finding the influencers to work with you and to create compelling campaigns around your brand. And to roll with your campaign, you have to make sure that you have a perfect influencer brief. 


But, you shouldn’t be a hundred percent sure that they’ll work with you. Sometimes it’s unlikely that they’re accessible from a financial or logistical viewpoint. Also, it’s worth knowing that the influencers you’ve picked might not be in your niche, that means they won’t help you to spread your business’s message to the right people.


At Keepface Influencer Discovery you can easily find the right influencers for your brand without spending extra time and money. If you truly want a successful marketing campaign, you’ll need professionals to do tasks for you. 


There are no strict rules to prevent you from getting creative or let your influencer be the one. If you use the opportunities social media presents for you to connect with your audience and rely on your influences to act on behalf of you, all those efforts will yield fruitful results.

#4 Manage the Relationship

After hiring influencers for your campaign, you need to nurture the relationship with them for further collaborations. Keep in mind that influencers are business people just like you, with a job to do and a reputation to uphold. 


#5 Measure the Results

You’ve concluded your influencer marketing campaign, now time to measure the results versus your original goals to put a figure on whether it’s worth repeating. Did you get more followers, impressions, leads, clicks, or sales? Calculate your ROI too. What results did you get for the time and money?

Ready to Roll Out Your Influencer Campaign?


Once you’ve assessed your results, then you’ll have an idea of what worked and how to proceed next time to do your utmost. Rinse and repeat the steps for the upcoming campaign. You will have a clear picture of who you’ll work within your next campaign, and it will help you to refine your strategy. Keepface provides brands with all the information they need for influencer marketing. 


Nevertheless, if you are not getting an acceptable amount of feedback, try a different approach to your influencer marketing. The marketing business changes in a blink of an eye, but these main concepts will mostly hold. Now it’s time to go out there and influence some customers!

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How to write a Perfect Influencer Brief?

When brands ready to roll with their influencer marketing campaign, a perfect influencer brief will give the influencers several guidelines and touchstones. It is a core element for the clients to reach a wider audience via influencers. Influencer marketing is just about creating strong bonds with individuals who can share your brands with their followers.  The best way to build prolonged, cost-effective relationships is by setting and managing expectations. 


The visionary influencer brief is the key to any successful marketing campaign. It prevents further communication gaps and highlights the purchaser’s perception and makes sure everyone, both clients and influencers, speak the same language.


Can you imagine a world without communication? Certainly, not. It applies to market campaigns too. When brands don’t communicate what they’re looking for, influencers are completely clueless. The reason they are not able to handle this situation is that they don’t know what’s expected. As a result of it, campaigns are behind schedule just because everyone is dazed and obscurity will go on and on.


So what is the solution? An influencer campaign brief.

Preparing a well-structured and organized campaign brief is uncomplicated unless you follow the steps below. Write an excellent influencer brief, catch influencers’ attention, direct your campaign to the accomplishment.

What Is an Influencer Campaign Brief?


An influencer marketing brief is a document, but not an ordinary one. That kind of document is sent to the influencers which clients want to collaborate with. The client’s purposes, timetables, expectations, deliverables, guidelines, and key performance indicators (KPIs) for cooperation are pointing up in the brief. It may also include legal clauses on disclosure and content usage rights.

It’s the comprehensible outline of your brief is a great way to transmit your request from influencers.

The influencer campaign brief ensures that your influencer and brand’s goals function properly.

Why should you create an influencer marketing brief?

We somehow explained what is this influencer brief, nonetheless, why do we need it?

Let’s take an example, imagine you are planning to create a long-dated influencer marketing arrangement and run not one but even more campaigns, at that time creating an influencer brief is vital. For the record, talented influencers get requests of cooperation from brands almost every day.


A perfect brief can be the tool to make them believe you are the one they should work with. The Influencer Brief creates a common ground for both clients and influencers to elaborate softer cooperation processes. It makes influencers understand what are your objectives and how they should share suitable content to the audience which you want to reach.

How to Write a Perfect Influencer Brief?

Clearly there are some steps you should follow in order to prepare an excellent brief. Here they are.


Step 1. Campaign Essentials

In this part, you should introduce your brand and product to potential influencers. You should tell them who you are, what is your motive in this campaign, what you want to achieve and how. Explain your company’s activities with two or three sentences. If you add your logo it could give you a boost too. Provide influencers with excessive information, what were the past campaigns your company implemented. So influencers would know how your product or service is used and how they could promote them to their audience.


Step 2. Campaign Overview

Two or three sentences will be enough to describe to the influencers what you want to accomplish via launching this campaign (brand awareness, consideration, engagement, etc.).

Influencers have to know your expectations to succeed. Which channels you want the content to be shared, how many posts you want to create, branded hashtags, links, etc. What you want to include in their captions or bios. Duration of the campaign and your target audience. Will you provide an additional budget for promotion purposes. Decided deadlines for the campaign, and how are you going to calculate the report’s results. Provide payment information. Which social media accounts you want your brand to be tagged in their post and last but not least the goals and key performance indicators of your campaign.


Step 3. Campaign Deliverables

First of all, give further instructions for the influencers, and ask them to pass their address, phone number or to order the product from your website. Second of all, provide guidelines for the content that you prefer. You can emphasize some points as well. Such as, what should influencers highlight in their photo or what should they write in their captions and so on.


Despite the fact that you should give freedom to the influencers as much as they need, still, their content should fall into line with your brand. Setting guidelines for content theme and style could be a good idea because it allows influencers to use their creativity and ensure that what is passed to the audience is aligned with your brand. Key messages you want to include whether they should use tags & hashtags.


Collaboration with influencers is not just about promotion, it’s also about finding somebody who could share your visions into the wider audition. You should trust them and see them as new partners, you could also get some content ideas from the influencers themselves.

Step 4. Campaign do’s

This step is quite crucial and in the course of preparing influencers briefing you should include the campaign messages in the post captions, content for review should submit on the date indicated, logo or product have to position to brand guidelines, sponsored hashtag and brand tags should include in your post.


Step 5. Campaign don’ts

Your pictures, as well as posts, shouldn’t contain alcohol or drugs within them, don’t falsify or misinterpret information about brands and never compare one brand to another. Don’t include another sponsored post into yours.


Having a perfect influencer brief is the first stage in any successful campaign. It outlines constructions with clear objectives and will give you clear direction and understanding of your own expectations. You will achieve greater achievements in influencer marketing that you imagine.

To let you understand what an influencer brief looks like we’ve attached an Influencer Brief Example for you here.



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